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Mon 1 Mar 2010 – Episode # 5021

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” Beachy Brilliance “

[ Screened in Australia on Mon 1 Mar 2010 – Episode # 5021 ]


Ruby & Xavier are chatting when Angelo storms out o the house. Xavier bails moments later – so Ruby can speak to Charlie bout aht’s happened. Charlie tells ruby bout the break up.


Tony & trey’s dad talk bout how business appear to be on the up again, but Tony doesn’t take a snide remake from trey’s dad to well. Indeed, he beils.

Angelo enetrs moment later – and [as he & alf enter Noah’s] asks for a beer.


Rach & Gina talk bout Tony & trey’s dad – and how their business ‘ship is a work in progress. Gina says same tang bout her romantic ‘ship with Trey’s dad.

After Rach bails, Gina is sus bout how mush Xavier has been helping out round the house of lat. She admits tat it’s because of how she never knew etc bout what Hugo was up to.


Charlie tell ruby that Angelo will always be wanting her to move in with him, and when ruby wonders if Charlie’s ship with Joey has anything to do with this, charley tell her that Charlie is like that with all her ‘ship [mal or female]. Ruby wonders how Charlie can plan her career [knowing where she wants to b e in 5 years etc] but can’t be same with a ‘ship. Charlie insist its better she & Angelo have broken up now [before things get more heated etc tween them].


Angelo orders another beer – and he’s clearly drunk. Alf tells him its time to close up and Alf will drive angle home.


NEXT DAY – as they walk along, Charlie thanks ruby for staying over lat night. Talk turns to Ruby – she’s pleased she’s in a many of same classes as Xavier this year.

Note : as they walk, Charlie has her arms crossed whilst ruby rather beautifully has one hand on Charlie's right arm and the other I’m assume in the small of Charlie’s bask – like she’s way supporting her mum literally. It’s also VERY sweet when Ruby at verious time in te scene rests her head on Charlie’s right upper arm!!!


Gina thanks Xavier for being helpful – but init that he should clean out his wardrobe. Ruby arrive – she tells Xavier of the cahrlei/angel;o split.


Because of what’s append thween her mum & Angelo, ruby tell Xavier she is keen top just be fiends with him [and not get bask into a ‘ship]. Form the forlorn etc looks of Xavier’s face, its clear he’s not ken on the idea. He doesn’t say anything to ruby though.


Tony tells Rachel bout the constant putdowns he gets form trey’s dad at work. When Rach suggest it, Tony doesn’t want Gina involved.


Angelo enters the office. He sees that Charlie is in there and bails. When charley goes into main area, Avery tells her tart Angelo said he is going to work from homme today.


Ruby & Xavier talk in the corridor. She’s still talking bout how its great tat they are gust friends – whilst he’s clearly still not likening that. When he ask her bout lunch, ruby say she is have lunch with Charlie – to talk futhyer bout Charlie’s issues.


Rach talk to Gina bout the Tony & trey’s dad stich. When Gina sees trey’s dad, she speak to him bout it. When trail’s dad comets bout Tony being the junior partner in t business, Gina wonders why trey’s dad doesn’t treat Tony with respect [like he doe Gina]. Trey’s dad comments bout how respect has to be earned.


Charlie tells Ruby tat she is WAAAAY to optimistic bout Charlie when ruby suggest a time apart form Angelo will be good – the whole absence make heart grow fonder thing. They see Angelo – and he sees the, he just walks ways.


Charlie confronts Angelo – the tension tween them means they just can’t having the same working ‘ship as they did before. They are interoperated when Avery tells them tercel’s been an MVA. Both bail to attend.


Whilst Gina wonders why Xavier isn’t looking as cheerful etc as he was this morn, ruby is perplexed by the way her is acting round her.


Tony is rather surprised when the 1st he hears of a new “everyone gets a free consultation at the gym” promotion is from Alf.


Ruby approaches Xavier. She tells him she got caught up in all that was happening in Charlie’s world. Xavier is VERY pleased when she tells him to ignore all that friends only stuff she said to him.


As the ambulance officers wheel the crash victims into their vehicle, Charlie & Angelo get in thri patrol car. Whilst Angelo comments this kinda tong being perspect8ive to other situations, Charlie insists that they shouldn’t be toghther.


After talking to Rcahel [who is holding Harry] bout what Alf aid [the consult promotion], Tony clashes with trey’s dad. Rach is SHOCKED when Tony tells trey’s dad that the gym is all his !!!



Despite Rachel’s concerns, Tony goes ahed and sell his sharte of the gym


Rachel: purple low cut v neck dress


Ruby: white [orange streaks] low cut v neck dress


Ruby: SBH uniform


Alf: bone [Noah’s] shirt

Alf: white [dark check] shirt. /bone long pants

Angelo: light blue police shirt/dark blue long pants/police cap/dark sunglasses

Angelo: white l/s shirt/dark sleeveless jumper/dark long pants/dark jacket

Avery: light blue police shirt/dark blue long pants

Charlie: grey singlet top

Charlie: light blue police shirt/dark blue long pants/police cap

Gina: grey jacket/white top/grey long pants

Gina: white cardie/blue [white floral] top/dark long pants

Harry: white beanie/yellow [grey stripes] jumpsuit

Rachel: red wide strap top/dark long pants

Tony: black [with silver on each side] SB gym t/bone long pants

Tony: red t/dark jacket/denim jeans

Trey’s dad powder blue shirt

Trey’s dad: yellow [dark check] shirt

Trey's dad: yellow & red lifeguard polo/dark shorts

Xavier: blue [white crest] t/olive green long pants

Xavier: SBH uniform

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