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Wed 10 Feb 2010 – Episode # 5008

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” Neutral Ground “

[ Screened in Australia on Wed 10 Feb 2010 – Episode # 5008 ]

Note – Just a reminder that I won’t be able to post the ep guides for 5009 & 5010 until Mon 15/02/10 [as I am away this weekend]


Alf enter – telling Miles & Romeo that he caught lotsa fish [and proof of that is tat the fish are in et bucket he is carrying]. Miles notes how upbeat Alf is – and Alf tell him bout how nature etc can do that to you.

After them both bail to clean etc the fish, Mink talks to Romeo. She thinks today will be boring if they don’t spend any of Xavier’s money. When Romeo comments tat Xavier is a pretty “clean” guy, Mink disagrees – given tat Xavier has this stash of money that no one knows bout.


Xavier is about to bail to hang out with Mink & Romeo. Gina tall him ta there’s sonneting she just doesn’t trust. Indeed, when Xavier mentions Freya, Gina tells him ta she thinks Mink is worse. Xavier bails.


After Charlie gets of the phone worth Angelo, she kinda wonder to Leah if angle can move in here, but whilst Leah seems keen, Charlie is offering her all kinds of reasons why it would be a bad idea.

As Charlie bail to go to work, Miles arrives. Leah talks to him as that back door. When miles suggest tat they should talk or head out. Leah says at she is rather busy at the money – so maybe later.


Charlie tells Angelo Leah didn’t like the idea of having cops staying at her house. When angle suggest tat Charlie should move in with him, he finds it rather weird she thinks they should be at a place tat is neutral ground, ie Angelo “you make it sound like a war zone”.


Its clear Geoff isn’t impressed when Ruby is talking about how if she hadn’t decides to have the peace rally; none of this would have happened.

A guy who Geoff maybe remembers from THAT night [we see a flashback of Hazem getting bashed] enter the room.


Whilst Mink suggest tat she, Romeo & Xavier should head for the city with some of THAT money, Xavier is keen to go to a place that’s free like the beach. Romeo throughout this scene makes suggestions etc that stop the other form heading into all out war with each other.


Alf visits Leah – and either Alf or Leah comment on Alf’s more positive attitude. When Alf asks Leah bout Hazem, she tells him he’s not been to see him much – as his family as the best to take care of him at present.

After bails, after Leah tells him she is ken to get changed [out of her dressing gown].


Whilst Mink finishes off her surfing for the moment, Xavier & Romeo talk. When Xavier ask, Romeo tells him Mink never use to be like this – but he admits she have been in a juvenile detention centre. When Mink approaches them, Xavier doesn’t know quite how to react around her – which she picks up on.


Ruby & Geoff are t6alking out what’s happened. Geoff is esp. concerned tat he’s not as forgiving of the ppl who did this to him as he was always taught to be. They decide toy go over to Leah’s – to help her out/cheer her up.


Leah is the same way with Ruby & Geoff tat way she was with alf. She’s still is dressing gown btw. Ruby & Geoff are getting nowhere with Leah so they bail.


After Charlie knocks bask another suggestion form Angelo of a place they could rent, he wounders if there will ever be a place she will accept. Its clear Charlie is really freaked out when Angelo suggest they buy a place together. Charlie doesn’t go all hysterical, but you can tell FOM the way she is behaving she isn't keen on the idea.


Mink, Xavier & Romeo are play9iong pool when Gina suggests Xavier should come shopping with her at yabby creek, he declines – whilst Mink & Gina verbally clash once more before Gina bails.


Leah’s phone rings, and she only answer it when an answering machne message from her mum begins. Sounds like VJ is ken to rtn to the bay, but Leah suggest a she’s a little busy with all the preparations for the diner rebuild etc.


Anglo is little surprised when charley comets tat buying a place together/moving in together is a big step – as he regards it more as the next6 step.

Nearby, Geoff’s had enough of ruby feeling sorry for herself tat she’s caused all of this – he sarcastically comet ppl should be feeling more for what ruby is going through that Leah, Hazem & Geoff. Geoff bails – and ruby wonders what on earth just happened.


Irene talk to Leah – bout how everyone feels like shutting the world out at some time, but there’s always hope etc to cling onto9.

After Irene bails, Leah appears to start to hyperventilate.


Mink confronts Gina. She ask Gina 3 questions about Mink - none of which Gina can answer. Since that's the case, mink wonders why Gina thinks she knows Mink so well. Mink tells Gina that Gina recognises Mink is the same bad girl tat Gina once was. Before she bails, Mink tell Gina she [Gina] hasn’t changed.


Leah [still in dressing gown] is balling her eyes out.


Xavier is annoyed mink confronted Gina like tat, but when Xavier says that he has family issues, Mink’s response is VERY powerful. She tell him her & Romeo’s mum lost her mind – after Mink KILED her mum’s abusive partner. When Xavier hopes it was in self defence, Mink says “not exactly”.



Leah tells, Rachel how scared she is

Romeo tells Xavier that Mink saved Romeo’s life – as their dad/step dad was about to kill Romeo

Geoff is very aggressive – and tells someone “i can’t take it anymore”

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Ruby: blue [off white horiz stripes & native American Indian like trim] top/dark shorts


Irene: white [purple floral?] top/dark long pants


Mink: white [zebra striped] halter neck bikini


Alf: bleu & yellow check button up shirt/none long pants

Alf: brown polo shirt/khaki long pants/cream wide brim hat

Angelo: light blue police shirt/dark blue long pants/police cap

Charlie: light blue police shirt/dark blue long pants/police cap

Geoff: white t/denim jeans

Gina: blue [white floral; near collar] top/white cardy/dark long pants

Hazam: dark [red logo on chest] button up shirt/

Leah: white dressing gown

Miles: dark button up shirt/green [dark unknown motif] t/dark long pants

Mink: green camo singlet top/denim mini skirt

Rioter: blue singlet

Rioter: rted t/2 tone blue check button up shirt

Romeo: blue & white check button up shirt/white [dark swirls?] shorts

Xavier: red [grey “fresh juice”] t/dark [white dots] shorts

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