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Thurs 1 Apr 2010 – Episode # 5044

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” Dreaming Of Children “

[ Screened in Australia on Thurs 1 Apr 2010 – Episode # 5044 ]


It’s late at night and Marilyn is in the kitchen. Rabbit [in a rabbit costume] “sugggets” Marilyn follow her. Marilyn does and as she walks on the wharf the sky looks VERY weird [suggesting a dream]. Marilyn sees Miles standing in the water in straight jacket. Rabbit tell Marilyn that it’s "all their fault”.

Marilyn [in her bead at VPH] wakes in fight. She sees that her dreamcatcher is moving.


NEXT DAY - Leah tells Irene bout how GREAT night she had, and whilst Colleen reminds the bout how supposedly evil it is ta Leah is go out with a Reverend. Iren “suggest “to colleen to take some sandwiches to Noah’s and after Coleen bails, Irene asks Leah to tell her all the juicy details bout her date.


Elijah tells Miles that although last night went GREAT, he’s worried that he is lying to Leah. Whilst miles tries to tell Elijah that he idsn't lying to leah, Elijah insist that he is [lying by omission of the info bout Vinnie].


Alf so doesn’t like it when Colleen really tell him what she thinks bout Marilyn = and how she would no doubyt6 break Lancey’s heart AGIAN is the came into contact with her.


Marilyn talk to Rabbit and it looks like a dream she is having [screen kinda wavy]. Rabbit tells Marilyn that Miles used to shout at rubbish bins when he was on the streets. Marilyn is SHOSEKD when Rabbit introduces Marilyn to a friend of Rabbit’s – BYRON [as a boy, like he would be if he didn’t die] !!!! As Rabbit shows Marilyn Miles in a straight jacket, she tells Marilyn that mile is going to die. Marilyn also hears the word AMBER.

Colleen then wakes Marilyn – suggesting ta she needs more coffee if she is fall asleep at the diner.


After Leah & VJ finish playing video games, VJ isn’t ken on having lunch with Elijah – or Leah going out with him. Although VJ suggest that Leah wouldnt have time for VJ anymore, Leah insist at VJ should give Elijah a chance.

Soon after, Colleen comments to Irene bout how down in the dumps Marilyn looks. When Irene suggest Colleen if finally going easy o'n Marilyn, colleen responds by commuting that if Lancey were to rtn the bay, Marilyn would go all tigress on him. Irene corrects Colleen – telling her that COUGAR is the term for was looking for.


When Marilyn asks, Alf tells her bout what happened to Miles family. She then tells him bout seeing Byron the way she did in her dream. Marilyn tells Alf she is going to go home and lie down – as all of this is doing her head on. She agrees to his suggesting of having a juice 1st before she bails.


Elijah tells Mils today is a BIG test – having lunch with Leah AND VJ. After Elijah bails, Rabbit comet she isn’t keen to be around him. When miles suggest it’s became Elijah is good [dn that Rabbit is naughty, she insist at it hurts her felling when miles says she is the one doing graffiti. Rabbit insist at its not her. She then tells miles that since he just hurt her [with graffiti claims], she is going to hurt him – by beating him at chess AGAIN.


When Alf asks, Marilyn tells him the doctors removes all how cancerous calls etc for her body. Marilyn tell Alf she is all for living every moment to the fullest and although she say she has plenty of time left, the way she said it suggest otherwise.


As they wait for Elijah to arrive, leah tri to talk to VJ bout school – but he doesn’t respond enthusiastically. Elijah arrives and sits with them.


Rabbit defeats Miles again at chess – so she says that he has to help her


Marilyn is walk on the beach when Rabbit calls out to her =-urging Marilyn to follow.

They enter van park – and are amongst the van when Marilyn wakes up [so is on the couch of VPH].


Elijah tells VJ bout a kid he knew, who had to get up on stage to accept an award for a poem he wrote. When on stage, the kid was so nervous [had to read poem to the whole school] that tee kid vomited on stage. Elijah comments the kid then read the poem without further trouble. VJ loves the story – as does so even more when Elijah tells him the kid in the story is Elijah.


Marilyn is amongst the van when she sees that it’s MILES who is doing the graffiti!!!


After VJ, Leah & Elijah arrive, Elijah & Leah comet bout how great today was. Elijah say he is going to bail – as [for today] he want to quit whilst they are ahead.


As Alf & Miles are talking. Miles is intrigued tat Marilyn is staring at him.


Colleen tells Elijah about the problems her friend Collette is having. Elijah suggests that Collette should be a forgiving person.


Marilyn is in bed and Rabbit [how looks like a drowned rat, so to speak] is standing at end of bed. When Marilyn asks Rabbit who she is, Rabbit says "you know my name”.

Marilyn wakes up and is surprised that her dreamcatcher is now on her5 bed – not hanging up by the window. Marilyn than says “Amber”!!!!



Rubes & Colleen help Xavier relocate THAT box

Gina & Liam are determined to see what’s in THAT shoebox

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Marilyn: pink l/s top/dark knee skirt


Leah : dark thin strap top/tan knee skirt


Rabbit: white [blue floral] knee dress


Alf: white [dark check] shirt/bone long pants

Byron: white [black & blue beach scene] t

Colleen: red [white floral] blouse/white top

Elijah: grey [blue sleeves & white 33 on chest] t/dark long pants

Irene: white [dark floral] l/s top

Leah: yellow wide strap top

Marilyn: dark [gold swirls] nightgown

Marilyn: dark [white dots] low cut v neck elbow sleeves top/dark knee skirt/purple earrings

Miles: dark [purple “we eat brains”] t/dark shorts

Miles: white straight jacket

Rabbit: grey furry bunny costume

Rabbit: white [blue floral] knee dress

VJ: blue long sleeve primary school button up shirt

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