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Life's A Dream

Guest tessalove

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Story Title: Life's a dream

Type of story: Short/Medium fic - 3 part

Main Characters: Nicole, Geoff, Aden, Belle, Lucie & Maisie

BTTB rating: T

Genre: Romance,

Does story include spoilers: Nope

Any warnings: No

Summary: Nicole's life is perfect, she has a perfect husband and perfect children, but what if it all changes?

I haven't written a fic in ages, so sorry about the quality of this, it was just something that popped into my head, and I had to write it, even thogh I said I was focusing on school work and wouldn't write a fic for a while lol

“Lucie, are you ready?” Nicole shouted up the staircase

“Almost” The innocent voice replied

“Hurry please! Your daddy has to get you to school before your late!” Nicole shouted once more

“Coming mummy!” The little girl skipped down the stairs fully dresses to Nicole’s delight

“Thank goodness, you take forever to get ready misses, do you know that?” Nicole tickled her daughter; a squeal of delight came from her lips as she laughed.

“I wonder where she gets it from.” Geoff laughed

“Oi!” Nicole slapped him playfully “If you’re implying it’s from me, then you’re wrong! Even I don’t take as long, and she’s four!” Nicole laughed

“Hey, I’m almost five!” Lucie said

“Ok, sorry she’s almost five!”Nicole laughed “Right, go your going to be late!”

“Ok, bye” Geoff kissed Nicole before leaving the house with Lucie, strapping her in the back he heard his name being called from behind

“Geoff? Forget something?” Nicole asked holding there other daughter

“Right, Maisie, doctors right?”

“Dentist” Nicole laughed “Now hurry! The appointments booked for nine!”

“I’ll see you later” Geoff kissed Nicole once more as he lifted their two year old from her arms

“Daddy?” Maisie’s sweet voice asked

“Yes sweetie?”

“Can you take me to the park after we go to see Mr Turk?” Maisie blinked her eyes in pleading

“We’ll see honey”

“Please?” She asked innocently blinking her eyes again as Geoff strapped her into her car seat

“Oh ok, for half an hour”

“Daddy! That’s so not fair!” Lucie whined

“Well you’re at school; I can take you to the park at the weekend”


“Ok, promise” Geoff smiled

Nicole lifted the rug on the ground, she ran the vacuum over the floor and then under the seats, when she had finished vacuuming she grab the duster and started dusting the house, careful not to knock over any pictures.

She looked carefully at each picture frame she had sitting on the book shelf, She looked closely at her wedding picture, her long white dress was beautiful, standing next to Geoff she looked like a princess, the luckiest princess in the world she thought.

She carried on with the housework until Geoff and Maisie came back an hour or so later.

“How was the dentist?” Nicole asked her daughter

Maisie pulled a grin to show her mum her teeth “He said they were perfect” She smiled

“Well that’s good” Nicole smiled “Just like you eh?”

“Am I really perfect?” Maisie asked climbing onto her mummy’s knee

“Who’s your daddy?” Nicole asked

Maisie pointed to Geoff “And do you think he’s perfect?”

Maisie nodded “yep” She smiled at Geoff who smiled back

“So do I, and if you have him as your daddy you’d have to be perfect, right?”

“Right!” Maisie exclaimed proudly

Maisie sat down on the sofa to play with her toys, While Nicole finished the housework with Geoff now helping her, he took the vacuum upstairs to do the bedrooms while Nic cleaned the kitchen.

She hummed to herself while she was doing this, Maisie found this funny as she giggled at her mum from the couch.

When Nic had finished she sat down beside Maisie on the couch and began to play with her daughters toys, Bratz dolls. She played with their hair and dressed them with the clothes Maisie had told her to put on them, it was the perfect life Nicole thought to herself.

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Thanks for the comments :) I hope you like this!

Lucie and Geoff walked into the house, Lucie left her school bag by the door and ran up the stairs to change, the routine she used every day.

“How was school?” Nicole asked when Lucie came back downstairs wearing a summer dress instead of her uniform

“Good, I got a sticker!” She exclaimed showing her mum the sticker she had now put on her dress

“Wow, good girl, did your teacher give it to you?”

She nodded “Yep, Cuz I finished all my sums first!”

“Very good girl! I’m very proud of you!”

Lucie smiled proudly to herself. “Are we staying at Uncle Aden & Aunty Belle’s tonight?”

Nicole nodded “You are indeed” She smiled “And they will be here very soon to collect you!”

“Will we get our stuffs ready?”

Nicole nodded and both girls hurried up the stairs to pack their things. They came back down ten minutes later with their Disney bags on their back. “Weady” Maisie smiled

“Good stuff” Geoff smiled “Have you packed everything?”

They looked at one another and nodded “Everything!”

“Let mummy see your bags just to be sure” Geoff said as the girls handed their bags to Nicole to check them

Nicole nodded “Everythings here” she smiled

“Guess what” Lucie said as her eyes lit up

“What?” Geoff asked trying to have the same amount of excitement as his daughter

“Last time Aunty Belle said that she would bake with us! She said we could make a chocolate cake!”

“Oh wow! A chocolate cake? But don’t forget to ask Aunty Belle nicely if you are baking! Won’t you?”

“Yeah, we always do!” Lucie smiled “But Belle always just asks us anyway, she has it ready!”

“Well that’s good, aren’t you lucky!” Geoff smiled

“Yeah we are, why don’t you come bake to?” Lucie asked her dad, and looked to Nicole to point the question at her too

“Me and your mummy are having a night in, remember what day it is?”

“It’s umm Friday?” Lucie asked

“But it’s a special day for me and mummy”

“Oh yeah, it’s your wedding!” Lucie smiled proudly as she remember Geoff telling her this morning

“It’s our wedding anniversary sweetie” Nicole smiled “That means it has been five years since we got married”

“Five?” Lucie made and O shape with her mouth “That’s ages!”

“Yes it is” Nicole smiled

“It’s almost how old I am” She told them

“Uh huh, it is isn’t it, and it’s your birthday very soon!”

“Am I having a party?” She asked

“We’ll have to see won’t we” Nicole smiled “Maybe you and Maisie could go to the Jungle Gym and then we can have a barby? What do you think?”

“Can Kaley come with us?”

“Yes, we’ll see closer to the time, it’s still another few months you know”

“Yeah, but it’s still soon!” She smiled “Aunty Belle!” Lucie screamed as the door opened and Belle came in first followed by Aden, Lucie jumped into her arms and hugged her tightly, While Maisie ran straight to Aden.

“Hey munchkin!” Aden smiled

“I not a Munchkin!” Maisie’s face wrinkled as she tried to look cross, but it didn’t work as Aden tickled her and she squealed with laughter

“Are you all ready?” Belle asked both girls and they nodded “I guess we better go then?”

“Yeah!” Maisie said with great excitement “Bye mummy and daddy” She blew them a kiss as she grabbed Aden’s hand and tried to leave the house

“I guess were going” Aden laughed “Here” he handed a bottle of wine to Nicole

“Thanks’ Aden, you didn’t have too!” Nicole took the bottle with a smile

“It’s our pleasure, have a good night” Him, Belle and the girls left the house and closed the door behind them.

“I love you!” Nicole turned to Geoff and smiled, she kissed him passionately

“I love you too” Geoff smiled and kissed his wife back, “What was this news that had to wait?”

Nicole grinned, she grabbed Geoff’s hand and placed it on her belly, She looked into his eyes as a smiled lit up his face, playing on all his features.

He shook his head and he lifted Nicole up in his arms “Are we having another baby?” He grinned

Nicole nodded and kissed him once more

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Thnaks for all the amazing comments! I'm glad you like this! :)

“Nicole? Nicole!” Aden shouted as he saw Nicole’s eye flicker “Nurse, I think she’s waking up!”

Nurse Georgina came rushing into the room, “Nicole can you hear me?” She asked as she shone the small torch into her eyes.

A mumble came from Nicole as she opened her eye’s wider “Aden?” She croaked

“Nic!” Aden said with relief as he hugged her

She fell back onto the bed exhaustion clear “Is it the baby?” she asked as her hand fell to her stomach

“What, baby?” Aden asked confused

“Is my baby ok?” Nicole panicked

“Nic what baby?” Aden asked, clearly confused

“Aden, where’s Lucie and Maise? Where’s Geoff?”

“Nicole, I think you’re confused! Who are you talking about?”

“My husband and my children, where’s Geoff? I want Geoff!”

“Geoff Campbell?”

Nicole nodded a hint of relief showing as she was getting through to Aden “Where are they?”

“Nicole, Geoff left, A year ago, what are you talking about your husband?”

“Geoff didn’t leave, I was just with him, were having another baby, what do you mean he left?”

“He’s in Africa on a Mission trip, he’s a missionary Nic, he’s not coming back, you’re not married to him”

“He left me?”

Aden shook his head “He left Ruby technically”

“Ruby?” Nicole asked tears falling from her eyes

“He and Ruby were dating when he left; you haven’t been dating for almost a year now.”

“Why are you here? Where’s Belle?”

“Nicole, don’t you remember? Belle died”

Nicole’s sobs grew louder, “No! You and her, had the kids, you were minding them for us! It was our anniversary and I was pregnant, and Geoff and I had been married for five years!”

“It was all a dream Nic, you aren’t married, and you’re dating me”

She gasped “What? No! No!” She cried “Go Aden! Get out!” She screamed

Aden left leaving Nicole to absorb everything.

The perfect life she had was nothing more than a dream, her to perfect children were just figments of her imagination. And Geoff, her perfect husband was nothing but a perfect past, that was left in the past.

Now she was in a hospital bed with no idea how she got here, She had just been told that her best friend was dead and that her life was nothing like she thought it was. She had seen her dream life, she sae her wedding photo the happiness that almost leaked from it, she had seen it all, but she would never have it.

“That can’t be a dream!” She cried “Everything was so real, I saw everything, we had it all the perfect childrena nd the perfect marriage, how can he tell me it wasn’t real? That Belle is gone and Geoff is somewhere on othere side of the world?” she closed her eyes trying to stop the tears

“It has to be real!” she scream taking the last of her energy

She put her head back to rest and fell asleep once more.

I'm kind of really sorry for this! I was really nervous about posting, No one said anything about the title lol,, so im very sorry! Umm i hope you enjoyed it anyway! EL xxxxx


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