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Tues 16 Mar 2010 – Episode # 5032

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” Caught In The Crossfire “

[ Screened in Australia on Tues 16 Mar 2010 – Episode # 5032 ]


Leah “suggest” there’s been enough vandalism lately – after Elijah comments that he should use his martial arts skills to kick the door open.


Miles talk to Alf bout how its seems that Leah & Elijah are running late [as he takes some food form the oven to the table]. Alf bails – after he thought a sarcastic comment form Miles was directed at him. The comment was actully form Miles to Rabbit [who is also in the room].

In the middle of all of this, a pretty hyped up Nicole bails – heeding for the diner.


In the van, Leah & Elijah decide to kill some time by get to know each there. Elijah is initially VERY evasive, but eventually agrees to tell Leah all bout himself.


Romeo & a “slightly” on edge Nicole talk’s bout his feelings for Anni, before talk turn to her internship. She doesn’t like it when Aden kinda mocks her [saying she’s only mentioned the internship 800 times rather that 1000 like she said]. Indeed, Nicole comments just because Aden has a job he doesn’t care bout, that doesn’t man that all people are like that.


Rabbit looks at a sketch Mile has done of her. She tells him she doesn’t think he has captured her eyes very well. Miles is worried bout Leah & Elijah – but Rabbit “suggest” he check his phone [whish is on silent]. There’s a msg form Leah.


In the van, Elijah tell Leah that he already get pretty close t his parishioners, and is still in contact with some form his pervious chucrh. He ads that after 3 years at the church, Elijah felt he need a change.

Miles unlocks the door – and Leah & Elijah wonder what is going on. Miles say he will tall them over diner.


NEXT DAY – Nicole is UBER hyped bout her 1st day ay the internship. Alf even suggest maybe having coffee isn’t a good idea right now.

After Nicole & Alf bail, Miles “suggest” to Rabbit she shouldn’t be playing games [with Leah & Elijah]. Indeed, He threatens to not play chess with her for a week. Rabbit insists that Mile can’t beat her at this as girls as better at games.


After Irene comment bout how Annie is felling “down” atm, Colleen suggests it’s because of all tee travelling that she has been doing. Irene though is right - that it’s to do with Romeo - when Annie cheers up when she gets a txt from him. The text was something like :”see you at school”.


Nic tells Romeo she is worried that Britt won’t like all her designs, but Romeo suggest Nic will probably, for starters, have a low level job – like making coffees etc. Nic disagrees with that.

Aden arrives and Romeo bails. Nic is VERY pleased when he gives her t latest copy of Paris [i think] Vogue magazine – which she’s been TREALLY looking fwd to getting her hands on.


Rabbit tell Miles that he is a terrible liar – when he tell her that he told Leah & Elijah that he showed them the van as they might want to buy it p[for wherever reaon]. Miles rather sternly tells Rabbit its’ sooooooooo NOT cool what she did. When he wonders bout her grand plan, Rabbit insist that she is just a kid – who doesn’t know anything.


Nic talks to Romeo bout Annie. Nic is keen for him to admit te6t he REALLY have feelings still for Annie. Spiking of whom, she arrives and overhears Romeo mostly disagreeing with what Nic said. After Nic walks away, Romeo have a brief awkward chat - before Annie bails.


Mile is pleased to hear it when Elijah tells him he isn’t leaving town. They stop talking when Leah enters... Elijah bails all but immediately. Leah asks miles what is going on.


Irene tell Annie that she’s surprised [in a good way] in how Annie is now [thinks to her trip O/S etc], a confident young woman.


Leah is sooooooooooooooooo not pleased when Miles tells her he accidentally told Elijah that Leah has felling for him. Leah bails.


Annie & Romeo have a rather coy chat – with neither wanting to admit they are uber hot for tee other. A distinctly lacking in enthusiasm Miles tells/give them a flyer bout how SBH is going to be doing a Shakespeare play.


Aden pulls up his car in tee car park and UBER wishes Nic all the best for today. After he dives off, Nic gets a phone call. It’s Britt - “asking” Nic to get her a coffee. Nic looks downbeat.


Annie & Romeo talk bout the play – and both are ken to audition. The play in question is …. Romeo & Juliet !!!!!


Miles phones Leah – who let the call go to her answering machine. She hears Miles apologise once more for what occurred. She doesn’t look moved by it at all.



Annie is cast as Romeo, and Romeo as Juliet, in the school play

Liam tells Marsha that he is going to move out – it’s the best way they can stay friends

Gina & Trey's dad PASH

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Nicole: red halter mini dress


Rabbit: purple [green sleeves] t/red [white trim] maxi skirt


Aden: white [red & blue Statue OF Liberty] t


Aden: grey singlet

Alf: brown polo shirt/khaki long pants

Alf: white [various colour vertical stripes] button up shirt/bone long pants.

Annie: SBH uniform

Colleen: red top

Irene: white [blue floral] top/white long pants

Leah: white jacket/dark mid thigh length dress

Leah: yellow knee length dress

Miles: purple button up shirt/green [dark unknown motif] t/dark long pants

Miles: white [brown check] long sleeve button up shirt

Nicole: dark [silver dots near top] dress

Nicole: SBH uniform

Rabbit: white lacy sleeveless top/[red animal? motifs] long sleeve top off white [outlines of ppl near the bottom] wide strap mid calf dress

Elijah: blue [white “AMF” on chest] t/dark long pants

Elijah: grey [white vert stripes] button up shirt/dark long pants

Romeo: dark long pants

Romeo: SBH uniform

Romeo: white t

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