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Liam's Brother

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title - Liam's brother

type of story - med fic maybe long fic

genre - drama

rating - A

characters - Liam / Noah / plus other locals

spoilers - no

warnings - sexual references / adult themes

plot - Liam's little brother turns up in Summer Bay.


Liam and Martha looked through Liam's old family photos

"You were so cute, except for the hair cut not a good look" Martha said

"Ha ha, i've seen photos of you when you were younger" Liam replied

"Who's this with you?" Martha asked looking at a photo of Liam as a teenager with a kid standing on a beach with a blow up ball

Liam looked at the photo.

"My brother Noah" Liam replied looking at the photo for a while

"I remember when this photo was taken, i was 17 at the time he was 13. That was the happiest day of my life" Liam told him

"You never talk about him" Martha said

"Yeah, it's better that way" Liam said

"Why?" Martha asked

"I ruined his life, got him addicted to drugs at the age of 14, i was stupid and selfish. I just wanted him to be like me" Liam told me

"Last i heard my mother put him in rehab. I think he's the young person to ever go into rehab" Liam told her

Martha stared at him

"Guess you think i'm horrible" Liam said

"No, i just think maybe you should call him or see him, maybe he'll be happy to see or hear from you"


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Liam nocked on a door hoping he had the right house. The door opened.

"What do you want?" a woman answering the door

"Hey mum, i just came to ask if i can have Noah's adress"

Liam mum sighed

"Why?" she asked

"I just wanna see him" Liam replied

"He's been clean for a little over a year, i don't want ruining that" she told him

"I'm clean too, i have been for a while" Liam told her

"Oh really, i don't believe you" she said

"Liam" Noah said behind

"Hey" Liam replied

Noah smiled

"What are you doing here?"

"I came to see you" Liam told him

"Yeah but it's been like two years since i seen you last. Why didn't you come earlier" Noah asked

"I was a little scared you would throw me out" Liam told him

Noah shook his head and gave a sarcastic laugh.


Noah looked at his mother gestured her to leave them alone.

"I'm not here to give you drug if that's what your thinking" Liam told him

"If you were i'd say no" Noah replied

"So why are you living with mum?" Liam asked

"She wants me to stay with her until i proove i can be independent. But i think she keeps forgetting that i'm 20" Noah told him

"Have you got a job?" Liam asked

"Yeah, it's kinda gay though" Noah told him

"Can't be that bad" Liam said

"It's washing dishes over at gypsy meets" Noah said

"Yeah, your right that is kinda gay" Liam laugfhed

"You still rockin'?"

"Nah, not anymore i'm a music teacher" Liam told him

"Married yet?" Noah asked

"Hell no, Chelsea was bad enough"

"Do you wanna come for a drive and i'll show you where live just so if you want to visit some time in the future you know where i live" Liam asked

"Sure, anything better than dinner with mum and dad"


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"So a beach, babes, booze and god knows what else, god ya been holding out on me Li" Noah walking in the door of Martha's farm house

"And a really cool farm house to top it off" Noah added

"Hey, don't get ideas, i'm just a house mate, this isn't actually my house" Liam informed him.

"Who does own it because on the way over here i did some thinking and i wondered if maybe i could stay with you for a bit because mum is driving me crazy" Noah said

"Her name is Martha and you'll have to talk to her, not me" Liam said

"Oooooohhhh Martha, name sounds promising" Noah replied

"Why do i sound promising?" Martha asked walking through the door behind him.

Noah turned around quickly

"I um hi i'm Noah Liam's brother" Noah introduced himself

"Martha, but i guess you knew that" she replied

"I was wondering if i could stay here for a few days, if you don't mind. And i wont free load, i'll even do some work around the place" Noah said trying make up for what she heard earlier

"Ok, but no free loading" Martha said

"Awesome, i'll just call mum. Tell her the news" Noah said and walked outside getting his phone out of his pocket

He dialed a number and put the phone to his ear

"Yeah hey, this is Noah Zanis calling for constable Berkley" Noah said

he looked up at Liam and smiled.

"Hey it's Noah, i may have found a way to get you your money. I should have it by the end of the week"

"Let's just say timing is everything" Noah said and hung up

"She not home" he said walking back to Liam

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"Yeah Liam Murphy" Noah said on ther phone

"Yeah i am the rock star" Noah said and gave a slight laugh.

"I just wanna transfer the money into another account"

"Noah Zanis, i owe him alot of money."

"Thank you" Noah said and hung up the phone.

He saw Liam standing there.

"I was hoping i'd be gone before you found out" Noah said

"What are doing? i mean why are you doing this?" Liam asked

"Li, i didn't stay to play happy families, i stayed so i could get whats mine" Noah replied

"And that's money?" Liam said

"Grandad put it in your bank account because he thought i wasn't mature enough. He thought i was the drug dealer"Noah said

"Drug dealer?" Martha said standing in the doorway with Alf

Noah laughed

"He didn't tell you" Noah said

"Tell me what?" Martha asked

"Liam used to be a dru..."

"Noah shut up" Liam asked

"Why because your girlfriend will know who you really are?"

"If you didn't to be there that night you would have left" Liam said

"All i wanted was a ride to football training" Noah yelled

"I told you to stay in the car" Liam yelled back

"Things got heated. I got out to defend you, but you just left me there" Noah said

"How was i suppost to know what was gonna happen"

"What did you think woas gonna happen? i had just about every drug known to man shoved down my throat, i had punch and kicked and to top it off i was shot in the back of the head"

Liam went to stay something but Noah cut in

"Do you know what it's like to have to learn to talk again?" Noah asked almost in tears

"So i will never forgive you for that" Noah said

"I didn't know about all that, i just thought you were shot, sorry" Liam said

"Oh and while we're getting things off our chest, Ash isn't your son he's mine" Noah said

"Sorry" Noah said sacasticly


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