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Wed 3 Mar 2010 – Episode # 5023

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” Peaceful Thoughts. Dolphins !!! “

[ Screened in Australia on Wed 3 Mar 2010 – Episode # 5023 ]


Whilst Liam suggests to Marsha that he’s heard women can be “late” because of stress, Marsha tells Lim at the baby could be Hugo’s.


Mink tries convince Romeo to be her manager, but although he doesn’t actually say in to her, you get tee felling that Romeo kinda want to tell her he feels like he BELONGS here. Both Mink & Romeo are siting on their surfboards as they talk.


After asking ach other some history question for school, Ruby see Xavier looking out top sae at Mink [who is riding a wave]. When Ruby wonders, Xavier tell her tat mink is the lat person he would want to kiss right now. He avoids answering her Q bout who is teh 1st person at he’d want to kiss.


After Leah practices some of her new self defences moves on Miles [as a demo for Irene], she tell Irene the classes are like on big adventure for Leah.


After Alf arrives with some chicken soup from colleen, he wonders if all is ok with Lima & marsh. Naturally, Liam tells Alf whatever Marsha has isn’t contagious. After Alf bails, Liam wonders if marsh has taken a regency test yet. She says she will – I time. Marsh goes and lies down.


After trying to study some more, ruby admits she is too tired to study right now. Gavel’s suggestion if having some ice cream perks Ruby up/ they talk bout Mink – and ruby admit she is a bit jealous Mink & Xavier kissed. Ruby then fain to kiss Xavier - after whish she tell him she’s not “easy” like mink. Ruby bails.


Liam is distracted as he enters and litterally bumps into Romeo. When Romeo chat to Liam, the later tell him bout how Marsha could be pregnant. Liam is worried – given how he hasn’t been tee best of dads to the son he already has. He also tells Romeo the sitsh is no easier if the child is Hugo’s.


NEXT DAY – Mink looks/sound happy after she gets of the phone. She has lined up a potential wetsuit sponsor. She clashes with Romeo over a stunt she puled in the past [whish lost her a sponsor] whish had to do with a monkey. Whilst Miles tries to keep things calm twenn the increasingly heated Mink & Romeo [hence the line that is my ep title], Mink REALLY snipes at Romeo =- something bout how she’ll be on her won AGAIN [as he isn’t her manger]


When Lima wonders, Marsha tell him she will find out if she is truly preggers at lunch, as she has a shift at Noah’s


After Elijah & Irene chat, and he bails, Leah seems embarrassed when Iran refers to Elijah as a “fine specimen”.


As they walk along, Xavier tells Romeo he rally think ruby is playing games with him. Ruby approaches – and talk tourns to Mink. Ruby doesn’t know ho Romeo puts up with her – and how she seems to get away with everything. Romeo sternly tells ruby noting could be further from the truth. Romeo bails.


Miles see Romeo is the corridor. As Romeo looks a bit perplexed, Miles wonders if he can help, brut Romeo insists he's got it covered.

Romeo goes into classroom and talk to Liam. As they talk, Romeo suggest Liam should REALLT tell Marsha how he feels bout the potentially life changing sitch.


Leah doesn’t appreciate it when Ruby kinda teases her bout how hot etc Elijah is [and how they made a good couple]. After Leah walks away, Irene reminds ruby how Leah’s been “through the wars” of late.


Liam approaches Marsha, who tells him she is still helping at Noah’s as they are short staffed. She doesn’t like being pushed into doing the test, Liam is furyer intrigued when Alf tells marsh she should have ended her shift ages ago – since she isn’t that well. Marsha insists she is fine.


Romeo & Miles head for home – after Romeo comets that he has to sort things out with Mink. Xavier & Ruby chat – and agree to go to movies together.


After Liam enters the house, Marsha tells him she isn’t late anymore.


Elijah tells Leah he has to go to the city and help a friend, so they’ll have to postpone tonight’s martial arts class. After Elijah bails, Leah comments to Irene bout how she was really looking fwd to the class [but the way she is behaving, it sooooo looks like ruby was “on the money” before].


Liam is surprised when Marsha is in a rally frisky mood – kissing him constantly etc. whilst she tells him every life’s has its ups & downs, he isn’t so sure that this o the right course of action for Marsha [because of the pregnancy scare].


Romeo & Mink have a WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY heated “chat” bout the past – incl Mink reminding her bro that Mink went to jail because she “took the fall” for their mum [the real killer of their step dad]. Naturally, Xavier picked that very moment [of mink’s revelation] to arrive at the house.



Mink spills some OH [delib or otherwise] over someone who looks like a potential sponsor

Mink tells Miles she is leaving

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Mink: aqua & white [dark trim] dress


Leah: grey cardie/silver singlet top


Irene: white [purple floral] top


Alf: blue & yellow check button up shirt/bone long pants

Alf: olive green [white check] button up shirt/bone long pants/wide brim hat

Irene: orange top

Leah: black & partly blue thin strap dress

Liam: bone shirt/white [a perron’s face] t/denim jeans

Liam: white [blue check] button up shirt/dark [red sun] t/denim jeans

Marsha: grey top/tan cardie/dark long pants

Marsha: white [dark maze like design] singlet top/denim shorts

Martha: silver night gown [with dark silver lining]

Miles: apple green button up shirt/white [dark unknown motif] t/ denim jeans

Miles: dark shirt/red [astronaut] t/denims jeans

Mink: black wetsuit

Reverend Elijah: red [white “Abercrombie” logo and 2 tennis racquets] t/denim jeans

Romeo: aqua [dark vert stripes] shorts

Romeo: black wetsuit

Romeo: dark grey [dark horiz stri[es] singlet

Romeo: SBH Uniform

Romeo: white [silhouette o a person’s face] t

Ruby: SBH Uniform

Ruby: white [orange floral] dress

Xavier: blue [superman logo] t/dark shorts

Xavier: light blue [dark blue horiz stripes] t

Xavier: SBH Uniform

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