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Thurs 4 Mar 2010 – Episode # 5024

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” Oh, The Irony “

[ Screened in Australia on Thurs 4 Mar 2010 – Episode # 5024 ]


Mink “blasts” Romeo for ruin everything they’ve done – now that Xavier know. Miles & Rabbit enetrm. monets after miles wonders if everything is OK, Mink storms out of tee house.


Miles talk to Leah – who tells him the nearby Mink looks like she is in no mood to talk. Miles goes over an talk to Mink – who tells him she will be gone [have left town[ by tee end of the week.


Romeo tell Xavier bout THAT night. Their step dad had REALLY REALLY layed into Rome – to the point where Romeo had blacked out for a short time. When xaver wonders, Romeo tell him Mink was too scared to “stand up” to their step dad – as he had UBER bullied her too. Romeo continue bout THAT night by saying the when he came to [after being unconscious] he saw step dad on the ground - their mum with a bat in hand. Romeo & mink knew mum wouldn’t survive in prison, so Mink & Romeo lied and aid tat Mink did it. Xavier promises Romeo he won’t EVER say anything bout this.

NEXT DAY – after Alf comment to Romeo mink is a firecracker, Romeo insist at she has many moods [good and bad]. Mink enters the room – she is ken to go for surf with Romeo. Mink goes outside – after agreeing to do so with Romeo. Romeo comet to Alf & miles this is what he meant [good and bad].


After we see Mink & Romeo riding the waves for a bit, they exit surf and as they do, mink tell Romeo she will be out of his life soon. When she comments at she thinks he love that, Romeo disagrees.


Leah is surprised Elijah is bask in town already, but he tells her tat crisis wasn’t as big as ppl imagined. As Leah talk to Elijah, and gets all nervous and kinda tongue tied. They agree to have coffee later.After Leah bails, Iren smarks at her [ie muhly thinking tat Ruby was right bout Leah & Elijagh] bout Leah inist at its only coffee.


Miles is up a ladder [that Rabbit is holding for support]. He is cleaing orange graffiti of one of the van park signs. Alf talk to Mils bout what’s happened – and how its bound to be same ppl who graffiti’s the bait shop recently. After Alf bails, Miles reprimands Rabbit for say8ng things ;ike “flamin’ kids”


Miles is intrigues with he overheras Irene &* Leah talking bout Leah’s coffee: date” with Elijah. When miles are ken to hear more etc, Leah reminds him she knows martial arts – so miles bask off.


Romeo is worried the secret [that mink took the fall] is indeed over, but Xavier insists it isn’t. Miles speak to Romeo – bout what mink sad about leaving town. Romeo tells miles mink told him that info herself this morn after surf.


Mink meets up with a guy who is her potential new sponsor. He tell her at she has a GREAT story – bad girl makes good – but that seems to really affect mink. Mink gets quite tempestuous – eagerly showing him her “killer” tattoo – tat he suggests that can airbrush out of pics. Mink then REALLY lets him have it – she tells the guy that wetsuits his company makes are a joke and [as Alf walks by] she tips some OJ over the guy. When he wonders why she agreed to/ even have this meeting, mink insist ta she wanted the company to her all things thisg from her face to face.


As they play pool, Xavier insists to Romeo he doesn’t want to talk bout Ruby.

Alf enters 0 and tell Romeo bout what he just saw [re Mink]


Mink tells Romeo & Xavier she was annoyed they company wanted to use the fact she went to juvenile dentation. When Romeo reminds mink she uses that fact to her own advantage most time, she sternly reminds him athat if she had manager, none of this would have happened. Whilst Xavier tries to play peacemaker, Romeo’s had enough of mink for the moment - Romeo walks away.

Note – its kinda funny tat Romeo is having a go at Mink for what she did at the meet with her potential sponsor. Funny in that Will [“h2o – just add water”, played by “Romeo”] self sabotaged a meting with a potential sponsor for his free diving.


Alf is cleaning some graffito on the bait shop when miles approach him. After they disagree a bit on the colour of the graffiti [its’ an orangey colour], miles realises what’s going on. He walks way – keen to find the culprit, and its sound like he has a specific peon in mind.


Leah * Elijah talk bout her sitsh =- esp. bout how she gets stressed when many ppl are at the diner. When Leah admits that she fel totally safe/dtress free her talking to Elijah, He tell her to use this as her benchmark [so she should think of thjis caht, thiese surrounds the bnet tijme she gets stressd][.

Nearby, Xavier talks to Mink. Whilst he reminds her bout how silly t whole OJ tig was, Mink insist she is just getting what she deserves.


Mink tell Romeo what happened to her inside – she shows him scars of when someone stabbed her in et stomach with a fork. She tell him NO ONE ever visited her when she was recovering and that she wished most day at she wouldn’t wake when shw went to sleep. Mink tell Romeo that from then on she realised she can only rely on HERSELF. Romeo is rally taken aback by this. He insists he never know bout any of this.


Rabbit denies ion with miles accuse her of doing the graffiti – because of the orange top she is wearing. She asks hi to push her on the wing – whish he does.


Leah isn’t as confront as Elijah at she can do the new move he’s shown he in class – as Elijah is a lot taller/stronger than she is. He insists she can – but when they get into position [with him behind her – and their bodies mushly making contact] its all too mush for Leah. She runs out of the room.



Angelo tell Marsha he is still mushily in love with Charlie

Leah doesn’t like that she’s having ungodly felling bout a man of God

Miles is keen to catch Rabbit [graffiti-ing]

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Mink: dark halter kini top/dark crop vest/denim jeans [with white belt]


Rabbit: orange knitted cardie/ off white [outlines of ppl near the bottom] wide strap mid calf dress [with dark t neath]


Mink: aqua & white [dark trim] mini dress


Alf: orange [dark check] shirt/bone long pants/wide brim hat

Irene: dark top

Leah: dark singlet top – with white top [ neath/dark ¾ pants

Leah: grey cardie/silver singlet top

Leah: grey singlet top/denim jeans

Miles: dark shirt/red [astronaut] t/denims jeans

Miles: green [dark unknown motif] t/dark shirt/denim jeans

Mink: black wetsuit

Mink’s Potential Sponsor: white [grey vert stripes] shirt/dark long pants

Rabbit: white lace cardie/dark top

Reverend Elijah: blue martial arts top/dark long pants

Reverend Elijah: grey [blue sleeves & white 33 on chest] t/olive green long pants

Romeo: black wetsuit

Romeo: dark grey [dark horiz stripes] singlet

Romeo: SBH Uniform

Xavier: light blue [dark blue horiz stripes] t

Xavier: SBH Uniform

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