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Fri 26 Mar 2010 – Episode # 5040

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” I Just Want Some Peace And Quiet In My Mind “

[ Screened in Australia on Fri 26 Mar 2010 – Episode # 5040 ]


Elijah tells Miles that he encountered Vinnie after Vinnie [who was living in a farming community] was injured in a tractor accident. Vinnie told Elijah that he is in witness protection [- and about Leah, VJ, Summer Bay and appearing at VJ’s party dressed as a bear. After Vinnie died, and Elijah was offered a transfer, curiosity got tee better of him so he headed for tee the bay. Elijah continues by saying t now he has fallen for Leah – but can’t act ion it because of what he knows.


Leah talks to Irene bout Elijah. She decide to up font bout her feelings


Elijah tells Mils he doesn’t want to tell Leah because he feels that it will destroy all tee confident that she has rebuilt with tee martial arts classes.

Marilyn & Alf enters, and Elijah quickly bails. Marilyn apologises for interupting their chat – whilst a clearly annoyed Miles heads off to bed.


After Xavier carries into tee house some of his things that Gina just dripped off, he tell Marsha that Gina was [understandably] weird when she was just here. Liam is intrigued when Xavier isn't that keen that Liam has carried in some of his tings – incl the shoebox with tee money in it.


NEXT DAY – Miles is annoyed as he searches though tee kitchen cupboards. When Alf & Marilyn enter the room, Miles isn’t that keen on Marilyn’s suggestion that he should join her and do some Pilates. Indeed, miles is off to the diner – for some REAL FOOD, not [packets of] sunflower seeds that Marilyn has EVERYWHERE in the kitchen – even in the fridge. Miles bails.


As Leah try to talk to Miles, she rallies that he really isn’t listen to her. Indeed, he tells her that Marilyn is “doing his head in”. Miles is surprised/concerned when Leah tells him she is going to ask Elijah out to dinner.


Xavier enters the main room of the house with his backpack - with has THAT box in it. When Marsha & Liam ask, he says that the box has letters etc form Ruby in it. When Xavier bails from the room [with backpack], its clear Liam is suspicious about the box.


After Leah talk to miles bout various ideas she has for a 1st date for her & Elijah, miles suggests maybe she shouldn’t rush into this. Leah [mockingly] thanks Miles for all his support.


Xavier is on the couch counting some of the money when he hears someone net the room. He quickly closes the box. It’s Liam who enters he room. Xavier quickly bails – whish make Liam even more sus.


Rabbit talk to Miles – she reminds him that all this stuff to do with Elijah & Leah is all miles fault [for not keep mouth shut]. Rabbit also suggest miles should talk calmly to Marilyn about what‘s going on tween them [miles & Maz]. however when Marilyn enters the room, Miles isn’t that calm – esp. when Marilyn comments all the changing moods that he’s been in. that’s last straw for Miles – he tells Marilyn that she ISN'T welcome in the house anywhere.


Marilyn tells Alf what’s happened. Alf tell her that it’s his house too – and he will do somety8ihng bout Miles.


Rabbit talk to Miles – reminding him that Marilyn isn’t that issue here, but mile tells Rabbit he just wants some peace & quiet in his mind for a change.

Marilyn enters the room. Mils tell her this was all a storm in a teacup 0- but Marilyn bails [i.e. she knows when she’s not wanted].


Lima tells Marsha that he finds Xavier’s behaviour with THAT shoebox weird. Liam clams up through when Xavier enters the room.


Leah asks Elijah out to dinner. She tries to backtrack a lintel when he initially doesn’t respond favourably. Leah IS pleased when Elijah tells her he does what to go out to dinner with her.


On bask patio, Alf tells miles he’s VERY annoyed bout what’s happened with Marilyn &* Miles, as Alf & Maz go waaaaay bask. When Alf wonders, miles admits this isn’t [his moods] about Marilyn. After Alf calls to her, Marilyn exits the house and joins that on back patio. Miles apologise to her. Marilyn accepts – but miles isn’t that keen when Marilyn suggests he should get a haircut.


After Xavier head of to his room, Lima tell Marsha he thinks there are drugs in THAT box. When marsh tell him Hugo stoped Xavier from taking drugs, Liam comment Hugo’s death could have led to Xavier starting again. Xavier overhears all of that.



Romeo goes to SBH in the GIRL’S school uniform!!!!

Marsha finds THAT shoebox – and all the money in it

Aden & Justin verbally clash

Angelo continues to be suspicious of Michael & Charlie

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Leah: dark thin strap top/denim jeans


Rabbit: white lacy sleeveless top – white red t beneath/denim skirt


Marilyn: 2 tone pink long sleeve top


Alf: olive green [white check] shirt/bone long pants

Alf: white [dark check] button up shirt/bone long pants

Elijah: grey [blue sleeves & white “33” on chest] t/dark long pants/dark circle necklace

Elijah: red [white “Abercrombie” logo and 2 tennis racquets] t

Irene: white [purple floral] elbow length sleeves top

Leah: silver singlet top

Liam: dark shirt/red [dark horiz stripes] t/dark long pants

Liam: white [dark check] shirt/dark long pants

Marilyn: dark [dark dots on white collar] top

Marilyn: leopard print top

Marsha: white [dark floral?] singlet top

Marsha: white [gold trim] singlet top/denim shorts

Miles: black [uSA landmarks motifs] t/apple green shirt/denim jeans3

Miles: grey [dark check] button up shirt/white [dark unknown motif] t

Xavier: blue [white crest] t/denim jeans

Xavier: red [black “suburban” and circle] t/dark shorts

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