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Mon 22 Mar 2010 – Episode # 5036

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” I Don’t Want History To Repeat “

[ Screened in Australia on Mon 22 Mar 2010 – Episode # 5036 ]


Justin is in a bed in a room when Rach tell hi that he is in a stable condition. Aden arrives – he’s more then a tad surprise to see his bro. Whom Marilyn ask, Rach says she can go – but Marilyn does hang around for a bit.


Gina [with Marsha & Tony with her] tells Xavier that she knows what he said to john. They clash – with both wondering what on earth the other is thinking [i.e. how could she go out with John, how can he verbally attack john]. Xavier bail to his room.


Watson is asking Justin questions, but he can’t rem anything bout tee accident. When they are out in the corridor, Rachel tell Watson that Justin’s concussion should have cleared up in 24 hrs but he stroll may never rem the crash.

Back in the room, Justin tells Aden he can only imagine [can’t rem] tat he was coming to see Aden – as he can’t thinkl of another reason why he’d be near the bay.


Alf is VERY plea to see Marilyn when she ar8ives. Colleen is less so. Indeed, colleen bails soon after heading tat Mari8lyn is now permanently bask in Oz.

Marilyn starts to tell Alf bout what happened with Justin., Alf tell Marilyn his shift will end soon – so she can tell him all bout it them.


Marsh suggests that maybe Xavier can stay with her of a bit – given ebvery1 a time out as it were. Gina initis she is NOT going to let history report – as it was at this age that Hugo accidentally killed that girl.


Justin tells Aden that he is in the Army, but is currently on leave. Aden tell Justin bout how full on thing have been for Aden these last few years – with their dad, Belle etc. Aden admits ta since Bells’ death, he’s been taking life day by day – and doesn’t really have a “game plan” atm.


Marilyn tells Alf she had, in UK, her own segment on a reality TV show – about all her nanny stuff. She then tells Alf bout how things didn’t go so well after that -0 the show was cancelled and Alf already knew she had breast cancer., Marilyn tell Alf she heard the Bay calling and couldn’t resist.


Marsha arrives and tells Liam after the day she’s had, the chocolate she got with the shopping will be much needed. He tells her things didn’t go so well with her accommodation search – but he will keep search as he needs a good friend like marsha [not another bad ex b/f].


Gina tell Xavier they are going out – and she’s not taking no for an answer. They bail.


And talk to Justin more bouts Belle – and how he doesn’t tank he’ll ever get over death. He ad mist at having another g/f is helping though.

Rach enters – and Justin & esp. and are concerned when Rach thinks ta the amount of bloods that was on Justin couldnlt/shouldnlt have come from the wounds he has. They wonder where the extra blood is form.


Since it’s late, Marilyn tells Alf that she will head toff to the resort to stay the night. Alf suggest she ask miles when he gets home if Maz can stay her. Marilyn agrees with that paln.


Gina & xavier see John. Gina tell Xavier to say sorry - but xavier tell Gina to “go to hell” before he bails.


Marsha is a little surprised when Liam says its guys who love his bike more than girls. Marsha admits she has lost a bet – she thought that Liam would have crashed the bike by now.


Tony talk to Xavier, who say he can’t promise anything with it come to John/Gina. Tony “suggests” that xavier should stop acting like a brat.


Gina & John talk bout the sitsh – incl John suggesting ta Gina should give Xavier what he thinks he wants.


Liam & marsh are siting in the couch with a home made pizza on table in font. They both reach for it – an the pizza falls on the floor. They almost kiss – indeed, they would have [i thin] if the phone hadn’t rang. Marsha answer – Gina is on phone.


Watson tell Justin, Aden etc they found a crashed car – with blood on the passenger seat. Rach says the blood on Justin’s clothing IS Justin’s blood type – but isn’t sure all that blood is his. Justin insists t he can't rem the crash. Watson “suggest” tat Justin shouldn’t leave town – before she bails.


Xavier enters – and Gina sternly tells him to pack his things. As on 1st th8ing morrow morn, he’ll be living with Marsha on the farm!!!!!



Justin is keen for Aden to join the Army

Xavier & Gina aren't baking down form their current stance

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Rachel: dark low cut knee dress


Aden: dark [green alien like motif] t/


Colleen: green jungly blouse/aqua top


Alf: bone Noah’s button up shirt

Gina: grey jacket/white ruffled blouse/dark long pants

John: brown [white vert stripes] shirt/grey long pants

Justin: grey [dark “JJ” on chest] t/dark long pants

Liam: white [dark check] shirt/dark [white circle?] t

Marilyn: leopard print top/dark knee dress

Marsha: white [flamingo] singlet top – worth white thin strap top ‘neath/white shorts

Tony: brown [white “Puma” logo] t

Watson: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt/ dark blue long pants

Xavier: red [dark horoisz stripes] jacket/light blue [dark unknown motif]./denim jeans

Xavier: light blue t/blue long pants

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