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Fri 19 Feb 2010 – Episode # 5015

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” Kissing Rights “

[ Screened in Australia on Fri 19 Feb 2010 – Episode # 5015 ]


Ruby answers a frantic knock on the door – its’ Nic, who is totally [in a good way] on rant mode bout what’s happened tween her * Aden. When Ruby wonders if Nic has talked to Aden bout this, Nic admits she chickened out.


As they play chess, Miles does a sketch of Rabbit. She easily defeats him in another game of chess – and miles wonder how she knows what he is going to move [what moves he is palling]. Rabbit say she just knows, but has NO idea what Miles is talking bout when he refer to the movie “the shining”


Liam & masrha are in the kitchen and she esp. is quite playful – kinda mocking him that he seems to only be able to cook vegetarian lasagne. Incdde, she suggests if he can’t handle that heat, he should stay out of kitchen – but she goes so playfully and they kiss.


Ruby is rather surprised when Nic wishes she had a time machine -0 to take bask saying I love you to Aden. Ruby suggest Nic should talk to Aden bout all of this – but Nic insists she canlt. Nic tells Ruby she couldn’t deal with it if Aden didnlt car for her as mush as she care for him.


Miles is asleep on the couch. After he wakes, he is frightened by the fact Rabbit is standing beside the couch. She raises her arm and points at him. Miles shouts at Rabbit and she wakes. Rabbit warms Miles “if you sleep, you die”.

Soon after, when Miles talk to Rabbit, she tells him she doesn’t know where the visions etc that she has come form.


NEXT DAY, Marsha & Liam are both in a pretty playful mood. They kiss – and Marsha ditches her nightgown [just in bra &* PJ pants now]. The duo is kissing when both are on the kitchen table when Colleen arrives. She is keen to quickly bail, but Marsha is keen to talk to her – so Marsha quickly put back in her nightgowsmn and goes to speak to colleen.


Alf notices tat Miles looks as though he’s had no sleep. Mile tells Alf he is off to go to Leah’s – who has real coffee.

After miles bails, Nic enter the room. She too isn’t looking like she’s had much sleep.

As Alf bails, ruby enters. Ruby's totally is a bit a whirlwind kinda of mood – its like she give Nic one hell of a pep talk bout how she should talk to Aden bout all of this, as since Aden & Nic are going out, Nic has things like kissing rights [as Aden's g/f etc]. Nic seem to be uplifted by what Ruby has said.


Nic talks to Aden who admits he rally isn’t so sure why he puled way form kissing her the other night, Nic is keen ti/ talk more – but Aden has to tend to a customer whose just aided, so they agree to talk later.


Miles talk to Leah bout Rabbit’s warming, and how she has a habit of predicting things. When mile talk to lea bout this, she reminds him that Greeks invented mush of all the superstitions in the world etc.


And tell Nic he's decided that, because of what he had with Belle, that he only want to be in serious ‘ships form now on. Nic is worried when Aden say that he’s not sure if he IS that serious bout a ship with Nic right now. Aden has to go back to work – so they are to talk later.


Marsha is Woking in the garden when Liam approaches. He tells her he's been writing songs inside the house. They have a friendly flirty chat - that turns into a bit of a water fight – her with the hose, him with watring can.


Miles talk t9 Rabbit bout her predictions. He wonders if she’s ever been wrong with her preminitoins before. She sys she hasn’t – but suggests theta’s a 1st time of everything [i.e. she might be wrong].


Ruby listen intently as Nic, well, rants bout the confusing sitch tween her & Aden. Aden enters the house and talk to Nic – with Ruby bailing to give them some space.

Aden tell Nic although he is kinda confused bout what’s going on [his feelings for her], Aden tell Nic she IS worth it – and although he hasn’t said I love you to her as yet, he know he will – given time. They kiss.


Masrha heads of to bed. She wonders if Lima will join her. He says he want to finish watching the movie, but he’s jut kiddng bout that. He heads of to the bedroom with her.


It’s late at night. Mile looks a mess [having not slept]. He starts drinking yet ANOTHER cup of coffee!!!!



Angelo & Charlie clash bout their ‘ship

Leah’s still muchly struggling with what happened at diner

There’s a very loose ceiling fan above Miles at SBH

Romeo goes back to school

We see Mink crying as she showers near the beach after a surf.

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Nicole: mauve [white swirls?] PJs


Marsha: black [red & yellow dragon? On the back] nightgown/black bra/grey PJ long pants


Rabbit: white [dark swirls?] dress/dark belt


Aden: blue singlet/denim jeans

Alf: off white [dark check] shirts/bone long pants

Bait Shop Customer: mustard & orange [white stars] shirty/grey shorts

Colleen: purple [white floral] blouse

Leah: grey cardie/white top

Liam: blue & green check shirt/dark [red sun] t/denim jeans

Liam: white [blue check] shirt/tan t

Liam: white [dark unknown motif] t/gey [dark vert stripes] long pants

Marsha: blue & white headband/dark cardie/white [dark unknown motif] singlet top/grey shorts

Miles: blue shirt/dark [white animal? On dare background] t/dark long pants

Miles: blue shirt/white [dark unknown motif] t/olive green long pants

Nic: white thin strap top/dark bra/dark long pants

Rabbit: red skirt/dark top/white lacy vest

Ruby: white [black & pink itch blotch] t

Ruby: white [red floral] dress

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