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Vista Security 2010 VIRUS

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Vista Security 2010 Virus.

So i dont know if anyone has come across this one yet, but i got it tonight and almost had a panic attack. I have no idea how i got it, but it just popped up, claiming that it was security for my computer, telling me i had all these virus' and to buy their protection. Internet explorer etc totally shuts down and every time you try to open the internet, this 'apparent' security program just reopens. So pretty much you cant do any thing. Also the security that you have, like avg or norton etc does not pick this virus up. Its very sneaky. It has a few different names, so it may come up as something other than Vista Security 2010.

Luckily, i was smart enough not to do what it was telling me and looked into it on another computer and found this is something to take seriously. I found a website to explain what it was about, and it told me to download a certain malware program to my usb and then stick that into the infected computer and continue from there.

But anyway, this is the page i found and the directions and programs to use to help get rid of this from your comp.

How to remove Vista Security 2010

Mine seems to be fine now, so fingers crossed.

Anyway, i just wanted to warn you all of this horrid virus.

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I had the same thing pop up on my computer last week. I had to do the same thing and reinstall Malwarebytes under safe mode because a) it wouldn't let my log on to my name any other way and b) wouldn't let me open malwarebytes under safe mode.

It scared the crap out of me. I'm already getting the blue screen of death. I thought I'd have to wipe my computer completely clean and loose everything.

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