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Fri 19 Mar 2010 – Episode # 5035

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” YAAAAAAAAAY !!! Nurse Julie Still Exists !!!! “

[ Screened in Australia on Fri 19 Mar 2010 – Episode # 5035 ]


A man in his mid 20s [i think] that we’ve not seen before is all bloody and staggering as he walks along.


Charlie is mushily worried bout counselling, but Ruby is able to convice Charlie NOT to cancel her appointment. They agree to meet up for lunch – for further re-assurance etc charley IS doing the right thing.


Ruby enters and is surprised that Xavier isn’t dressed for school. She tells him that he is trying to avoid his mum – after he had a go at John last night. Xavier is keen for Ruby to wag school with him. She isn’t so keen – but agrees when he only insist that it’s a 1 day thing.


Angelo asks Charlie is she can cover for Avery – who has a shift this arvo, but she can’t do it. Charlie insists at she already has something planned.

Note – I was glad Charlie didn’t use work as excuse to cancel her counselling appointment.


Xavier tells Ruby he was able to convince his mum he is unwell today – and if she rings and he is way from home, he can tell her he is going to/is at tee doctors. When Xavier wonders if Ruby would like to go to tee beach with him, she tell him she is meeting up with cahrlie for lunch. She then agrees to hang out with Xavier before & after lunch.

They are about to bail when marsha arrives – with some produce form tee farm. They tell Marsha they are about to head of to tee doctor – but decline a lift, insisting tee fresh air [ion the walk] will do Xavier good. They bail – but Marsha looks very sus of what occuirng. Ruby & Xavier bail.


Angelo talks to Irene & Alf bout him & Charlie – about how they are just friends and tee like.

Alfs’ phone rings – and he sound rally amazed as to who is speaking to. When off the pone, he tells the like of colleen & Irene they will never guess who it was [on the phone].


As MARILYN drives along, she is on the phone. She tells whoever she is speaking to that she is back in Oz for a new life, a better life.


Alf tell Charlie & Marsha that Marilyn is one in a million whilst Colleen comment bout how she broke Lancey’s heart. Colleen is annoyed when Alf tell her Marilyn intends to be in the bay for quite a while


Marilyn is talking on the phone whilst driving when she has to quickly swerve to aviod hitting the bloodied guy he saw in the 1st scene of this ep. After Marilyn’s car screech to a halt, the guy collapses.


Ruby tells Xavier tat when he verbally attacked John lat night, it’s like a nature doco she saw – with animals trying to keep out inferior DNA from breeding into their group. Xavier doesn’t like Ruby talk bout DNA and the like when John is involved.

Ruby tells Xavier she is off to lunch with Charlie. As she bails, we see that Marsha has spotted the duo.


When Charlie comets on Ruby being a little late to lunch, ruby say she had to change out of her sports gear. Talk turns to Charlie’s counselling. She doesn't what Angelo to know bout this – and doesn’t even know if counselling is the right way to go, but after Charlie opens up to Ruby and tell her daughter what is worrying her [being worried bout sabotaging her ;ships etc], Ruby insists if Charlie can open up to ruby, she can do the same to the counsellor.

Nearby, Angelo is at e counter. He looks “down” as colleen tries to talk to him.


Martha catches up with Xavier and he admits he is wagging school as he doesn’t want to have t deal with Gina after he told off John. Xavier is intrigued when Marsh told him that Liam has moved out of the farm. Xavier also tells jhow he is now trapped by the sitch he is in [re Gina & John].


AS she drives, Marilyn wonders of the dazed man was heading for Summer bay, and he tells her the name sounds familiar. When she wonders how he got to be all bloody, the man can’t remember, but is keen for Marilyn to take him back to where she found him [in case, like, his wife & kids are hurt too]. She insists she is near the hospital – and they can contact the police there.


When lunch is over, Charlie offer to drive Ruby back to school, as she doesn’t want Rubes to be late. She is surprised when Ruby soy she will jog back to school. Xavier arrives – and since he is not in uniform, the kids say it’s a casual dress day at SBH but ruby forget. they quickly bail.

Angelo speaks to Charlie. He is a little worried that he might have pressued her to cancel her plans for the arvo [to cover for Avery]. She didn’t – and he tell her he is please bout that. Charlie bails.


As she drives, Marilyn is worried the dazed man will fall asleep and into a coma, but he insists he is wake.

Talk turns to Marilyn, who sys that she is a minor celebrity – but that things haven't gone well for her lately. Marilyn is REALLY worried when the man starts to cough up blood. She starts driving faster,


In the house, Marsha tell Ruby & Xavier their pusnishment for wagging school is to chop lotsa firewood for her [several hours work]. After Ruby head outside, Xavier wonder to Marsh is he can movie in with her.


As Marilyn tell Nurse Julie what happened, the man rems his name – its’ JUSTIN. He also has family her in the bay – a brother named ADEN.



Elijah finds out that Leah know he has feelings fro him

Gina kicks Xavier out of home

Rach tells Justin & Aden that the blood on Justin isn’t his,

Romeo is nervous bout the play – Miles laughing at him whilst Romeo was in costume “probably” doesn’t help

Angelo tell Alf that Charlie is seeing someone else

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Ruby: black [white floral?] halter kini top/white skirt


Charlie: silver nightgown/silver nightdress


Nurse Julie: mauve [work] blouse


Alf: maroon & white check shirt/bone long pants

Angelo: light blue police shirt/dark blue long pants

Charlie: light blue police shirt/dark blue long pants

Colleen: green jungly blouse

Irene: black (white rope pattern) top

Justin: grey [dark “JJ” on chest] t/dark long pants

Marilyn: leopard print top/dark knee dress

Marsha: white [flamingo] singlet top – worth white thin strap top ‘neath/white shorts

Ruby: SBH uniform

Xavier: light blue [dark crest] t/dark [white dots] shorts

Xavier: light blue t/blue long pants

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