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Fri 05 Mar 2010 – Episode # 5025

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” Hunting Rabbits “

[ Screened in Australia on Fri 05 Mar 2010 – Episode # 5025 ]


Whilst Leah tell Charlie that it doesn't fell right to have feeling for her teacher like this, Charlie re minds her tat both Leah & Elijah are adults [i.e. it’s not like Leah’s a student at SBH etc]. Leah doe admit [although she freaked out and ran out of class] it’s mostly rally cool to be that close [physically] in class with Elijah.


Aden is ken to hang out with Nic but she’s very busy with all her design stuff. Aden decides to help Miles – who is about going “hunting” for Rabbit.


Irene is on the phone. She seems disappointed the person she is talking to isn’t coming home for the hols.


After Marsh comment to Angelo that he seems to be living her at Noah’s these days, he tells her that [despite everything] he’s still in love with Charlie. Marsha tells him that if these thought continue, and Charlie isn't interested, The only peon who’ll be hurt is angleo.


As Miles & Aden [with torches in hand – as its night time] stake out tee place, in hope of catching the person doing the graffiti. As they do this, And tell Mils that he is worried that Nic is getting bored with their ‘ship.

Later, with Aden asleep now, Miles sees Rabbit graffiti-ing a van. He chases after her – but trips on some braches on et ground. This wakes Aden up.


NEXT DAY – Miles is in pain as he bandaging his leg. When all wonders why miles didn’t bandage it last night, miles tells him it didn’t hurt as much. Miles tell Alf that he is determining to catch the pesron responsible for the graffiti.


Charlie & angelo have an intriguing chat. it like Angelo is pretending that Charlie is not the peon he was going out with when he says he recently broke up with his g/f. he comets that his ex frowns mostly, but smiles occasionally [whish Charlie did – the smile bit – when Angelo made the frown comment.]


Miles overhears leach tell Irene she has felling for Elijah. Colleen hears it too – and tells Leah ta it’s bad … and cites “Thorn Birds” as to why. After colleen goes to clean the table [irene :”suggested” she should], Irene reminds Leah that it a priest in thorn birds, not a reverend.


Angelo wonders to Charlie how she seems to just be able to switch off her emotions. Before she bails, charley suggest that Angelo should try it [switch of emotions] as it would make it easier for him to work with her.


Leah talk to9 Miles bout Elijah. She convinces herself – or tries to – that she is confusing her feeling of being greatful to Elijah [for teaching her] as something more. Leah bails – after telling mil that some fresh air with do her good.


Whilst Miles sets up his classroom for the next class, Nic eagerly talk about all her fashion stuff. This leads mile to telling her about how Aden thinks that she is bored with their ‘ship.


Whine Miles confronts Rabbit bout seeing her last night, she tells him that he is VERY delusional.


Leah is at the edge of the water – avoiding the water as she goes]. She encounters Elijah – and after she gets all kinda tongue tied [again as the chat, you can see [after chat ends] that Leah is frustrted tat she got all tongue tried.


Aden is superposed that Nic is here at lunch time. Things are uneasy tween them as they – after it’s mentioned that Miles tell Nic bout what Aden said.


Marsha tells Alf she thinks she gave Angelo the wrong advice last night [bout his ‘ship]. Iren approaches – and it’s clear, despite her suggestions otherwise, that she is happy that Annie isn’t coming home on her break. Annie is going mountaineering instead.


Charlie &Aden literally bump itnto each other [each with coffee in hand]. When Aden wonders if Charlie is going to give him a ticket [for not watching where he was going], she tells him that she just might do that. Both smirk bout the briefly heated excanrge.


As they walk along, Charlie & Aden tell each their problem is that they overthink thing [their ‘ships] and should stop doing so.


Leah talks to Iren bout Elijah. She is seriously all confused about her feelings.


And & Nic talk bout their ‘ship. Nic like that Aden DOES talk about his feeling [unlike most men she’s encountered]. And tough tell Nic if he starts sending her love poems, she can hit him.


Irene tell Marsh &* Alf that Annie is coming home for the hols after all. She also comma at she just KNOWS that Marsha send Annie an email – with said email commenting how kinda lonely Irene feels in the beach house mostly by herself.


Leah & Miles are in the corridor, and Leah is all nervous. She is glad that miles is her with her. Elijah opens t classroom door, and he is glad to see Leah. She tells him she’ll be a second, and after he closes the door, Leah bails – it’s all too much.



Mink is “slightly” annoyed that Xavier has told Gina THAT secret

Tony sternly tells Rachel “you are impossible”

Liam tells Marsha “there’s a difference tween being casual * being cold”

Miles lets it slip to Elijah that Leah has felling for him

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Nic: red top


Rabbit: denim sleeveless jacket/red t/white [yellow floral maxi skirt


Charlie: grey singlet top/dark skirt


Aden: blue t/denim jeans

Aden: grey t/dark jacket

Alf: orange [dark check] shirt/bone long pants

Alf: white [blue check] button up shirt/bone long pants/wide brim hat.

Angelo: dark t

Angelo: light blue police shirt/dark blue long pants

Charlie: light blue police shirt/dark blue long pants

Colleen: purple 2 tone blouse

Irene: dark [with several different occasional white shapes] top/white long pants

Irene: dark top

Leah: mauve cardie/white [gold semi circle link chains motif] top/black & white hair band/dark ¾ pants

Leah: white [dark floral] low cut v neck top – with dark top ‘neath

Marsha: red mini dress

Martha: light brown (Noah’s uniform) shirt-dress

Miles: dark shirt/dark [purple unknown motif] t/denim jeans

Miles: green [dark unknown motif] t/dark shirt/denim jeans

Nic: dark [silver rope like “collar” halter dress

Nicole: SBH uniform

Rabbit: orange knitted cardie/ off white [outlines of ppl near the bottom] wide strap mid calf dress [with dark t neath]

Reverend Elijah: blue martial arts top

Reverend Elijah: dark singlet/red [dark swirls?] shorts

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