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Fri 12 Mar 2010 – Episode # 5030

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” It’s My Diner. I Can Throw You Out !!! “

[ Screened in Australia on Fri 12 Mar 2010 – Episode # 5030 ]


Tony, Rach, Miles & Leah celebrate Tony HAS scored the PE teacher job at tee school.


NEXT DAY – Liam just can’t deal with whether mod the Marsha is in this morn [after how “intriguing” she was last night]. Liam tells Marsha he doesn’t want a lift – he will take the bus [as it won’t change its mind]. Lima bails – and marsh wonders what just happened.


Tony talk to Rachel bout today – he is very nervous, but she insists he will be GREAT. Tony is also concerned bout working with Gina.


Another building has been graffiti’d – and although Alf is keen to call the police, Miles inset he will deal with this himself. After Alf walks way, Miles once more insists to Rabbit he WILL catch her in the act – but she tell mils he is delusional.

Elijah arrives and starts talking ti Miles.


Leah tells Rach tat whilst she likes the martial arts classes, this whole thing [her liking Elijah] makes things uneasy. Colleen doesn’t help – commenting on how things can only end in tear – since he is a man of the cloth. When Rachel suggest Leah should tell Elijah how she feels, Leah [jokingly] tell Rachel this is Leah’s diner, and she can throw Rachel out for comments like that.


After Elijah helps Miles clean of THAT grafitti talk turns to Leah. Elijah admits he’s not been in a ‘ship since he joined the church. All the while, Rabbit is making her usual sarcastic/insightful commits – and when Miles tells Elijah to ignore Rabbit, Elijah says [about LEAH] that he is trying to.


In corridor, Lima answers his phone. It’s Marsha – but he says he is at work and can’t deal with this now. He ends the call.

Tony talk to Miles – asking for some tips. Miles insist at the students will take advantage if Tony shows any fear,

Tony enters his classroom, and naturally has an uneasy time talking the his students – the lesson is about STI’s, and even when he tries to play a DVD bout the topic, a student called Cory has the remote – and constantly pauses the DVD til Tony realises what is happening. Tony looks dejected as he begins to plaguy the DVD.


Elijah is alone – talking to God bout how he's puts a beautiful woman like Leah in Elijah’s life, but hasn’t prepared etc Elijah for this sitch. When ELijah wonders what he should do, he further coomst that god isn’t being very talkative today.


Tony talk to Miles bout what happened. Miles suggest t atony should give Cory a taste of his own medicine.


Tony tells Rachel, Colleen & Marsha that he’s not had a good day so far. They all note that Marsha isn’t in the happiest of moods – and it’s not made any better when Colleen calls Marsha simple. Colleen explains she means that Marsha isn’t a complicated/mixed messages kinda person.

At the counter, Elijah & Leah have an awkward chat – after which, one of them commnest to miles that that “went well” [not]


Tony talk to Lima. He tells Liam he doesn’t want to see Marsha get hurt. Lima tells Tony to mind his own business.


Liam confronts Marsha. He insists to her tat he can’t dale with fact she can’t seem to make out her mind. When she tell, him that have a casual ‘ship, he tells her there is a difference tween being casual & being cold. When Alf wonders if there is a problem, Liam says there mushily is. Liam walks away.


Tony “suggests” that Cory should teach the class. When Cory does get to the front of the room, he finds tat there is NOTING in the blackboard any more – to give him a hint as to what to teach about. When he tells the class he will paly them the DVD, the remote is missing. Tony has it – but even when Tony gives Cory the remote, Tony still has the batteries. After Tony gives those to Cory, he “suggests” that Cory doesn't undermine Tony again, or he will be out of the class. Tony though hopes Cory is keen to stay. Cory goes back to his desk.


Tony tells Rachel he ended up having a good day. He is worried bout working with Gina though = and as Rachel gives a shoulder massage, Tony recalls when he & Gina had a lemonade stand outside their house. Their dad has to break up a big fight tween tony & Gina when they disagreed bout how to run etc the stand.


Elijah is taking the taking martial arts class. Although the students don't seem that keen, he insists they have to practice the latest move he has taught them. When Leah tries the move on Elijah, they both end up in the flor – with Leah on top of Elijah. He suggests tat she should be with a partner her own size.


After Marsha apologise to Liam, he tell her she has to work out what she wants – because he DEF has.


Elijah tell Mils he has fallen for Leah – but that’s; a problem, as there’s something that Elijah hasn’t told any1 in town – and it involves Leah!!!!!!



Rabbit locks Elijah & Leah in a caravan

Xavier REALLY isn’t keen on Gina & Trey’s dad getting together

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Rachel: white cardie/green top/dark longa pants


Rabbit: yellow top/red [white horiz stripes] maxi skirt


Rachel: dark cardie/red low cut v neck dress


Alf: blue shirt/wide brim hat/bone long pants

Colleen: red blouse/white [floral] maxi skirt

Cory: SBH Uniform

Harry: grey & white horiz stripes jumpsuit/ blue, green & brown striped beanie

Leah: gold top

Leah: grey cardie/white [gold semi circle link chains motif] top

Leah: white scoop top - with dark t ‘neath

Liam: dark blue [white check] shirt/dark [white circular logo] t/dark long pants

Marsha: black [red & yellow dragon? On the back] nightgown

Marsha: brown & grey halter maxi dress

Miles: dark [white check] shirt/white [crop field?] t/dark long pants

Miles: dark button up shirt/ brown [gold “lake placid truck district”] t/dark long pants

Reverend Elijah: black [partly white collar] priests’ outfit

Reverend Elijah: blue martial arts top

Reverend Elijah: dark singlet

Tony: dark [white trim] [jacket/blue [white “Russell athletic”] t/dark long pants

Tony: white shirt/dark t

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