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Thurs 18 Mar 2010 – Episode # 5034

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ”My Brain Hasn’t Fallen Out Of My Head “

[ Screened in Australia on Thurs 18 Mar 2010 – Episode # 5034 ]


Miles & Nicole are both not feeling emotionally the best at the moment. Miles comet he’s left many messages for Leah on her phon, so Alf suggest speaking to her face to face. Miles isn’t keen on that.

An innocuous comment bout coffee form Nicole stirs up Nicole – who comments that all she’s done at internship in to make Britt Hobart coffee and listen to her on bout her b/f. Nicole counters Alf’s suggestion tat she’s only been there 2 days, by saying that all of Britt Hobart’s interns ONY did this [coffee] kinda stuff.


Whilst Rachel tries to suggest way that Leah can work through this [Elijah knowing that she likes him], Leah comments that she is embarrassed & annoyed by its all.


NEXT DAY – Gina is at Xavier’s bedroom door, insisting they have to talk out this. Xavier is ignoring her. Ruby arrives, and Gina is rather coy bout why she & Xavier aren’t speaking to each other. Xavier exits his room – and bail from the house with Ruby.


Miles tells Alf he IS going to talk to Leah face to face – he’ll bribe her if necessary.

After Miles bails, Aden arrives. He wonders if Nicole hasn’t got dressed [still in nightgown] because of how into the night she was working on new dressings for Britt Hobart – but Nicole tells her all the Goss bout the “fabulous” internship.


Aden & Nicole talk bout Nicole’s sitch. Aden way suggests that Nicole should tell Britt Hobart how she feels.


Ruby is VERY surprised when Xavier tells her what he walked in on last night, whilst Xavier just hoped Gina will come to her senses.

Not surprisingly, Xavier walk the other way with he sees Gina on the corridor. Tony wonders to Gina what’s occurred.


Leah is at counter when she sees a white flag [that miles below the counter] is holding. When Miles stands up, he insists he didn’t men to tell Elijah bout Leah’s feeling. Leah tells mils she is back to square one – to affraid to go anywhere in case she runs into Elijah. When Miles suggest he will talk to Elijah b0out all this, Leah vehemently tell him not to – AND that miles should steer clear of Leah for a while.


After Tony initially laughs at tee while sitsh of Xavier walking in on Gina & john, Tony tell her that Xavier will get used to this ‘ship. Gina is a tad surprise that Tony is so accepting of her ;ship with John, but Tony insist his opinion doesn’t matter [as long as Gina is happy]


Leah arrives with a peace offering for miles – some of most delicious food. After Leah comments Elijah thinks she is stupid, miles lets it slip that Elijah likes Leah.


Nic is alone in class – practising what she’ll say to Britt [bout wanting to be more helpful with her fashion skills, not her coffee making skills]. Britt & tee class enter – and Britt kinda mockingly wonders if Nic plan to stand up all class.


Gina tells John bout how Xavier isn't talking to her. He remarks bout how he isn’t good with angry teens [eg trey]. Gina tells John that Tony is happy for them – and they both hope Xavier will come around eventually.


Ruby is trying all she can to lift Xavier’s spirits, but anything she did achieve goes out the window when Tony & Rach arrive and make it clear to Xavier they know what has happened lat night. Xavier storms out of tee room in disgust – and Rach goes after him.


After class ends, Britt raves on to Nic bout her annoying b/f. she ads that she is now so far behind in her work beaus of it. When Nic suggest a she can help Britt over lunch, Britt responds by giving Nic her lunch order. Nic is despondent.


Leah like Elijah rally like her – but is intrigued when Miles tells her Elijah isn't acting on his feeling because of his duty of care to his parishioners etc.


Rach tries yo convince Xavier that it’s totally up to Gina who she goes out with, but Avert insist Gina is making a BIG mistake going out with John.


Aden is pleased to hear Nic’s day went great. He doesm't pick up that she is lying bout how Britt like the Nic showed initiative to want to help Britt with her latest designs.


Everyone, esp. Gina, is surprised when Xavier tells her he wants her to be happy – and he’s totally ok with her being with john. After Xavier & ruby has gone onto another corridor, he tells Rubes that he didn’t mean a word out what he just told Gina.


Xavier vehemently tell John to stay way form Gina – insisting that “unlike my mum, my brain hasn't fallen out of her head”. Xavier bails – and John is a tad shell shocked.[/color]



Xavier & Ruby wag form school – but Marsha busts them

Marilyn is back in town !!!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Leah: royal blue thin strap top


Nicole: leopard print nightgown


Britt Hobart: off white blouse/dark top/off white scarf/dark long pants


Aden: dark singlet/white [dark logo] shorts

Alf: light blue button up shirt/bone long pants

Alf: white [dark check] button up shirt/bone long pants.

Gina: grey suit/dark grey top

John: dark blue [white check] button up shirt/denim jeans

Leah: dark singlet top/dark bra

Miles: olive green button up shirt/dark t

Miles: grey [orange & green rainbow with black tropic motifs] t/light grey button up shirt/denim jeans

Nicole: dark low cut top/dark [silver seashells?] headband

Nicole: SBH uniform

Rachel: white cardie/dark top/dark ¾ pants

Rachel: dark elbow length sleeves dress

Ruby: SBH uniform

Tony: red [dark rectangle logo across chest] t

Xavier: SBH uniform

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