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Tues 23 Feb 2010 – Episode # 5017

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” Mean Girls “

[ Screened in Australia on Tues 23 Feb 2010 – Episode # 5017 ]


Mink & Romeo note Miles seems to be totally “out of it atm – its’ like he’s moving and is busy, but herls not rally there. They suggest twice that he should speak to Rachel bout getting some sleep tablets. Meanwhile, mink is still rather unimpressed with Romeo – bout school.


Irene further get on Alf’s nerves with she reorganises thighs at the bar without inform him. When Liam wonders, Marsha tell him she is having diner with Alf tonight. Liam bails.


Trey’s dad talks to Gina. As she is her so late, he jokes bout her being on detention. She tells him bout how they need new ceiling fans at tee school, but tee budget won’t allow it.


Ruby & Xavier are playing snap – but the comet at they shouldn’t play a more grown up gam like poker as that could lead to gambling problems etc. they make a pact to not let antyithg that happens this year affect their friendship. Will arives with his enrolment forms.


Gina compare trey’s dad to superman – saving tee day but no taking the credit etc [beacon of how he want to city to speak to hazam AND how he saved hazam on tee night of tee riot.


Marsha enters, and there’s an containing unease twen her and Liam as they talk – continuing as there was a sense of it in earlier scene at Noah’s


Gina enters. She comments on how eager a student Romeo is [handing in his embroilment forms to her in rpeosn] and ho “mature” ruby & Xavier are – as they play snap. Gina & Romeo talk bout mink – Gina suggest Mink might be feeing a bit left out now Romeo is going back to school.


NEXT DAY, Miles talk to Rabbit, who comet she doesn’t sleep. She also suggest he should set his alarm to go off each hour or so.

Mink & Romeo sees miles – and thinks tat its not a good advertisement for school tat miles looks “dead”.


Nic enters tee main room – and comet to ruby bout how its weird she is bask in a school uniform. Ruby tells Nic she is enjoying hanging out with Xavier.


When Marsha asks, Liam tells her he is tanking of having guitar lessons here. But marsh wonders if it wouldn’t it be better for Liam to take up Gina's offer to do that sort of t8ings at tee school.


Xavier talk to Romeo bout how he likes hanging out with ruby, its clear Romeo is distracted. He tells Xavier tat he’s worried bout mink. Xavier talks Romeo they will be lat for school, if they don’t hurry. As they run off, we see mink at one of the showers – he hits tee pole hard several time – causing herself to bleed. She slumps to ground and cries.


Ruby & Nic wolf whistle when Romeo & Xavier enter the corridor. Nic jokes bout Romeo being like a giant in kids clothing etc, whilst he [also mockingly] comment that these [ruby & Nic] must be the mean girls at SBH that he has heard so mush bout.


Marsha is keen to talk to Liam, but he is busy – and they agree to talk later.

Irene further gets on alfs nerves – and he orders her to take a break.


Miles is in one of classrooms. He’s very tried and after he shuts the door, he goes to sleep at the front desk – with a wonky ceiling fan above him.

Soon after, miles alarm goes off and he wakes and gets up. Moments later, THAT fan crashes onto the desk where he was. Gina [who heard crash] is shocked when she sees what happened.


Irene AND Alf are pleaesd when Irene gets a phone call form Leah. Te new look diner is set to open again – so Irene doesn’t have to work at noha's any more.

Marsh leaves a message on Liam’s phone. She is rally keen to talk to him.


Lima is a lintel surprised Gina is so ken to have him give guitar lessons etc her at et school, but she insist at everty1 deserves a 2nd chance. She bails from the classroom they are in – nut not before telling Liam she is going to inspect all the old ceiling fans at SBH.


After Rabbit tell Miles she is keen to set a world record for something to do with a hula hoop, he tells her at he was almost ion the papers today – because of the ceiling fan.

Mink sees Miles and once more commits on how :great” school must be if miles looks as distraught as he looks


Things are still uneasy twen Liam and Marsha – as he is keener on going a lesson plan for school than hanging out with her.


Romeo sees mink and as he has to talk to Alf, so he asks her to take dome drinks to Xavier & ruby.

Mink does so – bout as she does, she asks ruby if Xavier has told her that they [mink & Xavier] kissed. Ruby looks a tad shocked.



There’s friction twen Ruby & Xavier over Mink’s kiss comments

Whilst Leah doesn’t want there to be a grand re=opening of diner, Trey's dad tells her “it’s not a celebration, it’s about standing up for yourself”

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Mink: dark [gold mosaics] low cut v neck mini dress


Rabbit: purple top/white [yellow floral] skirt


Gina: silver [dark swirls] jacket/dark long pants


Alf: bone Noah’s button up shirt

Alf: olive green [white check] shirts/biome long pants

Gina: white [dark trim] top/grey jacket/white seashells necklace/bone long pants

Irene: dark [orange floral] top

Irene: orange top

Liam: olive green shirt.dark long pants/white [red & dark unknown motif] t

Liam: white [dark “technics”] t/dark long pants

Liam: white [red check] shirt/dark [white unknown motif][ t/denim jeans

Marsha: dark grey (Noah’s uniform) shirtdress

Marsha: grey p[dark vert stripes] shorts/white knitted top

Miles: dark shirt/dark [purple unknown logo] t/denim jeans

Miles: olive green button up shirt/white [black “Abercrombie & Fitch”] t/denim jeans

Mink: dark wetsuit

Mink: light blue top

Mink: white [front zip] mini dress

Nic : SBH uniform

Romeo: dark wetsuit

Romeo: light blue [dark “little river SC {something}”] t/dark long pants

Romeo: SBH uniform

Ruby: SBH uniform

Ruby: white [dark floral] thin strap top

Trey’s dad: dark suit./white shirt

Xavier: SBH uniform

Xavier: yellow [black arms & hands] t

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