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Wed 31 Mar 2010 – Episode # 5043

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” Method Acting “

[ Screened in Australia on Wed 31 Mar 2010 – Episode # 5043 ]


Michael is shocked to discover tat Angelo is the man that Charlie is talk bout at her counselling season – as Angelo told Michael that his name is Leo [Angelo middle name]. Charlie so isn’t laughing when Angelo tries to sugars that this [him falling from tree whilst spy on her] is funny – in a room-comments kind of way.


As they rehearse for the play, Romeo tells Annie that he’s sill having issue with playing a girl in the play.


As Charlie goes to leave, she & Michael see that Angelo is still here. Charlie tells Angelo that Michael is her counsellor – which he’d know if he ran a background check. Charlie is mockingly amused when Angelo tells her tat he knows that that's illegal, but following someone the way he was isn’t illegal. Angelo tells Charlie that he thinks it’s GREAT she is seeing counsellor, but she isn’t impressed with Angelo at all. Charlie gets in her car and drives off.


Leah talks to Irene bout where Leah & Elijah should go to dinner tonight. Leah has several suggestions- but she also has a negative point for each of them.


As Ruby & Annie talk bout Romeo, Ruby is initially practicing her sword fight moves for the play. Annie tell Ruby that she is really worries bout what’s going on with Romeo – and MAYBE the problem is that he HAS to kiss Annie in the play, but that he doesn’t want to do so.


Miles tell Elijah that THAT secret isn't a problem as it was given to Elijah [i.e. he didn’t seek it out]. Elijah tell Miles that he is no help – esp. after Miles tell Elijah that he should tell Leah bout Vinnie.


After Ruby comments on how great it feels to be wearing some of the clothes that Annie bought back with her form Japan, it give Annie an idea. She comments that whilst she was initially VERY nerveous bout embracing new ideas etc in Japan, she ended up LOVING doing it. Annie comments that Romeo should do the same.


Romeo asks Miles for advice bout his ‘ship issue with Annie, but Miles insists that he is the LAST peon that Romeo should be asking for advice bout ‘ships. Romeo mobile beeps – and he bails from the house moments later.


After Angelo tells Miles bout THAT tree incident and that Michael is Charlie’s counsellor [not her new b/f], Miles suggest Angelo should take responsibility for his actions.


NEXT DAY – Whilst Charlie is telling Leah bout what happened with Angelo, Leah clearly isn’t listening [as she several times asks Charlie for advice bout what she should wear to her date with Elijah tonight. When Leah does respond, and tell Charlie that what Angelo did is kinda romantic, Charlie suggest that Leah is biased because of how great Leah feel due to her date tonight with Elijah.


Angelo enters and Alf calls him Tarzan. Angelo suggests ta he will NEVER live this down.

Angelo sees Michael – and tries to talk to him. Michael insist they can only talk in an official capacity from now on pie if angle see him as a patient] as Angelo has WAAAAY crossed the line.


Charlie talk to rubes bout angle – and whilst Charlie thinks Angelo is a control freak, ruby suggest it’s kinda romantic what he did.

Annie approaches them – and Rubes bails with Annie.


Romeo is reciting his lines when Ruby & Annie approach him. They tell him they’ve got a GREAT idea bout how to deal with his butterflies.


Leah is very happy as she talks to Irene bout what’s going on tweeny her & Elijah.


In classroom, Romeo isnlt so sure bout Ruby & Annie;s plan, but te suggest tat method eacting is te way to go and teht all te greats hasv done this kinda of thing.

Soon after, Ruby, Annie & Romeo [dressed now in the GIRLS school uniform] enter a corridor with many students in it. There’s initially lots laughs at Romeo’s expense – but then tee tide turns. There’s compliments from somni of tee girls [not incl Ruby & Annie] and even a wolf whistle or two. Romeo agrees to keep wearing tee girls uniform today. Romeo further gets into charter by CURTSEYING as he exits the corridor!!!!!


Leah [with beauty mask etc on] is getting ready for her date when Elijah arrives AN HOUR Early. She quickly gets him to bail.


Angelo takes miles advice and really owns op to Charlie bout what he did. He tells her at he was only thinking of himself thought all of this [the break up etc]. Charlie is clearly genuinely moved by what Angelo has said – you van her it in her voice when she thanks him for the explanation etc.


After Alf give Leah & Elijah that drinks “on the house”, Elijah tells Leah that he’s the youngest of many brothers * sister in his fam. She doesn’t answer his questions bout her family though.


On stage in the hall, Romeo tells Annie he is getting use to the idea of being Juliet because of the whole dress like a girl ting. He also admits the some of his butterflies were because Annie was chasing him – it’s usually the other way round. He tell Annie he likes that [being chased] too. They kiss.

Note – the 2 are alone in this scene, but can you imagine if someone who didn’t know tat Romeo was wearing the girls uniform had seen the kiss!!!!


Its night time and its sound like Leah & Elijah had a great time out tonight. Its starts raining and they run for cover. When they are [under some cover] they KISS!!!!



Leah tells Irene bout her great time with Elijah

Elijah tells Miles how concerned he is bout Leah and THAT secret

Rabbit insists to Miles tat she isn’t the one doing the graffiti

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Annie: white [red & pink floral] kimono


Irene: blue [silver trim] kinda low cut v neck top


Ruby: purple [orange floral?] kimono


Alf: bone Noah’s button up shirt/dark long pants

Alf: white [blue check] button up shirt

Angelo: light blue button up shirt/dark [white crest] t/dark long pants

Angelo: light blue police shirt/dark blue long pants

Angelo: white [dark trim] singlet

Annie: SBH uniform

Charlie: grey jacket/white top/denim jeans

Charlie: light blue police shirt/dark blue long pants

Elijah: dark [white horiz stripes] v neck t

Elijah: white long sleeve button up shirt/dark long pants

Irene: dark [brown floral?] long sleeve top

Leah: blue wide strap top

Leah: dark thin strap maxi dress

Leah: pink & white stripes dressing down

Leah: white low cut v neck top

Michael: brown button up shirt

Michael: grey button up shirt/dark long pants

Miles: dark button up shirt/red [grey unknown motif] t/denim jeans

Romeo: red [white “ice cliff” and polar bear motif] t/dark long pants

Romeo: SBH female uniform

Romeo: SBH male uniform

Ruby: SBH uniform

Ruby: white singlet top/brown floral PJ long pants

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