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Thurs 25 Feb 2010 – Episode # 5019

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” One Track Mind “

[ Screened in Australia on Thurs 25 Feb 2010 – Episode # 5019 ]


Leah is crying etc when Irene notices she has barricaded herself in storeroom. Irene speaks to Tony – wondering when Rachel will get here. Since he is unsure bout when, so Marsha agrees top try to help Irene with Leah. When they speak to Leah, it’s clear all these ppl being her is just too much of her.


There’s an unease twen Charlie & Angelo as they talk bout the next lot of rosters.


Irene announce to the gathered crowd that they'vbe encountered catering issues [not enough food etc] so the parry will continue at Noah’s. The crowd start to bails.


In the interview room, Charlie tells Angelo she is keen for their ‘;ship to get back to the way it was, but he just handle do that – as he can’t del with that fact Charlie doesn’t what to live with him.


After all the ppl have gone, Colleen doesn’t help thing when she mentions Madge Wilkins has serious issues when she was in bathroom on a plane flights. When colleen mentons alcohol was used to calm Madge, Marsha “suggest” that that isn't that answer.

When Marsha asks, Leah allows her to enter the storeroom. When Leah comets on how weird this must be for others [that Leah is behave this way], Marsha tell her when Angelo returned to town, she slept in the barn at the farm – as its made sens to masraha at the time. Leah really wonders how she will run the diner when she can't handle being round ppl.


After another brief uneasy chat thween Charlie & Angelo, Irene tells Charlie tat she needs Charlie’s help with Leah. Charlie bails.


Charlie joins Marsha & Leah in the storeroom. They comet they are in a great place to be if they are going to be here for ages – with al m that food [incl several BIG containers of peanut butter].


Angelo talks to Alf bout how charley doesn’t want to move in with him. Alf tries to assure Angelo he & charley will sort things.


Leah gets to be in a more positive frame of mind. Its helps Charlie tell of her issues [wanting to shut out the world after what happened with Grant. As they talk btw, they are dipping, then eating celery sticks in the peat butter. The trio exit the storeroom


After Alf tell tangelo that its lasts drinks for et night, Alf suggest to Angelo he should focus on what he has now [great ;’ship with Charlie][ rather the concern of the future – moving in etc. Alf then swiftly changes subject – woodening if ther's a rugby match they can talk bout.


Leah & Charlie talk bout their problem to each other. Leah isn’t so sure bout getting help with a counsellor, whilst charley talk bout her commitment issue.


Marsha talks to Tony bout Leah –and whilst she thinks tat counselling is way to go, Tony suggests a more direct approach.


Next day, Leah is quite surprised to see Tony at her house so early in the morn. He is keen for them to head out and he isn't taking no for an answer.


Leah wonders why they are looking at notice board. She isn’t initially that keen when Tony points out the martial arts/self defence classes poster – but in the end, she agrees it’s a GOOD idea.

Note – just like how Geoff’s burns [and ruby talking bout them] made me think of Matilda Hunter, so too does Leah agreeing to do self defence classes. Fond memories of Maddie using her self defence skills on the ever annoying Kimmy.


Colleen talks to Angelo bout how great the press coverage [front page of local paper] is of the diner re-opening.

Angelo then talks to Irene. They are interupyed when Colleen says that seem to be all out of peanut butter. Irene comment to Angelo tat the re-opening went well – despite some self sabotage.


Angelo tells Charlie bout Alf’s “live for now” advice – whish she likes. He also tells her at Irene made him think Charlie seem to deliberately get herself in troubled ‘ships – Roman was still in love with Marsha when she & Charlie went out, then there was Joey [a same sex ‘ship in this town] and then there was bound to be all kind of trouble when she want out with Angelo. He insist that she esp. hated him getting his promotion – as it meant tat he didn't leave town after all.



Charlie speaks to Aden bout her ‘ship with Angelo

t's A Designer Label (IADL)


Leah: mauve satin nightgown/dark top


Charlie: white [dark horiz stripes] one shoulder top/dark bra/dark long pants


Irene: blue [silver trim] low cut v neck top/white long pants


Alf: dark button up shirt/bone long pants

Angelo: bone button up shirt/dark long pants

Angelo: light blue police shirt/dark blue long pants

Charlie: light blue police shirt/dark blue long pants

Colleen: blue [yellow rectangles etc] blouse

Colleen: hot pink [red floral] dress/floral necklace

Irene: white [blue floral] top

Leah: dark [embossed mosaics?] top/dark cardie/dark long pants

Leah: grey cardie/white top/dark long pants

Marsha: red [white floral] warp around dress/dark belt/dark bra & briefs

Tony: dark button up shirt/white t/denim jeans

Tony: olive green t/denim jeans

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