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Big Brother

Guest Georgia

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Story Title: Big Brother

Type of story: Medium fiction

Main Characters: Some H&A characters, Supernatural, Prison Break and Grey's Anatomy, as well as readers

Rating: T

Genre: general

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: No

Summary: Big Brother Season 3401 is here....

Are you ready for the TV event that’s coming to your screens?

Are you ready for something bigger than anything you’ve ever seen before?

Buckle up... it’s going to be a bumpy ride, because Big Brother Season 3401 is here...

But this time, it’s different...

Big Brother has a bunch of celebrities who are ready for this, but now he wants YOU.

All you have to do is fill in the form, and you can be on Big Brother Season 3401...

But first, let’s meet our celebrities...

We have....

Aden Jefferies, from Home and Away: This bad boy has just lost his wife... maybe his stint in the Big Brother house is enough to put a smile back on his dial

Geoff Campbell, from Home and Away: Recently single, Geoff is determined to revert back to his Christian ways, but a tempting housemate may just sway him away from this path

Miles Copeland, from Home and Away: Miles has been feeling a bit neglected recently, and is keen for a younger woman to win over his heart

Roman Harris, from Home and Away: Fresh out of prison, but not wanted for his crime anymore, Roman is looking to enjoy the high road for a while

Nicole Franklin, from Home and Away: With her dad in the house, Nicole is trying to keep her nose clean, but how long can the innocent act last

Ruby Buckton, from Home and Away: Ruby rounds up the last of the Home and Away gang. Ruby is looking for a rich boyfriend to solve all of her problems

Michael Scofield, from Prison Break: Michael has just broken out of a prison (not the same one as Roman), and is looking for a place to hide. We offered up the Big Brother house

Jacob Black, from the Twilight Saga: This muscular werewolf enjoys taking off his shirt, but is now looking for someone to see underneath his beauty

Meredith Grey, from Grey’s Anatomy: Meredith has given up on the whole doctor thing, after so many near death experiences, and is now trying out reality TV

Sam Winchester, from Supernatural: Sam is sick of fighting demons, and wants out of the war, so is relaxing with us

Dean Winchester, from Supernatural: Dean just wants a lot more action from the beauties we have in the house

So that rounds up the celebrities, but now we want YOU, the average Jo’s of the world. All you have to do is fill in the form, and post it in your comment.


Age: (no lies please, Big Brother will find out)

Celebrity Crush: (doesn’t have to be one of the above celebrities)

Wish: (why do you want to be in the Big Brother House?)

Special Skill: (whatever you think is special)

Big Brother looks forward to hearing from you....

In Big Brother Season 3401, there will be challenges...

There will be confessions

There will be eliminations... (Which you as the readers have a say in!)

And there will be twists...

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Chapter Two: Welcome the Average Jo’s

A/N: Big Brother’s speech is in italics

“Big Brother calls all contestants to the diary room. That will be all”

The house was suddenly filled with the celebrities rushing around like headless chickens. They were taken the whole Big Brother gig seriously, and were extremely excited to be allowed back in the diary room.

Sam and Dean Winchester stopped setting fire to the grass outside, and rushed straight to the diary room. Sam tripped over the floor several times, although it was a completely flat surface, and Dean got lost... finding himself outside of the complex that was deemed “inescapable”.

Aden managed to help Dean back inside and together they walked to the diary room, ignoring Sam, who had given up on walking and was now crawling along the floor

Geoff had found a skipping rope, and was skipping through the house. He wasn’t a fast walker, but back in his youth, he had trained for the Olympic Games for jump rope. He was so intent on getting to the diary room that he didn’t notice the seven lamps he knocked to the floor, or Sam, who he hit in the face with his rope

Miles took a detour through the kitchen, pulling out a bag of bread, and a jar of peanut butter on the way, before grabbing a spoon, and ditching the bread. He wasn’t too fussed about the whole diary room thing... he was more concerned about eating his way through the whole jar of peanut butter

Roman was in full army gear, and was scouting through the house for his daughter Nicole. He had just got out of prison, and was thankful that he could look out for his daughter for a while. He was a bit disappointed with the women of the house though... one was his daughter, the other his daughter’s friend, and the last woman seemed to spend all her time staring at the elevator

Nicole was in the bathroom when she heard Big Brother ordering all contestants to the diary room. She was setting up a camera so that she could see all the men in their glory at shower time. Unfortunately, the announcement scared her, she dropped the camera, and it went straight down the toilet, so it looks like no shower scenes for the time being

Ruby ran straight to the diary room, tripping over Sam who was still crawling, as she had her head in a notebook. Ruby had been writing a list of all the men in the house, to see which of them had the most money, and how she would be able to trap them into marrying her

Michael ignored the arrows pointing the way to the diary name. He was trying to see if his tattoos had a way to break out of the Big Brother house... not realizing that it was as simple as opening the front door, which hadn’t been locked.

Jacob was tempted to phase into a wolf to get to the diary room the quickest, but when he saw Nicole and Ruby walk pass, he realized that the best way to beat them there was to take off his shirt... that seemed to drive women to distraction

Meredith’s stint on reality TV was off to a rocky start. She already missed Derek, and their elevator encounters, so she was hoping that he would be bought in as an intruder. However, she wouldn’t mind enticing that Dean Winchester into the elevator...

“Will all contestants please hurry up? Big Brother does not have all day to watch you fumbling around the house. Meredith, the elevator does not take you to the diary room, and Michael, please follow the arrows, not your tattoos. Jacob, shirtless scenes are not allowed until Nicole sets up a camera in the bathroom. Ruby, plotting is forbidden until week 3. Roman, you are in the house for a fun time, not to spy on your daughter. Miles... put down the peanut butter. Geoff, if you break one more lamp or vase, then you will be paying the repairing fees. Sam, please walk to the diary room, as you are not a baby. Dean, if you ever break out of the Big Brother house again, you will be eliminated, and Aden... keep doing what you’re doing”

The contestants finally remembered to go to the diary room, and less than 5 minutes later, the contestants were all seated on the floor of the diary room, as Big Brother had forget to place a couch in the room

“How are you enjoying your time in the Big Brother house?”

Everyone tried to answer at once, and Big Brother swore in frustration. This wasn’t going to work with so many people in the house... he couldn’t wait until almost everyone had been eliminated

“Big Brother season 3401 is going to be different... please welcome the average Jo’s to the house... first of all, we have Elaine. This 18 year old loves to play singstar, and wants to have fun, and meet new people... please welcome Elaine”

Ruby stood up and cheered. She had never met anyone who had done something as normal as Singstar.

“Elaine is going to be my buddy”, Ruby called, before Elaine had even had a chance to walk through the door.

“Ruby, please sit down, and don’t scare people before they get into the house”

Ruby frowned, and sat back on the floor. Elaine finally walked through the double doors, holding the hand of Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

“I got to bring my celebrity crush in with me!” Elaine yelled, and all of the other celebrities clapped politely.

“Moving right along... our next contestant is Bec! This 20 year old wants to fall in love, and her special skill is acting! Watch out boys, this one might just steal your heart”

Everyone expected Bec to come in with her celebrity crush, but instead she was carrying a goat. Michael stood up and helped her with the weight... the goat seemed to be pregnant

“Big Brother... why the goat?” Bec questioned, annoyed that she had to bring in a goat instead of Rhys Wakefield

“Big Brother thought you could use a pet... is there something wrong with the goat???”

“No Big Brother”, Bec hastily added, before sitting down next to Michael, who was stroking the goat’s head

“Next up, we have 19 year old Steph, whose special talent is dancing! She wants to make friends, and fall in love. Both her celebrity crushes are in the house at the moment... so Big Brother gave her a packet of peanut M&M’s to share around”

Aden recoiled in shock, highly allergic to peanuts, while Jacob took off his shirt to make a cradle for the chocolate.

“Jacob... what did Big Brother say about shirts?”

Jacob quickly put his shirt back on, and Steph frowned as she walked in.

“I wanted to see Jacob shirtless”, she complained

“Go on the internet”, Aden said snidely from the back of the room, annoyed that no one wanted to see his muscles

“Why were you looking me up on the internet?” Jacob asked, and silence fell across the room

“This isn’t awkward at all... our next contestant is 15 year old Elainea! She wants to meet Geoff (I don’t know why), and have loads of fun. Elainea can do the splits AND cook!”

Elainea walked into the diary room, pulling a life-size Geoff doll behind her.

“Big Brother thought the real Geoff was slightly unhinged, so he gave me this doll instead”, Elainea explained, and everyone nodded their agreement, including the real Geoff

Elainea, however, disagreed, and went to sit with the real Geoff, who seemed extremely fascinated with the doll version of him

“And now we have Laura... a 15 year old swimming, acting, and a basic cooking champion! Her celebrity crush is in the house, and she wants to live life to the full! Jacob, please keep your shirt on”

Jacob scowled with frustration, not used to wearing clothes for this long. Laura seemed disappointed as well, but she brought in a poster of Jacob shirtless

“I got a poster of Jacob!” she screamed as soon as she walked in the door

Steph quickly migrated over to her, and they both started drooling on the poster

“I should have given this job up a loooong time ago. Our final contestant is Tele, who has no age! Her special skill is her poetry writing, and her wish is to get a job as a writer... and I’ve been informed that she does silly things when she’s on vodka... so Big Brother gave her a bottle of vodka”

Everyone that was over drinking age quickly migrated towards the door... to Tele and her bottle of vodka

“Before you ask, only Christian Bale can have some of this vodka, and I don’t see him here, so save your questions”, she advised the group, and everyone followed her advice... apart from Roman

He seemed to drift towards her, as if by some magnetic power...

“And Big Brother is going to cut it here... the standards of housemates seem to be dropping dramatically... please keep an ear open for Big Brother’s announcements... I’ll be listening to your confessions soon enough... the next nomination session will be tomorrow... please leave the diary room”

It took several minutes for everyone to leave the room. The last to leave was Elainea, the doll, and the real Geoff, who seemed to have found another skipping rope.

“Geoff, put down the skipping rope... ****, this is going to be a loooong show”

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  • 2 weeks later...

Sorry about the delay between updates. This chapter is for Tele, for constantly asking when this would be posted :lol:

Chapter Three: Drunken Diary Room Nominations

“Tele, to the diary room... and bring the bottle of vodka... Big Brother has noticed that it’s empty”

Tele staggered on her way to the diary room, the empty vodka bottle dangling from her finger tips. She had stayed true to her word, and hadn’t shared any of her special treat with the other housemates, but she was regretting her decision now, as she was struggling to walk in a straight line, and her thoughts (as well as her words!), were coming out slurred

“Hey Big Brother”, Tele slurred, as she took her place on the newly bought couch

“Tele, Big Brother wanted to ask you for your nominations, but a more pressing question is why you are so drunk right now?”

“I just wanted to show my appreciation for my gift”, Tele explained, while looking at the bottom, swearing when she saw this it was empty

“Did you not think to share it with your fellow contestants?”

“No”, she exclaimed happily, before turning over the bottle to see if anything dripped out

“God, I don’t have time for this. Who do you nominate and why?”

“I nominate Roman, because he keeps following me around the house, and spying on his daughter... it’s slightly creepy”

“Thank you Tele, you may leave the diary room”

Tele staggered out of the diary room, and collapsed onto a couch. The other contestants took it in turns to come into the diary room and nominate who they wanted to be eliminated.

Aden nominated Jacob, as he was taking a lot of the attention in the house, and was too uptight and serious.

Geoff refused to nominate anyone, as they were all good friends, even though they had only been in the house for a couple of days

Miles nominated Michael, as his tattoos were making him look tough and brave, and Miles was being ignored

Roman also nominated Michael, as he felt that people were forgetting that he had been in prison as well.

Nicole nominated Roman, as she was already sick of her dad following her around everywhere

Ruby nominated Meredith, as she was being completely anti-social, constantly staring at the elevator that had no use in the house

Michael nominated Sam, as Sam had made a huge altar in the kitchen, trying to rid the devil from the house

Jacob nominated Steph, as she was intent on making him take his shirt off 24/7

Meredith nominated Addison, who stole her husband back, until she realized Addison wasn’t in the Big Brother house. She then fled the room in tears

Sam nominated Dean, as he was sick of his flirtatious attitude

Dean nominated Sam, for being too serious all the time

Elaine nominated Ruby, as she had thrown Jonathan Rhys Meyers out of the house late last night

Bec had nominated Miles, as watching him eat was repulsive, and he left crumbs in the water jug

Steph nominated Nicole, as she wanted to be the one to set up the camera in the bathroom, but Nicole wouldn’t let her participate

Elainea nominated the goat, as it had chewed a hole in her suitcase, and then eaten every single one of her socks

And Laura had nominated Elainea, because once the goat had eaten Elainea’s socks, El had stolen hers.

“Big Brother calls all contestants to the diary room”

Every contestant quickly rushed into the room, and sat on the floor, or the couch, except for Geoff, who had someone managed to find a pogo stick, and was jumping around on that

“Geoff, put the pogo stick down... Big Brother has counted the nominations, and this is supposed to be a serious event”

Geoff quickly dropped the pogo stick, and sat down next to Jacob on the couch.

“This week, the nominated contestants are: Roman, Michael, Sam, Jacob, Meredith, Steph, Dean, Ruby, Miles, Nicole, Elainea and the goat! The viewers (that’s the readers by the way!) have until December the 3rd to cast their votes. The person who receives the most votes WILL BE ELIMINATED

Everyone gasped, despite the fact that they all knew the rules.

“That’ll be all”

The contestants quickly left the diary room, and Big Brother waited impatiently for the viewers to cast their votes, and get rid of one of the housemates... they were driving him insane!

A/N: Ok guys, this is the first elimination. You may vote for: Roman, Michael, Sam, Jacob, Meredith, Steph, Dean, Ruby, Miles, Nicole, Elainea or the goat!

All you have to do is post a comment, say who you are casting a vote for, and a reason why. If you are shy about voting in the thread, I do accept PM’s.

You have until the 3rd of December...

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“Big Brother calls all contestants to the diary room... he has the results of the first elimination”

The contestants piled into the diary room quickly. They had been waiting outside the door for ages, frowning at how long it was taking Big Brother to count up the votes. The people that had been nominated were getting particularly grouchy... after all; their time in the Big Brother house was on the line.

“Contestants, as you know, Roman, Michael, Sam, Jacob, Meredith, Steph, Dean, Ruby, Miles, Nicole, Elainea and the goat were all up for elimination...”

“Big Brother, get on with it”, Nicole yelled, her temper getting the better of her for just a brief second.

“Nicole, do not raise your temper at Big Brother... for that, you will receive one extra point for this elimination”

Nicole opened her mouth to yell some more, but Ruby quickly clamped her hand over it, not wanting her friend to get into any more trouble.

“Nicole, you have received two votes from the readers, Jacob, you have one. Goat, you have three votes and Ruby, you have one vote”

All the housemates sighed with relief, as they realized that they wouldn’t be going home, and the pesky goat would not be able to eat their socks any longer.

“However, Big Brother is disappointed that his present has been evicted from the house. Big Brother was kind enough to give you a gift, and you nominated him as soon as possible. Did you try talking to him about eating your socks? Did you even attempt to resolve the problem?”

The housemates looked at each other in confusion, none of them understanding what Big Brother was talking about. Did he really just suggest talking to a goat?

“As a punishment for your lack of gratitude, Big Brother has decided that he will choose who will be eliminated this week. He will take the votes into consideration, as he has to respect the fact that people have nothing better to do that vote... but he has the power”

“Big Brother, you aren’t allowed to do that. It’s not in the rule book”, Nicole reminded him, forgetting once again that she was just a contestant.

“Nicole, you now have three votes. I suggest you keep your mouth shut”

Jacob looked over at Nicole and laughed, before pulling his shirt over his head, and throwing it at Nicole... which was apparently his version off: “Suck, you just got told off by Big Brother”

“Jacob, we’ve gone over this before, you are to keep your shirt on in the Big Brother house... for ignoring my rules yet again, you have just been given an extra two votes... you and Nicole will now have to leave the house”

Ruby stood up and did a little dance, gyrating her hips to an imaginary tune. Her dancing was worse than watching Miles eat his food, and Big Brother felt repulsed.

“Ruby, you will be leaving the house as well... your dance moves are atrocious, and you make Big Brother feel sick”

Jacob burst into tears, and ran out of the diary room, followed by Nicole and Ruby. They had to pack their bags and leave the house immediately, or the security guards (who hid in pot plants when not needed) would throw them out, and sell their possessions on e-bay.

“Big Brother, I mean no disrespect, but you can’t throw out all of the Summer Bay residents... you’ll have no drama in your show”, Geoff said politely, hoping that Nicole would be allowed to come back into the diary room

“No drama... s**t, that’s bad... with no drama, the ratings will drop and I’ll get fired. Ok, Ruby and Nicole and Jacob will still have to leave the Big Brother house, but as a twist, Big Brother has brought in an intruder. This feisty, independent young woman recently lived in Summer Bay, marrying her soul mate, until she passed away from cancer. However, network ten had actually poached her, and we are now pleased to inform you that Big Brother has brought Belle Taylor back from the dead!!!!”

Aden jumped up and down, so excited that his wife wasn’t actually dead, that he forgot all about the fact that two of his closest friends had been evicted from the Big Brother house.

Geoff also stood up, and then two men ran to the door, crowding it so that they’d be the first people Belle saw when she walked in.

“I’m alive”, she screamed as she walked through the door, and threw herself into Aden’s arms, as Geoff jumped at her from the other side and they formed a weird, lopsided, three way hug.

Soon enough, another person tapped on Belle’s shoulder, and everyone looked around in surprise. No one recognised the woman who had just drawn all the attention to herself.

“Who are you?” Geoff asked politely, longing to reach out and poke her face. After all, he hadn’t seen any new people for a couple of days.

“I’m Georgia”, the new woman introduced herself, and frowns grew on everyone’s face

“And when did you get here?” Belle asked, still tangled in Aden’s arms

“I’ve been here all along. I’m Big Brother”, she said proudly

“Isn’t Big Brother supposed to keep their identity a secret?” Belle questioned

“Isn’t Big Brother supposed to be a man?” Aden added

“After season 1045, channel ten realized that having a man was too sexist, so the position became available for women as well... however, I have to put on a man’s voice, and pretend to be a male, because otherwise we’d have to change the name of the show... and I am supposed to keep my identity a secret, but I’ve been a Belle fan for years, and I couldn’t miss this opportunity! If all else fails, we’ll edit this part out”, Georgia (aka Big Brother) announced

Geoff, Belle and Aden looked at her in shock, so she continued talking

“Look... you three are the only ones that have seen me. Everyone else snuck out before I arrived, so you are the only ones who know the secret. If you tell anyone about this, I will have no hesitation in fixing the votes so that you get kicked out”, and with those final parting words, Georgia disappeared, back into her secret Big Brother box

Aden, Belle and Geoff looked at each other before shrugging and leaving the diary room. Strange occurrences happened daily in their lives, and they were getting used to it.

This week, Big Brother has decided who is up for nomination, as it is literally painful listening to the housemates deciding who to vote for, and he can’t put up with Geoff refusing to vote, yet again.

Miles: as he eats like a pig

Tele: as she has run out of vodka

The blow-up Geoff doll: as it’s kind of creepy

Sam: we only need one Winchester brother

You have until the 8th of December to place your vote, as well as the reason why you are voting for that contestant. Comments without reasons will not be counted.

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Ok, sorry about the delay, and thanks for the reviews. This will be the last chapter before I go on holiday, so I hope you'll still read when I get back from my holiday :unsure: Enjoy :D

“All contestants to the diary room; I have the results from the elimination, and the details on your first challenge”

Everyone rushed straight to the diary room, wanting to know the results of the elimination, and what the first challenge would be. They were getting quite sick of sitting around the house doing nothing...

“Miles, you have been eliminated. Big Brother has taken the liberty of packing your bags for you, and as a special treat, there is a jar of peanut butter in your pink suitcase. Please leave the house by the time everyone else leaves the diary room”

No one waved goodbye to Miles except Roman, who did some weird sort of salute, then collapsed on the floor. All of the remaining contestants (Aden, Belle, Geoff, Roman, Michael, Meredith, Sam, Dean, Elaine, Elainea, Bec, Tele, Steph and Laura) sat impatiently, waiting for details on their first challenge.

“Ok, the first challenge is a treasure hunt. There will be two teams, and each team will get a map. You have to navigate your way around, collecting the clues, which will point you in the right direction. The teams will be: Aden, Geoff, Belle, Roman, Michael, Bec and Steph, against: Sam, Elaine, Meredith, Dean, Elainea, Tele and Laura. Good luck”

The teams rushed out of the room, and straight to the podium that had conveniently appeared about three metres away from the diary room door.

Geoff grabbed his teams, and ran into the garden, looking for the first clue, instead of using the map for assistance. He left Aden to grab their clue, not noticing that the rest of his team was gathered around Aden to help him figure it out.

“Geoff, stop!” Michael called, but it was too late. Geoff was too far away to hear them. He was right by the exit... the one that Dean escaped from on his way to the first diary room session.

“Look guys, I found the clue”, he called, and darted through the exit. A loud bang sounded after he had slipped through, and the whole team turned around in shock.

“Geoff has been eliminated from Big Brother. He left the Big Brother compound, and he will not be allowed back in. I suggest you keep going with the treasure hunt... the winning team will get immunity, the losing team will all be up for elimination”

Everyone followed Big Brother’s advice, and got back to work. Aden and his team had figured out the first clue, and they were rushing around the garden. They seemed to be on fire; as soon as they looked at a clue, it clicked into place, and they understood where they needed to be.

The other team was a whole other story though. Sam and Dean had wandered to the other side of the garden; Dean had an old walkman out, and they were searching for traces of something... but no one had any idea what.

Meredith was doing an advanced surgical procedure on a stick. Although she said that she had given up on the whole ‘surgeon’ thing, she still missed it. After all, it was all she had ever known...

Elainea was sitting by the exit that Geoff had slipped through, deep in mourning. She had wanted to get to know Geoff better, and she couldn’t now that he was gone. She’d have to rely on her Geoff doll to get her through the rest of her time in the Big Brother house.

Laura and Elaine were attempting to work out the clue, but without much luck. That was probably because Laura and Elaine were playing cards at the same time, only looking at the clue when someone looked at them.

And Tele... Tele was trying to sneak out of the house without anyone noticing. She really wanted some more vodka. She was craving it, and Big Brother wasn’t giving her anymore. She desperately needed it to get her through the remaining time in the Big Brother complex... some of the other contestants were driving her insane.

Less than ten minutes later, Aden’s team was finished, whereas the other team hadn’t even solved their first clue.

“All contestants to the diary room... the results are in”

All the contestants rushed to the diary room, eager to know who had one, despite the fact that it was fairly obvious.

“Aden, Geoff, Belle, Roman, Michael, Bec and Steph... you have won the challenge, and therefore, you have won immunity”

“Geoff has left the complex”, Bec reminded

“Fine... you may choose one person from the other team to be included with the immunity”

The winning team huddled around and tried to decide who they wanted to save.

Belle wanted Dean to stay, because she thought he was pretty to look at. Aden disagreed, and said Meredith should stay, because that was the last person Belle would be attracted to.

Roman voted for Meredith as well, as she wasn’t a huge threat. He was thinking strategically, and if he kept all the bad people in the house, then he’d have a high chance of winning.

Michael voted for Dean to stay. He quite liked Dean... they seemed to both have secrets that they couldn’t share with anyone.

Bec wanted Dean to stay as well. Dean reminded her of someone she used to know, but she couldn’t remember who.

Steph thought that they should all go home, because she thought they completely sucked... they couldn’t even figure out one simple clue in a treasure hunt.

“Ok, Dean, you have won immunity as well. This week, Sam, Elaine, Meredith, Elainea, Tele and Laura are all up for nomination”

A/N: For this chapter, I would like to ask you two things.

1. As always, please vote for who you think should go home, with a reason

2. Please fill in the form below, and paste it in your comment (if you don’t want to, you can skip this step)

Who do you want to be an intruder:


Who would they have a close relationship with:


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  • 4 weeks later...

“Meredith, you have been eliminated from the Big Brother house... your bags have been packed and are waiting outside the complex... you are also allowed to take home the stick you performed surgery on, as a souvenir from your time in the Big Brother house! Enjoy!”

No one really noticed that Meredith had left the house. She had kept to herself a lot, and frankly, everyone was tired of her not participating. Steph, in particular, thought that she should just go back to her hospital, with her McDreamy, McSteamy, and the other bizarre doctors who seemed more involved with their personal lives than their patient’s life threatening problems.

When Meredith left, saying a tearful goodbye to the elevator, Belle, Bec, Steph, Elainea, Elaine, Tele and Laura were all in the bathroom. Belle was in the shower, while Bec was blow drying her hair, wearing just a towel. Steph was singing into her hairbrush, and Elainea and Elaine were her backup singers. Tele was in the toilet stall, mixing up something that smelled like vodka, while Laura had a web cam on her lap, and was reading the instructions. Belle thought that she was trying to learn how to set up the camera so she could put it in the boy’s bathroom.

Just then, another two girls walked through the bathroom door, and everyone looked around in surprise, shocked to see Ruby and Nicole back in the game.

“How did you two get back in the game?” Belle called from the shower, and Nicole started hyperventilating, thinking that she was seeing a ghost. “Oh, sorry Nic... I forgot to tell you... I’m actually still alive... channel ten poached me for this series”

While Nicole was recovering from her brief fit, Ruby started explaining how they were back in the house. “Big Brother called us, and said that there wasn’t enough Home and Away stars left on the show, and that we were desperately wanted back. Nic thought it was a good idea, so here we are”

Before long, Nicole and Ruby were back in the swing of things. Ruby was straightening Nicole’s hair, despite the fact that it was already perfectly straight.

“Get down on the ground”, a voice called from the door, and the girls screamed, throwing themselves everywhere. Tele, however, continued mixing up stuff in the toilet stall, ignoring the screams, flying towels, underwear and hairbrushes that were suddenly airborne.

“We think there’s a ghost in here”, another voice yelled, and Tele suddenly recognized the voices. It was Sam and Dean, causing trouble... pretending there was a ghost infestation so that they could see girls in various stages of nakedness.

“Sam and Dean Winchester, get out of here now”, she screamed, and Sam’s eyes widened in shock. He wasn’t used to being yelled at by women... he didn’t have too much experience in that area... he always had bad luck with women.

Sam immediately turned and ran away, whereas Dean stood there staring. Belle’s towel had fallen down, and she was desperately trying to cover herself up. However, when Nicole stalked forward, hot straightening irons stretched in front of her, Dean took that as his cue to leave.

“Dean and Sam to the diary room immediately”

Dean swore, and jumped into the nearest plot plant, desperately trying to hide from the wrath of Big Brother. Sam, however, was too much of a wuss to disobey a direct order, and ran straight to the diary room.

“Where is your brother?”

“I don’t k-know B-B-Big Brother...”

“Well, I guess I’ll just congratulate you on the great scandal. It was well played out Sam, and it will definitely spike ratings! As a prize, I’m going to let you know what the next challenge will be, so that you get a bit of an advantage. Big Brother needs people like you!”

“Umm thanks...” Sam mumbled; confused at the fact that Big Brother was congratulating him on such a disgusting trick that had been all Dean’s idea.

“The next challenge is a quiz about your fellow contestants... the first three people who get a wrong answer will be up for elimination. I suggest you go and study...”

Sam rushed out of the diary room and straight into the bedroom, not even stopping to grab Dean, who had climbed out of the pot plant and was now pretending to be part of the wall.

Three Hours Later: The Start of the Quiz

“Welcome to the Big Brother quiz. Tonight, we are testing how much you know about your fellow contestants. The first three people to get a wrong answer will be up for elimination. Now... let’s begin... We will go around in a circle. The order is as follows: Belle, Aden, Bec, Roman, Steph, Michael, Elaine, Dean, Elainea, Sam, Tele, Laura, Nicole and then Ruby... any questions?”

No one said anything. They were all too busy trying to remember what little they knew about their fellow contestants. Belle was at a definite disadvantage, as she had missed most of the season.

“Ahhh... this is what I like... a quiet house. Ok Belle, here is your question: Who is Aden Jefferies married to?”

“Aden is married to Belle Taylor”, she said confidently

“Correct. Aden, who is Belle Taylor married to?”

“Big Brother, you have got to be kidding”, Bec exclaimed, “These questions are too easy”

“Well, the next question will be super hard”

Bec swore, realizing that she had made the game a lot harder for herself. Aden, of course, got the right answer, and the game progressed.

“Bec... Michael has hundreds of tattoos. What tattoo does he have above his heart?”

“Umm... a skull and crossbones?” Bec guessed, trying to think of something tough and manly

“No, that is incorrect. It is actually a cup with the words Java Juice on it. You are the first person up for elimination. Roman, the next question is for you. What is Tele’s favourite drink?”

“Vodka”, he announced triumphantly, and was rewarded with a small grin from Tele herself, which made his day.

“Steph... what does Dean do for a living?”

No one actually knew what Sam and Dean did, so Steph took her best guess. “I think Dean is a zoologist”, she exclaimed, confident that she had got the right answer.

“That is incorrect. It looks like both you and Bec are up for elimination this week. The next question is for Michael”

“Michael’s gone to the bathroom”, Sam announced, “He told me to tell you that you can skip his go. He’ll answer two questions next time or something...”

“Ok then, Elaine, it’s your question then. If Roman could be any animal, what would it be?”

“An elephant... with an extra long trunk”, she announced in the same tone that Steph had used: fairly confident despite the fact that she had no idea what the right answer was

“Actually, Roman would want to be a unicorn, but good guess. I can’t believe the game is over so quickly!!! I thought you guys would know each other better than that... Bec, Steph and Elaine, you three are up for elimination. Tune in next week for another fun challenge, naughty scandal, and vicious elimination”

Who do you want to eliminate:


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  • 2 weeks later...

“Last night when all the contestants were sleeping, Big Brother took the liberty of booting Elaine out of the house. After all, she had the most votes, and Big Brother didn’t want to have to put up with another big leaving scene. However, Big Brother came up with an extra awesome challenge for this week”

It was 7am in the morning when Big Brother started talking, and the housemates woke up grumbling and moaning. An excited Michael rushed over to Aden’s bed and started bouncing, only to be shoved off by a grumpy Belle, who emerged from under the covers.

“What’s a girl doing in here?” Michael asked curiously, and Dean looked at him in concern.

“You’re kidding right? Belle and Aden are married... there’s only one reason why she’d be in here”, Dean informed him.

“Oh, they wanted to snuggle!”

“Yes, we wanted to snuggle”, Aden cut in, glaring at Dean. He didn’t want Michael to get himself confused; he always seemed to be on the edge of a nervous breakdown.

After half an hour of madness, the contestants were seated in the living room. True to his word, Big Brother had kicked Elaine out, but no one dared to complain. They

didn’t want to be the next person on the receiving end of Big Brother’s anger.

“What’s this week’s challenge?” Steph asked, deliriously happy that she hadn’t been eliminated this week.

“Big Brother will put you in pairs for the next five days, and you and your partner have to act like a couple. You will sleep in the same bed, you will hold hands, and you will act like you are in love. This week, the two pairs that do the worst job will be up for elimination. Next week, the pairs will be jumbled around, and you will have to compete in challenges”

Aden smirked, obviously thinking this challenge would be a piece of cake. After all, he was the only person who was actually in love, so that should be easy to portray.

“Who are the couples Big Brother?” Tele asked, trying to get herself more involved in the game. She had a feeling that if she won this week’s challenge, there might be a bottle of vodka with her name on it.

“The couple’s are as follows: Bec and Michael, Elainea and Sam, Roman and Tele, Belle and Dean, Aden and Steph, Nicole and Ruby, and Laura, you will be paired with the security guard who usually hides in the pot plant. He really wanted to be involved in this challenge for some reason”

“Big Brother, this is completely unfair”, Aden yelled. As expected, he was the first one to make a fuss. “Belle and I are married; we should be in a pair”

“Aden, when you entered this house, you were widowed, so for the remainder of your time here, you will continue with that status. Any other complaints?”

Bec and Michael didn’t say anything, and neither did Elainea, who was too busy stroking Sam’s face to care about anything else. Tele was on her best behaviour, still hoping for vodka, and Roman was thrilled to be in a pair with the woman he had a crush on. Surprisingly, Belle didn’t complain either, but Dean wasn’t the worst person to spend a week with. Steph was ecstatic; Aden was resigned to his fate. Laura had gone to see what pot plant her partner was hiding in, but Nicole and Ruby had their hands in the air.

“Big Brother, why aren’t we paired with a man?” they said in unison, and Big Brother fought back a smile, despite the fact that no one could see him.

“We ran out of men, and no more security guards wanted to play. Do you have a problem?”

“No, absolutely not”, they squeaked, and everyone left the lounge, not realizing that the camera’s were watching them even more intently than usual.

This week’s highlights:


- Michael discovered that when Aden said that he and Belle were snuggling, it didn’t really mean snuggling. He was shocked to discover that Bec’s version of snuggling was sticking her tongue in his mouth. After a few minutes of stunned disbelief, he quickly became interested in the exercise.

- Sam realized that Elainea believed in ghosts. Together, they snuck out of the house in the night, and searched for a ghost to interrogate. They shared their first kiss as a drunken crew member walked by under a white sheet.

- Roman had taken to helping Tele miss vodka in the toilet stall. He drunk so much of the stuff that he passed out on the cold bathroom floor. Tele smiled softly at him, before kicking him away, and stalking off to bed.

- Speaking of stalking, Aden had taken to spying on Belle and Dean, despite the fact that Steph was desperate for his attention. At midday, Steph stripped naked and ran around the house. Aden finally noticed her, but was rewarded with a slap around the head from Belle.

- Dean was trying his best to impress Belle, even flexing off his bulging muscles. When he saw Belle slap Aden, he punched Aden in her honour.

- Nicole and Ruby thought the best way to become the top couple was by kissing all the time. All that happened was Sam got slapped for watching them, and Dean got slapped for laughing at Sam being slapped.

- Laura still couldn’t find her partner.


- Michael accidently bit Bec when she went to kiss him, and was thrown into the garden for a punishment. He didn’t like having to sleep under the stars, and got annoyed when the same drunken crew member passed out on top of him.

- Sam tried to tell Elainea about his job hunting demons, and killing other evil creatures, but she thought that he was just trying to get out of the relationship. She threw a jar of peanut butter at him, and spent the rest of the day crying in her room.

- Roman was hung-over from the night before, and tried to make out with a broom. Tele threatened to put the broom where the sun doesn’t shine, and Roman spent the rest of the day in the bathroom, trying to get the splinters out of his lip and avoid Tele.

- Dean was walking around with a pouty look on his face, trying to get Belle to kiss him. Belle, however, was hiding under one of the beds, terrified of the expression on Dean’s face.

- Steph had been walking around with her lips pursed, trying to kiss Aden, when she walked into Dean. They both jumped back, repulsed, and Aden stalked

forward and punched Dean in the stomach.

- Nicole and Ruby continued kissing.

- Laura found a guy hiding in a pot plant, and they went out on a romantic picnic. Turns out it wasn’t her partner, but some random from the last season of the show.


- Michael made breakfast in bed, but walked in on Laura and the random “snuggling” in bed. He squealed, the juice went flying, and landed on Bec’s head. He was thrown outside again.

- Elainea asked Dean about his job, wanting to know if him and Sam really hunted demons. Dean lied to protect the secret, and Elainea locked herself in storage cupboard, while Sam sat outside the door, and made a hundred chatterboxes.

- Roman kissed Tele, but then got slapped when a splinter was found poking out of her lip.

- Dean kissed Belle’s hand, Belle blushed, Aden got protective and accidently hit himself in the face, knocking himself out cold.

- Steph nursed Aden back to health.

- Nicole and Ruby kissed some more.

- Laura and the random from the last series walked around the garden, talking about childhood memories


- Michael made breakfast again, but this time called Bec to the kitchen to eat it. They held hands while looking at each other with lovey dovey eyes.

- Elainea got confused when she exited the shower. She ended up in the boy’s room by mistake, screamed, dropped her towel, and ran naked into Sam. Sam graciously took off his jacket, slipped it over her shoulders, and walked her back to her room. Then they kissed.

- Roman refused to eat until Tele forgave him. She did, but then got mad when she saw the secret stash of food hidden under his pillow.


Dean pretended that Belle was in his bed, and told Aden. Aden’s eyes widened in horror, and he immediately went looking for Belle, who was actually sitting outside, knitting.

- Dean took the opportunity to plan a romantic picnic for Belle, who blushed a beautiful red, and allowed Dean to kiss her gently on the corner of her mouth.

- Steph, however, made Aden sleep in the storage cupboard.

- Nicole and Ruby kissed.

- Laura and the random from the last series, or Bob, as he’s affectionately known, moved her stuff into his room. It was sweet, if you like that kind of stuff.


- Bec and Michael, and Elainea and Sam went for a double date. It was all going well until a bull ant bit Bec, and she blamed it on Michael. Then it started to rain, and Michael’s tattoo’s started to run. Turns out they were fake. Bec got mad, and locked him out of the house.

- Elainea and Sam, however, decided to snuggle in bed. Dean walked in on them, and burst into laughter when he saw that they were actually snuggling.

- Roman lied and said that the food under his pillow was for a surprise he was planning for her later. Laura knew he was lying as she had seen him eat it. Tele, however, believed him, and kissed him passionately.

- Dean was overjoyed that Belle had let him kiss her, and made her a “Thank you for the nice sort of kiss card”. Belle thought it was the sweetest thing ever, and jumped into his arms, hugging him.

- Aden saw, and got the wrong idea. He went and kissed Steph.

- Belle saw, and got the right idea. She slapped him.

- Nicole and Ruby kissed some more.

- Laura figured out that dying her hair blond was a bad idea, and asked Bob to help her die it back. They did a spider man type of kiss as the water dripped out of her hair.

On Saturday, it was time for Big Brother’s verdict. Everyone gathered in the living room and waited to hear what Big Brother had to say.

“Big Brother has been watching closely this week, and he has decided who will be up for elimination. Bob has been booted out of the house because he wasn’t supposed to be here, and Laura, you are up for elimination, because you didn’t even find your partner. Nicole and Ruby, you looked very into each other this week; well done. Aden and Steph shared a sweet kiss, and seemed to be getting along fine. Aden seemed protective over Steph when Dean kissed her. Belle and Dean, you are also safe from elimination. You two made me blush when I was watching you. You were all sweet and cute. Roman and Tele, you are safe as well. You actually built up a relationship, and made it past some tough burdens”

Bec, Michael, Elainea and Sam stiffened. One of them would be up for elimination.

“Bec and Michael: you two seemed to have many arguments. I thought you were getting along ok, but then you locked Michael out of the house. Elainea and Sam: you two were a very cute couple. Bec and Michael, you are both up for elimination, however, at least four people have to be up for elimination. Unfortunately, Elainea and Sam, you two have been nominated as well”

Everyone was silent as they filed out of the living room. Big Brother smiled to himself, and started to plan the challenges for next week.

A/N: Ok, now you have to vote for someone. Your choices are: Laura, Elainea, Sam, Bec and Michael. Please say who you chose, and why, otherwise your vote will not be counted.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Laura, Elainea, Sam, Bec and Michael were sitting on the couch, waiting for the verdict to arrive. Laura was convinced that Sam would be evicted; whereas Elainea was so sure that he was staying in, she planned an extremely romantic picnic.

“Michael, you have been eliminated from the house. Your stuff has been packed and is waiting in the front garden. Please leave the house immediately”

Sam turned around to say goodbye to Michael, but he had already disappeared. Big Brother’s security guards seemed to be getting better at doing their jobs.

“All contestants to the living room. I have details on your first challenge”

Roman, Tele, Belle, Dean, Aden, Steph, Nicole and Ruby quickly joined Laura, Elainea, Sam and Bec on the couch.

“Congratulations on making it to the final twelve. This week will be a double elimination. As I said last week, you will be in pairs, and you will have to compete in challenges. There will be two challenges, and winning those challenges gives you and your partner immunity. The four pairs that don’t win immunity will be up for elimination. The pairs are as follows: Roman and Bec, Tele and Sam, Belle and Elainea, Dean and Laura, Aden and Ruby and Steph and Nicole. Your first challenge is called: In the Dog House”

“Big Brother... I’m confused”, Nicole spoke softly, trying not to make Big Brother angry. “My partner is different than the one I had last week... and the name of this game confuses me”

“If you had let me explain, you would have understood Nicole. The partners changed from last week, because it’s no fun if they stay the same. And for this challenge, I have hired 6 jumbo sized dog kennels. You and your partner have to sit in the kennel. The aim of the game is to stay in there for the longest... the pair that stays in their kennel the longest will win immunity, meaning they don’t need to compete in the next challenge”

“I don’t think Belle should have to sit in a dog kennel with Elainea... they don’t know each other very well”, Aden interjected, but Big Brother just ignored him.

“All contestants to their kennels; your picture is on the side of the kennel”

The contestants quickly piled into their kennels and big Brother rolled his eyes. They never learnt that getting in their kennel first was a bad idea.

“On your marks, get set, go!”

All was silent in the back garden, until Laura started screaming. Apparently there was a spider in her kennel, and she refused to stay in the same space as it.

“Laura and Dean are out of the competition”

Dean swore, and ran to the hose, while ordering Laura to run inside and get the washing up liquid. When Laura came back outside, Dean asked her to dig a hole in the top of Sam and Tele’s kennel, and squirt the washing up liquid inside. As soon as Laura had done that, Dean filled the kennel with water, and Sam and Tele came running out, bubbles attached to all their clothes.

“Tele and Sam are out, as is Steph and Nicole”

The two girls emerged from their kennel, and started yelling at Big Brother. Nicole, in particular, was furious. She knew for a fact that they hadn’t stepped out of their kennel.

“It was just a joke Nicole... relax. Unfortunately, you are now outside your kennel, so you two are out as well”

Less than a minute later, Bec swore, and stormed out of her kennel.

“I refuse to share a space with that pig any longer”, she hissed, and stomped to the other side of the garden. Roman followed her out, and looked around apologetically. He obviously felt bad for whatever he had done, but didn’t want to share.

So the game was narrowed down to Belle and Elainea, against Aden and Ruby.

“Belle, if you don’t get out of your kennel right now then I’m going to post rumours about you on the internet”, Aden called, desperately trying to win immunity.

There was no response, and Aden swore, fairly sure Belle had stayed put. However, all the other coupled around the garden saw Belle emerge from her kennel, Elainea trailing behind her, and tip toeing over to Aden’s kennel, after making a detour to the kitchen.

An evil smirk set firmly on her face, Belle unscrewed the lid of the lemonade bottle, and poured the contents all over Aden and Ruby.

“We’re all sticky”, Ruby screamed and tried to flee the kennel, but Dean had caught on, and had barricaded them in.

“Big Brother, help us! We’re stuck!”

“Did someone say something?”

Elainea chuckled, realizing that Big Brother was egging them on. Loud rock music blared out of the speakers, obviously indicating that Big Brother had left the building.

Before the lemonade dried, Belle quickly emptied a box of breadcrumbs, followed by cold gravy left over from last night’s dinner. Finally, she was satisfied and they all backed away from the kennel, allowing Aden and Ruby to escape.

The loud rock music stopped, and Big Brother started speaking again.

“Aden and Ruby, you have won immunity this week. I suggest that you two go and clean up while the rest of the contestants take place in the next challenge”

Aden and Ruby wisely rushed into the house and the contestants left in the garden heard grunts of dismay, and high pitched squeals before the showers were turned on.

“The next challenge is a paper sculpture. Each team has a pile of paper and a pot of glue, and you have two minutes to make something recognizable. Your two minutes begins now”

Steph and Nicole were the first to grab their paper, but that seemed to be all they were good at. Nicole wanted to build a sculpture of a square, because she thought it would be easy to recognize, whereas Steph thought they should build a sculpture of Aden.

Dean and Laura were smarter than Steph and Nicole. They decided that they’d just plaster one of the kennels in paper, and present it as their sculpture.

Belle and Elainea folded their paper into the shape of a camera, as a tribute to Big Brother. However, when they turned around to find their glue, Dean jumped on it, calling them suck ups.

Tele sat and watched as Sam folded a piece of paper into a plane, before shaking her head at him. She quickly picked up the rest of the paper, and miraculously made it look like a bottle of vodka.

Bec didn’t really like this challenge. Last night she had painted her nails, and the glue would mess them up. Roman, although not the most creative cookie in the jar, attempted to build a model of a building. It ended up looking like a soggy heap of glue.

“Your two minutes are up. Steph and Nicole, you built nothing... Dean and Laura, you two would have won but Big Brother saw that you just covered a kennel with paper. Tele, Big Brother is starting to get worried that you have a serious problem. Roman... I don’t know what to say... so I’m not going to say anything. Belle and Elainea, you have won this challenge. Your camera was awesome, until some jealous idiot smashed it!”

Belle and Elainea jumped up and down, obviously very excited.

“Aden, Ruby, Belle and Elainea, you four have immunity. Roman & Bec, Tele & Sam, Dean & Laura, Steph & Nicole... you four are up for elimination. This week, you won’t be voted off individually... the public will be voting for you in pairs. The two pairs with the most votes will be eliminated. Tune in next week to see which four go home!”

A/N: Come on guys :D Comment, and vote for which pair you want to go home. If you want, you can place votes for two pairs, as two pairs will be going home :D

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  • 2 weeks later...

“Big Brother regrets to inform you that Roman and Bec will be going home, as they received the most votes. Tele and Sam, Dean and Laura, Steph and Nicole were the other three couples up for elimination... all three pairs got the same amount of votes. Therefore, all of them will be going home. In Big Brother’s biggest twist ever, eight people will be going home at once. So today we say goodbye to Roman, Bec, Tele, Sam, Dean, Laura, Steph and Nicole, and congratulate Aden, Ruby, Belle and Elainea for making it to the final four”

The house was silent as the final four contestants digested the news. As usual, the eliminated contestants had been removed without having the opportunity to say goodbye, and it was really strange to have the house so silent.

“It’s so quiet in the house”, Ruby said densely. Elainea spurted out the water she had just gulped down, and Belle shrieked when it hit her straight in the face.

“No kidding Rubes. Sometimes you say the stupidest things”, Aden said, already annoyed that Ruby had stayed over Steph. He and Steph had become quite close during the last few challenges.

“Like you can talk”, Belle snorted, “you were the idiot who couldn’t open the fridge door yesterday”

“That was a fluke!” Aden defended himself

“And then you walked into the glass door”, Elainea chimed in

“It was so clear I couldn’t see it”, he exclaimed

“Aden, it’s covered in stickers, and peanut butter. It’s impossible to miss the door!” Ruby teased, causing Aden to huff and storm out of the bedroom. Ruby, Elainea and Belle sat in silence for a second, but when they heard Aden scream with frustration, giggle erupted.

“You really shouldn’t tease him”, Belle reprimanded once she controlled her giggles.

“But it’s so much fun”, Ruby and Elainea whined, causing Belle to start laughing again.

“Sorry to interrupt your laughing fits, but the next challenge is about to be announced in the main living area. All contestants need to be there within the next three minutes, or there will be severe consequences”

Ruby left the two girls who were still laughing, and ran straight into the living room... or at least tried to. Before she could make it to the couch, she fell over a grumbling Aden; who was muttering under his breath and holding onto his knee in pain.

Belle and Elainea casually strolled out from the bedroom, biting back a smile as they saw Ruby sprawled next to Aden.

“What happened guys?” Elainea asked, as Belle bent down and helped Aden straighten out his sore leg.

“I ran into the couch and fell over, and Ruby came out after me, before tripping over”

“Big Brother is sorry to interrupt you, but he wants to give details for this week’s challenge. You will be in pairs: Aden and Elainea, versus Belle and Ruby. The challenge is as follows: each person will come into the diary room, one at a time, and will be asked to legally change their names. The pair that has the most members who agreed to change their names will win immunity. The other two people will both be eliminated – no voting this time!”

Belle looked at Aden in shock. One of them would be going home at the end of the day, and she didn’t want to be separated from him again. It felt like she had only just got him back.

No one else said anything, just waiting for their turn in the diary room.

Aden was called in first.

“Aden Jefferies, do you agree to legally change your name to Willow Anita Jessica Swan?”

“But that’s a girl’s name... and I’m a guy... and a guy needs to have a butch, manly name like Frederick...”

“I guess that’s a no...”

“No, it’s a yes. I can’t lose this challenge. Elainea would kill me”

“Ok Willow, you may now leave the diary room. Please send Elainea in after you”

Elainea came rushing in, confusion clear on her face. She obviously didn’t know that Aden had agreed to have his name changed, as she looked extremely nervous and scared.

“Elainea, do you agree to have your name legally changed to Phyllis Hilary Machete?”

“I can’t! My nickname would be Philly... and that’s a type of cream cheese. I can’t be nicknamed after a cheese! I refuse!”

“Very well, please leave the diary room and send Belle in after you”

Less than two minutes later, Belle was sitting on the diary room chair.

“Belle, do you agree to legally change your name to Vanilla Luciana Stimson?"

“Why not? Life’s an adventure; might as well live it well!”

“Very well Vanilla; please leave the diary room and send in Ruby”

Ruby flew into the room. “What do I get to change my name too? Please tell me it’s something awesome! I can always change it back later, but I want it to be something cool for my last days in the Big Brother house!!!” she exclaimed, obviously excited about the challenge.

“Ruby, do you agree to change your name to Clover Briana Alberta Robertson?”

“Of course! That’s an awesome name! You can call me Clover from now on Big Brother”

“Ruby, you may leave the diary room”

As soon as Ruby was settled back on the couch, Big Brother announced the results.

“Aden, you legally changed your name to Willow; Belle, you changed yours to Vanilla. Ruby also changed her name; she will now be known as Clover. However, Elainea didn’t change her name; therefore she and Aden have been eliminated”

Belle flitted to Aden’s side, and stroked her hand lovingly down his face. “I’ll miss you baby”, she whispered.

“I’ll miss you too, but I’ll be watching you... I’m sure you can win this competition”, Aden replied.

“Break it up you two”, Ruby jokingly interrupted.

“I’ll see you soon”, Aden said softly, before grabbing his bags that had miraculously appeared in front of him. Elainea quickly waved goodbye and followed Aden out of the house.

“Clover and Vanilla, you are our final two. Before the next instalment of Big Brother, the readers/viewers will have placed their votes for the winner of the season. So tune in next time to see which one of you won”

Ok... we now have our final two. I never thought I’d get rid of ten people in one chapter. The first eight all had to go because the votes were tied, and I had no way to choose which pair should go home.

Now, please place your votes for who you want to win Big Brother. However, as usual, there is a twist. You don’t just have to choose between Vanilla (Belle) or Willow (Ruby). You can vote for any contestant that has been in the house during this season.

So in your comment, please say who you want to win the competition and why (you may choose up to three people!). The choices are: Aden, Geoff, Miles, Roman, Nicole, Ruby, Michael, Jacob, Meredith, Sam, Dean, Elaine, Bec, Steph, Elainea, Laura and Tele.

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“Here we are... at the conclusion of Season 3401 of Big Brother... our two final contestants are Vanilla (Belle) and Clover (Ruby), and tonight, we will be announcing the winner... first of all though, each of the final two will be entering into the diary room, and meeting Big Brother face to face, to have a real chat. (YAY, this means no more italics for a while!)

Belle rushed into the diary room, quickly pushing Ruby out of the way. She wanted to speak to Big Brother first; after all, she already knew that Big Brother was a huge Belle Taylor fan!

“Hello Big Brother”

“Belle, you can just call me Georgia”, the deep voice suddenly changed, and Belle smiled as Georgia walked out and sat next to Belle on the couch. “Now, I’d like you to tell me about your time in the Big Brother house”

“Well... I came in later than everyone else, and some of the contestants had already formed relationships. It was amazing to see Aden and Geoff again; I’ve forgotten just how much I missed them. Plus I got really close to Dean, and I’m sure we’ll keep in contact after the show. He’s such a nice guy, and I can see myself going on road trips with him”, Belle trilled, her eyes lighting up as she got to gossip about her fellow contestants.

“And what was the worst part of your experience?”

“Aden got jealous really easily, but I didn’t mind that. I got annoyed when I saw him kissing Steph... I’ve had to see him with so many other girls since I “died”, and when I returned, I expected things to go back to normal, but they didn’t. I’m not sure if we’ll ever be able to get our relationship back on track...”

“Let me get this straight... you survived Aden trying to kill you, a drug addiction, and relationships with other people... but you can’t survive you coming back to life?” Georgia asked, her forehead crinkling in confusion.

“Well... when you put it like that...” Belle trailed off, trying to think of her reasons about not repairing her relationship with Aden.

“Just get back with Aden, and stay friends with Dean...” Georgia warned, her eyes narrowing in distaste. “Aden would do anything for you, plus a certain male sounding TV star who is actually a woman has a crush on Dean”

Belle nodded, before smiling slightly. “You and Dean would be cute together Georgia. I’m going to go and get Ruby for you now... the sooner you talk, the sooner you can announce the winner”

Georgia smiled, and settled back on the couch, waiting for Ruby to come in.

“Hey Big Brother...” Ruby screamed as she walked into the room

“You can call me Georgia; after all, it is my name”, Big Brother said politely, before offering Ruby a seat on the couch. “Now tell me about your time in the Big Brother house...”

“Not much to say really. I tried to trap some rich guy into marrying me but failed. Then I tried to become buddies with Elaine, but then you yelled at me to sit down. I nominated Meredith, and was put up for elimination in the first voting session... unfortunately, I got kicked out in a weird turn of events, but you realized your mistake and called me back. You know, the usual... blah blah blah”, Ruby spoke incredibly fast, and Georgia tuned out, just nodding and smiling the whole way through Ruby’s talk.

“What was the worst part of the competition Ruby?” Georgia asked, pretending to be interested, although she really couldn’t care less.

“The whole getting evicted thing probably”

“You can leave the diary room now Ruby... there’s a surprise outside anyway”

When Ruby left the diary room, Georgia smirked with satisfaction as she heard both Ruby and Belle scream.

Outside in the living room Aden, Geoff, Miles, Roman, Nicole, Michael, Dean, Sam, Jacob, Meredith, Elainea, Elaine, Laura, Tele, Bec, Steph, Jonathon Rhys Meyers, Rhys Wakefield, Randy Orton and Christian Bale were sitting on the couch.

“Everyone has been called back (and celebrity crushes have been added) so that we can announce the winners... but first of all, I want to announce the prize... the winner gets to keep the Big Brother house, because quite frankly, network ten is sick of this show, and we’re getting rid of everything, as this is the last season ever!”

No one said anything. Ruby and Belle were too excited to breathe; at the end of the speech, they could have a house.

“The only condition to the prize is that you have to invite some of the other contestants to live with you”

They just nodded again. There was no catch big enough to deter them from the house.

“The winner of Big Brother season 3401 is Nicole Franklin! Nicole, as you weren’t one of the final contestants, you have no choice but to let everyone continue to live in the Big Brother house, if they choose to accept your offer”

At Big Brother’s words, the room erupted into cheers from the evicted housemates, and disappointed groans from the final two.

Belle walked over to Dean, and cupped her hand around his ear. “Big Brother is actually a woman, and I’m fairly sure she has a huge crush on you”, she whispered, before walking back to Aden and kissing him passionately.

“I’m sorry you didn’t win darling, but at least we’re together”, Aden said romantically, and Belle leaned forward to capture his lips again.

“Your love is the best prize I could ever get”, she whispered back.

All around the room, similar displays were erupting. Elainea had thrown herself at Geoff, who gently kissed her on the lips.

“I don’t believe in sex before marriage”, he said randomly, but Elainea nodded. She didn’t care; she had loved Geoff for a long time.

Elaine and Jonathon Rhys Meyers rushed to each other, but they just held hands. They had spent all of their time out of the house together, and were already in a fairly serious relationship.

Bec and Rhys Wakefield were standing awkwardly to one side. Rhys knew that Bec had a crush on him, and he thought she was beautiful, but they had never met. They were still going through the getting to know you stage.

Steph quickly put dibs on Jacob, as Aden was already gone. He was displaying his impressive range of muscles to a captive audience: both Steph and Laura were hanging on to every little movement he made.

Christian Bale skipped to Tele’s side, while Roman looked on depressed. He had developed a fairly serious crush on Tele during their time in the house, but she was obviously lusting after Christian. He would back out gracefully.

Dean was standing there, waiting for Big Brother to come out of her room, whereas Sam was chatting up Nicole. She seemed fairly intrigued, and it looked like both of the Winchester brothers were about to embark on new relationships.

Miles, Michael and Randy Orton flitted out of the house and ran to the nearest pub, quickly downing three pints, and forgetting all about the adventures in the Big Brother house.

Georgia quickly ran out of the diary room, and ran up behind Dean, putting her hands over his eyes. “Hey handsome”

“You must be Big Brother”

“Yes, but you can call me Georgia!” she yelled over the noise, but the room quickly fell silent at that news. Only a few people had known who she really was.

“Oh get over it guys. If we’re going to live in this house together, then you’re going to have to call me Georgia”

No one said anything, but turned back to their respective partners... and as you should have learnt by now, that’s the best you’re going to get from the bunch of strange people who occupy the house in the middle of nowhere.

And that's the end of that saga.


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