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Tues 30 Mar 2010 – Episode # 5042

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Butterflies "

[ Screened in Australia on Tues 30 Mar 2010 – Episode # 5042 ]


marsha is ion her bed as she counts the money. after she puts it back in box, she goes over to her dresing table - and removes a jewellery type box from one of teh drawers.



Angelo tell charlie ta he is going to be picking up his new boat from his new mate Mike today. Angelo seem frustrated that charlie doesn;t really react to that.



Irene wonder what Annie is felling down. Annie tell her that no on turned up for play rehearsals today, because all he boys have been "spooked" by what happened to Romeo. Annie also does not like it that Romeo isn't talking to her lately.



Aden in his car is surprise to see Nic walking along. sh tell him ta she & Britt finish early tonight. when Aden wonder if Nic want t talk, she says ta she isn't ken on talking.



Romeo eventually tells Marilyn & Alf that this whole Juliet thuing is doing his head in.

Aden & Nic arrive - and Nic insist ta she doen't want to talk to any1 bout what's going on with her. Nic head for bed. Aden tells Alf & co that he has no idea what's going on.



Miles see Angelo and calls to him,. Angelo eventually sits with Miles 0- but not before miles realised her distracted Angelo is. Angelo initially suggest t he could use all the help he can get - but he isn't ken on Miles'suggestions.

NEXT DAY - Annie & Irene see Romeo. Irene even suggest thet they could lock him in her in the diner, so Anni can talk to him. Annie approached Romeo - and is surprised when he tells her tat this [quit the play] is becasue he's having butterflies on the stomach, when Annie tell him t every1 does, romeo insist that he never has before. he agrees when she suggest that go for a walk.


Aden almost can't believe it when Justin tells him that their grandfather abused Justin ta same way he did Aden,. Justin tell aden ta he told their dad what occurred - before he bail to the army. Justin tell aden ta he has come back here to help Aden, who insist that he doesn't need help.



After Nic enter a classroom, Britt "suggest" ta she should have phone d Britt last night to tell,l her ta Nic wouldn't be coming. Nic is giving Britt the could shoulder, but that melts when Britt comment on how talented Nic is. the other students the enter tr classroom.



Marsha leaves a msg on Gina's oho n -telling her tat all is well with Xavier. he's not on drugs and that she seem ta the things in that box are Hugo's. Marsh that removes the ring that Hugo gave her form a jewellery box.


Justin & Aden clash over what's happened - and Nic sees this form afar.



Charlie is on the hone,. she agree top met with the peon on the other end of the line soon. Angelo approach and Charrlie reminds hi, she wonlt be at work this arvo - as she has some personal business to attend to.



Annie tries to talk romeo into rejoin the play. he tell her ta he will think bout it.


Marsha ask Charlie bout THAT rings - like, is sh in trouble as its form the proceeds of crime. charlie wonders if they are just talking bout the rung8ng. Marsha tell her they are. charlie tell her that as long as marsha didn't know that it was from the proceed of crime when she got it, that;s OK. when marsha wonders what sh will do now [that charlie knows], charlie denies all knowledge of the chat6 they just had. charlie bails.



Miles sooooooooo voices his opinion to angelo that he does not ike Angelo's idea of folowing charlie - seeing where she is going etc.



Angelo pays no notice of Miles and is outside the house, whilst charlie is having her latest counselling session inside.



Mel [play director][ tel everyone that can go [from rehearsal] - as the male lead hasn't shown up.

after every1 but Annie bails, romeo arrives - and the duo begin to rehearse the play.



charlie tell michael at its when her 'ships start to get intense tat they go wrong.

outside, Angelo is up a tree - so he can see more clearly michael & charlie [on the upper level of a 2 story house].Angelo phone rings - he insist to Mils ta he isn't;t stalking Charlie.



Nic opens up to Marilyn bout the whole "Britt passe off my designs as her own" tuing - AND how Nic hasn't told Aden bout any of that.



marsha pus THAT shoebox back int the veiling where she found it. when she climbs down he ladder, she looks at THAT ruing - whish she appear to be now wearing on a necklace.



Aden is waaaaaaaaaaaaay thumping the punch bag when Justin enters,. he keeps doing so as Justin try to talk to him. Justin insist ta he would have murdered their grandfather if he dinlt go and join army. Aden "suggest|" that He canlt be around Justin right now - so Justin bails.



As Charlie talking to to Michael bout her 'ship issue, Angelo falls out of the tree. charlie &* Michael hear someone cry out - so they bail form the house. they are both shocked to see Angelo outside !!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Romeo wears the GIRLS school uniform to SBHigh

Elijah comments to Leah about them being "a Reverend & the local widow hooking up"

Alf calls Angelo "Tarzan"

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Marilyn: pink & white floral long sleeve top/dark maxi skirt


 Martha: silver night gown [with dark silver lining]


 Nicole: mauve low cut v neck [gold floral trim] mid thigh length dress


Aden: dark [grey unknon motif] t/denim jeans

Aden: dark [white sideways squares] t

Aden: dark singlet

Alf: yellow [dark check] button up shirt/bone long pants

Angelo: light blue button up shirt/dark [white crest] t/dark long pants

Angelo: light blue police shirt/dark blue long pants

Angelo: white [dark trim] singlet/dark long pants

Annie: SBH uniform

Britt Hobart: white [zebra stripes] jacket/white pleated top/dark [large silver circles] necklace

Charlie: light blue police shirt/dark blue long pants/dark jacket

Charlie: white long sleeve top/denim jeans

Irene: dark [red floral] long sleeve blouse

Irene: dark [white floral] elbow length sleeves top

Justin: brown button up shirt/dark long pants

Marilyn: dark low cut v neck elbow length sleeves top

Marsha: dark singlet top/white shirts

Marsha: white singlet top/dark knee length skirt

Mel [play director]: SBH uniform

Michael: grey button up shirt/dark long pants

Miles: dark button up shirt/red t

Miles: dark button up shirt/white [dark unknown motif] t

Nicole: SBH uniform

Romeo: SBH uniform

Romeo: white [dark check] t

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