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Mon 22 Feb 2010 – Episode # 5016

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” Walking Frame “

[ Screened in Australia on Mon 22 Feb 2010 – Episode # 5016 ]


Miles looks at the clock – it’s approaching 4am in the morn, and he goes into lounge and starts drinking another cup of coffee. He’s looking terrible – as he watches some home shopping TV.


NEXT DAY, Mink & Romeo have just finished a surf. Romeo wonders what he will do when everyone else goes back to school. Mink SEIROUSLY suggest that Romeo could be her manager – when she goes [bask] into the world surf tour.


Alf easily note that Miles couldn’t sleep. He also comets on how miles soooo doesn’t look the best right now. Miles bails.


Miles sees Rabbit – she is siting in a tree [not that far off the found]. He wonders if she’s had any further premonitions. She hasn’t. After one of them makes a comment bout miles looking like a zombie, Miles moves his arms – to teak on the classic arms parallel to the ground zombies pose. Miles also tell rabbit he feels worse that he looks – and given that he looks WAAAAAY bad, it’s not so good.


Nic tell Romeo tat she had nightmare about being dressed as a crown [when she went bask to SBH?]. Mink – on the bask patio waxing her surfboard – rally doesn’t help things when she comets that Nic sounds REALLY old [like she needs a walking frames] when Nic comet that she’ll be a senior senior this year at school.

Note – Mink’s walking frame comment reminds me of when [after Kirsty was invited to Dani & Scott’s engagement party and Maddie wasn’t], Maddie wondered to Kristy “Since when did you book in for a hip replacement, grandma???”


Nic talk to Aden bout her sitch. He thinks it will be mush better of her this year, as she has already learnt mush of thw work from last year. She jokes [given his sitch] when she suggest she could just drip out of school if she wanted to.


Mink & Romeo enter Gina tell them that xauver isnlt here – he is vistuing braendan beefier he feo bask to school. With Ro9meo [as always] the meat in the sandwich, Gina & Mink clash over Romeo’s possible return to school this year.


Gina tells miles she is ken on him to give a pep talk to the students more when school starts bask up. She notes how tired he look – and ORDERS him to go home an get some rest.


Mink further mock Nic [and Romeo] bout their thought etc of going back to school. Aden is mushly supportive of Nic;’s decisions to go back.


Alf is unimpressed Irene is mushly late for work – and that she bails moments after arriving [to take a mobile call]. Meanwhile as Alf talk to9 Miles, the latter is totally on a high for all that coffee he’s been drinking.


Mink is REALLY keen for Romeo to be her manger – after all, they’d be able to hang out all around the world. He’s not sure – but he does grab hold of his sister and pusshes her [in a fun loving kinda way] into the surf.


Alf &* Irene clash over what’s most important at the bar, i.e. Alf lay don the law insisting that its all about the juice machine [making sure its always set for the next person to use it].

Alf goes over to9 one of the table. Mile has fallen asleep. Alf insist that he should go home and rest.


Nic & Mile are on the couch. Nic rally isn't sure if going back to school, IS the right things to do, but Miles convinces her that it is.


Mink & Romeo enters and after he head to the bathroom, Mink clashes with Gina. The latter suggest the maybe Minks should go back to school as well – but mink vehemently wonders want she could learnt at school that she didn’t when she was in a juvenile detention ctr. Mink bails.


Mink is siting on a bench when Gina sees her. Gina sits nest to Mink – and insist ppl CAN turn their lives around. Mink tells Gina "this is who I am" [and doesn’t think its going to change]. Mink bails.


NIGHT TIME - Rabbit is on the swing when Miles approaches her. When she ask, Mile tell her he has a bucket as he is tying to keep himself wake etc by doing jobs – like cleaning the toilets Miels head off to do that.


Romeo & mink talk bout his sitch. Romeo suggests maybe an edcauation IS the best thing of him. After all, as mink’s manager he’d just be “picking up after her” – and what come after that [when she’s done with the tour]. Mink suggest she thought Romeo cared bout family. Mink bails – in a huff.

SOON AFTER, Nic talk to Alf – who comets bout how tween Nic, Miles and the nearby Romeo, they could kinda start a comedy troup from the ppl at the VPH. Alf asnwre the phone – its irne. Alf is REALLTY annoyed at she bailed 2 hours beefer her shift was supposed to finish today [as she had a plumber coming to9 the beach house].

Nic goes over an talk to Romeo – and whilst he doesn’t think he is maybe brave etc enough to go bask to school, Nic insist at Romeo has to put up with Mink and her moods each days, so going back to school should be easy by comparo. Nic also tells Romeo although she fears things bout going back to school, her fear she won’t be able to do what she REALLY wants to with her life if she doesn’t go back is stronger. Romeo, buoyed by what Nic has said, agrees to go bask to school too. Mink [who’s just entered the room] hears this – she's NOT impressed !!!!



Romeo goes bask to school

Ruby tell Nic that she likes hanging out with Xavier – and he says same ting bout Ruby to Romeo

Miles is [all but] asleep in a classroom with a wonky ceiling fan above him

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Rabbit: white [pink floral] top/denim maxi skirt


Nic: dark [silver vert stripes towards the bottom] top/darkly long pants


Miles: dark shirt/dark [purple unknown logo] t/denim jeans


Aden: red [white “Desala [something]”] t/

Alf: brown & white check shirt/bone long pants

Gina: white [dark trim] top/grey jacket/white seashells necklace/bone long pants

Irene: orange blouse

Miles: dark [white animal? On dare background] t/dark long pants

Mink: dark wetsuit

Mink: white [front zip] mini dress

Romeo: dark wetsuit

Romeo: light blue [dark “litle river SC {something}”] t/dark long pants

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