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Tues 9 Mar 2010 – Episode # 5027

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” You Can’t Play With People’s Lives Like This !!! “

[ Screened in Australia on Tues 9 Mar 2010 – Episode # 5027 ]


Tony [holding Harry] is talking to Gina. He tells her that he is keen to meek a difference in people’s lives – and he rally wasn't getting that from the gym. Gina reminds Tony that what he does makes a big difference [in a positive way] to Rachel & Harry.

Ironically or otherwise, Rachel enters [having just returned from work]. She eagerly takes hold of Harry.


Xavier is about to bail. He insists to Gina that he isn’t going to be hanging out with Mink. Xavier tells Gina that there IS a softer side to Mink – and that she has been through a lot. Although Xavier isn't keen on doing so, when Gina asks him, It looks like he is about to tell her everything.


Leah talk to Miles – commenting on how she is SOOO pleased Reverend Elijah doesn’t know tat she has felling for him. Miles is a bit awkward after tat – but Leah doesn’t pick up on why,

Nearby, Ruby & Xavier are chatting when they se Mink, who is sus when Ruby wonder if she would like to sit with them. Ruby grabs Xavier – and threatens him [as she seriously gets the impression he’s told Ruby the truth bout Mink]. Mink bails.


NEXT DAY – Mink sarcastically tell Miles he is perceptive, when he comments tat she must be going for a surf [with her board under her arm].

Rabbit is with Miles and he tells her at he wishes that he had done more for Mink/gotten through to here whilst she was stying with him. Talking turns to the sitsh with Leah & Elijah. Rabbit suggest Miles should stay as quiet as a mouse bout it. Btw, Miles is grabbing the sheets/linen form each van [for washing][ in the scene.


AS Tony preps for his job interview, he’s not impressed Rachel seems to think being a labourer is below him. Rachel tell Tony tat it’s not that – its just she thinks that he’ll hat that kinda of job. Tony tells Rach she is impossible – for wanting to do some tog bout his job sitsh and not at he has, she’s still having a go at him. Tony sarcastically wonders if Rach will wish him luck for the interview, before he bails.


After tee interview, Tony admits to Miles & Alf his interview skills were a bit rusty. Rachel overhears miles telling Tony thrill’s a job going at tee school for a PE teacher. Rachel enter the room – and tells Tony that would a great tings for him to do. Tony’s unsure – since Gina hasn’t mentioned tee position to him.


Miles tells Elijah he feel bad bout telling Elijah bout how Leah feel bout him. When Miles wants advice, Elijah tell him tat its hard for Elijah to be objective in this case. He: suggest” that go outside dn talk about this – as its not tee kind of advice teat Elijah should/wants to usually be giving in a church.


Trey’s dad wonders why Gina cares so mush bout Mink’s sitch. She tells him she doesn’t want what happened to Hugo to happen to Mink. Trey’s dad comet that nothing he trued ever worked with trey – both the hardline approaches and going soft on him. Gina insists that she has to try.


After Mil tells Elijah that when Leah falls in love, it’s never just a crush [its tee real deal], Elijah tells Mile to not say anything, i.e. don’t tell Leah Miles told Elijah how she feel bout him.


Gina speaks to Mink – wondering if she has considered going back to school. Mink is SOOOOO not impressed that Xavier has spilled his guts and told Gina bout Minks’ past!!!!!


Ruby & Xavier enter, and comet bout how enjoyable it is to hang out with each other. Moments later, Mink storms into the room – and verbally tears strips off Xavier, insisting frantically that he can’t mess with ppl’s life’s this way. Alf & Trey’s dad are witness to Mink’s UBER verbal assault on Xavier.


Tony talked to Gina bout tee PE teacher’s job. He tells her that he is REALLY kern on this – as he can make a difference [with the students] Gina tells Tony it wail be up to the school board to decide with get the job.

After Tony bails, trey's dad enetrs. He tells Gina bout Mink’s confrontation with xaver at Noah’s. Gina tells him tat its time for plan B.


Ruby thanks Xavier for protecting her [when she tried to intervene when Mink verbally tasks Xavier at Noah’s. Xavier is uber pleased when he & ruby kiss [instigated by her].


Miles & Leah meet up in the corridor before her martial arts class. He wished her luck. After Leah enters the class, Elijah puts the group in pairs – with Elijah as Leah’s partner.


Gina is surprised when Mauver tell her its been a great day today - given tat she heard bout Mink & xavier at Noah’s – but xaver on too mush of a high over ruby to worried bout that.

Mink enters – looking for an apology from Xavier, but since he is already in his room, Gina wonders if they [Gina & mink] can have coffee together]. She gets mink to stay [effectively] by calling Mink a chicken.

Gina tells Mink she kinda knows what mink is going through. Gina use to be a fun loving girl but when he hubby left her, she ha to toughen up to take care of her 3 sons all on her own. Gin tells mink that she was brave to “take the fall” for her mum, but she NEEDS to be brave now and drop that tough girls act, or it will DESTORY mink. Mink is in tears – as what Gina has said has “hit home”. Mink tells Gina she doesn’t want to be this way [the tough girls] but doesn’t think she can stop behaving this way. Gina insists that Mink has to forgive herself for everything from the past. Gina comforts the “broken” mink with a hug.



Annie is bask in town

Angelo hasn’t given up hope on Angelo/Charlie

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Rachel: dark blue dress


Gina: red [gold mosaics” long sleeve top/white long pants/aqua beaded necklace


Rabbit: denim vest/white [blue floral?} maxi dress


Alf: white [dark check] button up shirt/bone long pants

Gina: dark else [silver dots] elbow length sleeves top/dark long pants

Gina: grey jacket/purple [white floral motif down the ctr] top/grey long pants

Harry: white & blue beanie/lime green [grey horiz stripes] jumpsuit

Leah: dark low cut v neck thin strap top

Leah: dark low cut v neck top – with white singlet top neath

Miles: apple green button up shirt/white [full moon on dark background] t/dark long pants

Miles: dark button up shirt/white [dark unknown motif] t/denim jeans

Mink: aqua & white singlet top/dark [brown circles] short shorts

Mink: brown [dark tropic? Motifs] thin strap top/dark shorts

Rachel: grey cardie/red [white floral near top] thin strap top

Reverend Elijah: black [partly white collar] priest’ outfit

Reverend Elijah: dark coat/blue “martial arts” [white dragon? Motif] top/dark long pants

Ruby: SBH uniform/red hair band

Ruby: white headband/white [dark mosaic?] thin strap top

Tony: dark button up shirt/dark tie/dark long pants

Tony: green t

Trey's dad : powder blue button up shirt/dark long pants

Xavier: blue [superman logo] t//denim jeans

Xavier: SBH uniform

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