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Wed 24 Mar 2010 – Episode # 5038

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” Hopefully He Will Un-mess Me “

[ Screened in Australia on Wed 24 Mar 2010 – Episode # 5038 ]


Charlie tells Ruby bout how new new counsellor wants to see Charlie twice a week - to really get at her issue. Ruby realise it wasn't;t exactly complimentary when eh tell charlie she's not the most messed up person in the world - and that lead to charlie saying the line tat is my ep title.

talk turns to Angelo - and whilst Charlie insists ta they are just friends atm, Ruby cheekily wonders if her mum would like to be more that that with Angelo.


Nic tell Alf ta she is totally on a high - cos Britt is using some of her designs.

they both realise ta nearby Romeo is in a world of his own. he admits that he;s not so keen on the play - but whilst Alf comment both how confidant Romeo usually is, Nic reminds him bout ho there's be a big audience coming to see the play,. Romeo races out of the room - its clear t he is about to vomit.


Irene "slightly" isn't surprise when Annie tell her ta she is really looking fwd to rehearsals today for te play. Ruby enters - and insist at she'll be the best Mercutio ever ...but she doesn't remember [deliberately of otherwise]] anyone who has played te role [in movies etc].


when Annie tell Ruby she has conflicting voices in her head bout Romeo, Ruby "suggest" Annie shouldn't tell too many ppl that. Ruby tell annie that Romeo likes her - but when Annie ask, Ruby does not truly have any proof of that.


Angelo & Charlie encounter each other at the counter. moments later, a man who we;ve not sen before says hello to charlie. she seems shake to see him here. after the man walk away, Charlie insist to angleo ta the man wasn't hassling her.



in corridor, Ruby & Annie sees Romeo at his locker. Ruby tell Annie that should be able to tell how Romeo is felling by looking at his body language. Romeo approaches the duo - but almost immediately bails, telling that he is about to vomit. Annie tells Ruby that she does not nee to be body language expert to know what that means.


Nic tells Britt ta she is over the moon bout how her designs will soon be sold in department st9ores. Britt does not say a word bout taking the credit for designs.


Romeo is in a classroom when Annie enters the room. he admits he is really suffering from stage fright. Annie assure Romeo ta she can help his with that.


Angelo tell Alf tat he thinks ta charlie has moved on - ie is seeing someone else. Alf suggest ta Angelo should give his brain a rest and actually talk to charlie bout this.


Ruby is reheasring on stage when Mel "suggest" the everyone should come outside - to have a more Shakespearean type open air theatre experience.

when all others have bailed, Annie tell Romeo ta she arranged that - so they can be on the stage without an audience for the time being. Romeo isn't so convinced, but Annie agrees to his request to make this fun.


Charlie talk to Michel, her counsellor - the guy who said hello to her in diner earlier. sh tell him that [a 'ship with] Angelo is the reason she is here.


Nic arrives - and Britt tells her ta the buyer LOVES the new collection and that Nic is invited here tonight to celebrate.


Charlie tells micheal things like at she is worried tat Angelo won't wait for her to sort everything out.

we then see the Angelo is in his car - just across the road form Michael's place.


Annie tell Romeo ta its not accurate that Romeo has all the best lines in the paly - as most guys are not that romantic etc. Romeo tell Annie ta Juliet has lots great lines. indeed, as her performs as Juliet, there's not a touch of nerves etc at all in his performance. Annie;s smiles seems to indicate t he plan =- to bring romeo out of his shell - has worked.

indeed, they are about to kiss - when ruby and the other enter, with Mel "suggesting" to Rubes that she does not have to method act with the fight scenes.


Romeo is practising his lines on the bask patio, so mush so that he doe not notice tat Alf is calling him. Alf goes onto the bask patio - but leaves Romeo in the moment. indeed, i LOVED it when Romeo smiled/smirked after he says "Romeo, romeo. where for art thou, romeo?"


Annie is lying on Ruby's bed. she tells rubes tat today was great - but ruby comets on how she ruined things by entering the hall at wrong moment. Ruby tell Annie tat its not everyday that somone is almost kissed by Romeo and juliet at some time. Annie amidst she BADLY want to kiss Romeo.


NIGHT - the party is in full swing when Nic arrives. Britt "asks" Nic to take the plate of food around for the guests. as Nic does so, she hears Britt taking to Thalia. Nic isn't impressed that Britt has taken ALL the credit for the new designs !!!!



Elijah finds out that Leah knows he likes her

Romeo quits the play – it probably didn’t help that Miles appear to laugh at his whilst Romeo is dressed as Juliet

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Charlie: cream singlet top/dark long pants


Britt Hobart: pink one shoulder dress


Nicole: silver [white lace trim] thin strap top/dark long pants/pearl like necklace


Alf: blue & yellow check button up shirt/bone long pants

Angelo: dark singlet

Angelo: light blue police shirt/dark blue long pants

Annie: dark [white coral?] mid thigh length dress

Annie: SBH uniform

Britt Hobart: off white sleeveless jacket/dark top/dark mid thigh length dress/dark stockings

Charlie: light blue police shirt/dark blue long pants

Irene: dark [blue & purple mosaics?] top

Mel [play director]: SBH uniform

Michael: dark button up shirt/dark long pants

Michael: denim jacket/white bus h/olive green long pants

Nicole: SBH uniform

Nicole: silver low cut v neck maxi dress

Romeo: dark shorts

Romeo: light blue [dark unknown motif] t

Romeo: SBH uniform

Ruby: blue [white Native American Indian type fringing] top/brown & white rope like pattern headband

Ruby: SBH uniform

Thalia: dark [silver wings like design on front] top

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