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Wed 17 Mar 2010 – Episode # 5033

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL titles [i couldn’t choose tween 2 GREAT ideas] for this ep,

” Romeo ISN'T Romeo” and “I’ve Failed You, Obi-Wan”

[ Screened in Australia on Wed 17 Mar 2010 – Episode # 5033 ]

Note – due to various factors, I’ll do this ep guide storyline by storyline.

Annie {SBH} is excellent in her audition for Romeo and Juliet. When she is done, Romeo wonders bout how she went that well, and Annie comet it’s because she’s like the character of Juliet] was in such a romantic mood.

Soon after, Romeo audtions of the role of Romeo. He’s all nervous etc doing his auditions – and even falls over when he tries to jump onto a stepladder as part of his audition piece. Most of tee students watching are laughing, incl Tanya - who is next to Annie. When Romeo audition is done, Annie tells him when she said break a leg [pre audition] that kinda thing [fall over] isn't what she mente.

Annie [diner] tells Irene that she thought Romeo’s audition was rally endearing, but she doubts he will be cast in tee play – whish ruins that plan of them spend time together,. Irene is intrigued/worried when Annie says she’s got more plans up her sleeves for her & Romeo.

At SBH, whilst Rome tells Annie he thought he was hopeless, she tells him tat she liked etc his audition – it was rally sweet. Annie asks Mel [casting director & fellow student] bout the casting for the play, Mel tells Annie the result of the auditions [cast list for play] will be on the not8ice board soon.

Soon after, Annie & Romeo approach the notice board. Annie almost can’t believe that she has scored the role of ROMEO, whilst Romeo is even more shocked as he’s been cast as Juliet!!!!

Later, Romeo & Annie are at Noah’s. Whilst he isn’t so sure, Annie insists they [he esp.] will be GREAT in the play. As she bails, she kisses him on the cheek – clarifying the kiss is for luck.

Liam [farm] is going to buy a car toady. He initially insist he doesn’t need Marsha’s help, but in the end agrees that its will be god if she is there too.

At the car yard, Marsha gives Liam various topes bout buying a car [incl not loking/soudsing too interested in a car]. Mick [as salesman] approaches them – and all but immediately recognises, and comets on knowing Liam is a rockstar.

Soon after, it looks like Mick is about to talk Liam into buying an MG convertible. However, Marsha takes Liam aside and reminds him of her tips bout buying a car – to whish Liam responds with the Obi-Wan line that is 1 of my titles for the ep. Liam tells Mick he will think bout the MG – whilst he looks at another cars.

Over lunch at some roadside café, Liam & Marsha discuss their tits buying a car at a yard like the one they were in.

Later at car yard, Liam sees a motorcycle tat he likes. Marsha isn't keen on this idea -= but she DOES like that Liam is smart enough to have bought lotsa cash [the amount of the personal loan he got] with him. They call Mick – incl Marsha commenting bout the scratches the bike has.

That night, Marsha & Liam arrive bask at the farm. They’ve both had such a GREAT day. Marsha is surprised when Liam says he is moving out. He tells her [esp. after today] he doesn't want t loose her friendship – whish might/will happen if they keep living in same house.

Gina is at Noah’s when John speak to her. He is keen to take her to dinner [his shout] tioght5re in yabby creek. She has a mountain of admin to do for school – but she will se how thing go. When John has bailed, Alf comet bout how expensive the meals arte at tee restauraunt John want to take Gina to.

At SBH, Gina isn’t keen when Tony suggest they incl teaching boxing at the school. She insist at he should thimk of something else. Talk turner to John – when she asks if Rach & Tony can have Xavier over for diner to9night. Tony kinda teases Gina bout her “just friends” comet bout her & John.

Gina [diner] talks to Rach her feeling for John. Moments later, John approaches and wonders how all that admin work is going. Gina tells him it’s going well – so John tall her he will pick her up at 7pm.

At SBH, Tony spoke to Gina bout all the research he’s done into a boxing program. She still doesn’t like it [too violent] - and tell Tony if he puts this to the P&C he won’t have her support.

Gina [at her house] is taken aback bout how great John looks [all dressed up for dinner]. He similarly comets favourably bout how she looks.

At Noah's, Gina wonder why John is esp. happy tonight. he tell her his divorce papers has coma through. They comment on how this really is officially their 1st date – before they kiss.

Later, Gina & John enter her house. They’ve both had a GREAT night out – and they start to seal the deal with a kiss.

Soon after, Gina & John are quickly gathering his clothes etc together, so he can be gone when Xavier gets home – but, of course, Gina is buttoning up John’s shirt when Xavier arrives. He doesn’t say anything =- but looks SOOOOO not impressed.



Xavier expresses his concerns bout Gina/John to the like of Rach & Rubes

Leah tell Rach she is embarrassed bout the whole Elijah knowing she likes him thing

Leah also suggests Miles should steer clear of her.

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Annie: orange & white [orange above waist] maxi dress


Gina: dark nightdress/dark nightgown


Rachel: dark scoop top


Alf: white [various colour vertical stripes] button up shirt/bone long pants.

Annie: SBH uniform

Annie: white [dark butterflies] maxi dress

Gina: dark wide collar dress

Gina: mauve [dark flotal] jacket/dark top/dark long pants

Gina: silver jacket/white [dark trim] top

Irene: white [blue floral] top/white long pants

John: brown l/s shirt/denim jeans

John: dark suit/white shirt/dark [white diag stripes] tie

John: light blue shirt/dark long pants

Liam: white [red check] shirt/dark vest/dark long pants

Marsha: white singlet top – with dart top neath/dark shorts

Mel [dark haired casting director]: SBH uniform

Mick [car sales]: white shirt/dark tie/dark long pants

Romeo: fluoro green [grey horiz stripes] t/dark long pants

Romeo: SBH uniform

Tanya [blonde]: SBH uniform

Tony: grey [white “puma”] t/dark long pants

Xavier: light blue [blue horiz stripes] t

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