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Fri 26 Feb 2010 – Episode # 5020

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” Since When Are You Subtle, Alf? “

[ Screened in Australia on Fri 26 Feb 2010 – Episode # 5020 ]

Note – I’ve amended the ep guide for 5013 [changes in italics] after someone pointed out to me that I took a mocking comment bout Xavier’s brother to be about Brendan, rather than Hugo.


Charlie doesn’t like that Angelo has said those things bout her previous ‘ships, but he doesn’t like her response, i.e. she starts to walk away. Charlie then vehemently tells Angelo that there was no need for her to respond as Angelo seems to know enough bout Charlie for both of them. Charlie walks away.


Reverend Elijah speaks to Miles. He [jokingly] wonders if, when several of his church mates arrive in few weeks for a conference, he can have “mate rates”. Although Miles doesn’t say anything, Elijah knows that Miles didn’t like the idea as he gives Elijah “the look”.


Leah & Colleen talk bout how business seem to be going exceeding well since they re-opened. Leah is keen to give Aden some shifts here [because of how busy they are].

Miles & Reverend Elijah entrs and miles intro’s Leah to tee Reverend. When she comments she knows that Reverends can get marriid, Elijah comments “its’ all bout the ladies”. Miles took that comment seriously – but Reverend Elijah insist it was just a joke


Things are still uneasy tween Chaslie and Angelo. She is annoyed he’s using her history against her AND punisining her for not wanting to move in with him.


Alf arrives and talk to Aden bout how the bait shop has been partly grafitti’d. Aden then gets a tad concerned/surprised when Alf talk to him bout how this job isn’t the most exciting etc in the world, and that maybe Aden should be looking for a better one.


As Leah prepares some food, she talks to Mils bout how she is going mush better now [after her chat with Charlie & Marsha]. Leah “suggests” Miles should bail – as he is kinda getting in her way at the monet.


Aden appears to be worried that Alf is being a bit too “hands on” at the bait shop at the moment – like he wants Aden to move on.

After Alf bails, Charlie [whom is there investigating the graffiti] tells Aden that she is keen for a male perspective on ‘ships. She tells him t ash is thinking on breaking up with Angelo.


Charlie tells Aden maybe Angelo is right – tat she does deliberately go out with ppl who she knows aren’t the best suited to her. Charlie comments that she &*n her subconscious don’t appear to be “on the same page” of late. Aden suggests that Charlie should be honest with Angelo. He then tells Charlie he is going to bail [and close up the shop for a bit] as alf is bound not to mind – given the way that Alf was talking earlier today.


Miles is surprised Aden is here [and isn’t manning the bait shop] as Alf is bound to NOT like it that he has done so.

Leah thanks Charlie for all her help recently – and they comet jokingly bout how they should maybe do that [storeroom “chat”] again some time


Alf doesn’t “buy” Reverend Elijah’s “mate rates” story when he ask bout fishing etc hire. When Alf wonders why Reverend Elijah is talking to him bout this, the Reverend tell him the bait shop is closed.


Charlie teals Angelo that they should rally talk bout their sitch – whish they agree to do so soon.


As Miles & Leah head for one of the classrooms [where the martial arts class is], Leah isn’t feeling to sure bout herself. She looks encouraged when it Reverend Elijah who is the teacher.


Charlie admit to Angelo that she is a bit confused etc bout her previous ‘ships and this one. They agree to talk it through tonight.


After Reverend Elijah goes through some of the theory of the martial arts he is about to teach Leah and the [nameless, previous unseen] others, he realises that it’s best to go for a practical demonstration. As the group pairs up, it’s getting all too much for Leah – she runs from the room.


Alf & Aden eventually resolve their differences. Aden tells Alf tat he thought Alf didn’t want him here – but Alf tells Aden he was being subtle when they were talking this morn - whish prompts Aden to say the line that is my ep title.


Reverend Elijah speaks to Leah in the corridor. He suggests he can give her 1 on 1 classes. They agree that, as a trade off, all of the reverends’ mates etc will get 10% of their meals with they arrive for the conference.


Leah & Aden agree to sort out the roster so Aden can work at both the diner and the bait shop. Aden then kinda mocks the self defence classes that Leah is doing.

Leah & and bail, angle arrives. Charlie admits to him she DOES have a habit of sabotaging her ‘ships. Charlie also insists she need to sort things out for herself – so she is BREAKING UP with Angelo!!!!



Xavier overhears Mink telling Romeo tat she “took the fall” for their mum [killing their step dad]

Mink tell Miles she is leaving

Xavier is confused - that Ruby is playing games with him

Marsha tell Liam she thinks she is preggers

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Leah: grey cardie/dark low cut v neck dress


Reverend Elijah: dark coat/blue “martial arts” [white dragon? Motif] top/dark long pants


Alf: blue & green check button up shirt/bone long pants/wide brim hat


Aden: dark singlet/dark long pants

Angelo: light blue police shirt/dark blue long pants

Angelo: white l/s shirt/dark jumper/dark long pants

Charlie: light blue police shirt/dark blue long pants/police cap

Charlie: white singlet top

Colleen: blue [yellow rectangles etc] blouse

Leah: grey hoodie/white top/dark long pants

Miles: purple [dark verst stripes] shirt/white [dark maze] t/bone long pants

Reverend Elijah: black [partly white collar] priests’ outfit

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