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Tues 9 Feb 2010 – Episode # 5007

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” It’s All About Hope “

[ Screened in Australia on Tues 9 Feb 2010 – Episode # 5007 ]


Nic backtracks more than a little bout what she said to Aden. She says that he shouldn’t take any real notice of what she said, as it was quite an embaresing moment – like calling your teacher “mum”. All of that though seem like an act to cover tat she is surprised etc he didn’t reciprocate.


Next day, Martha talks to Tony & Rachel [who’s pushing the pram with Harry inside it]. Marsha doesn’t Alf is the kind of peon who doe to a “shrink” when he’s got emotional issue etc/ Tony suggest that he’ll ask Alf if he want to go fishing with Tony.


Colleen is all in a quandary bout her place being gratified [not robed like I thought in previous up guide]. When Alf agrees to clean the graffiti off soon, colleen bails.

Nic [kitchen] break a glass – it looks like she misjudged where the ktabel was. She tells fall bout how silly she’s been – esp. saying the L word to Aden.


Marsha & Rach talk bout how it’s ironic that there are a fair few ppl in the bay who aren’t behaving like they usually do 0 incl Alf & Leah. Marsha adds who would have also guessed that Lima be behaving responsibly etc.


Tony speaks to Alf – who rejects Tony’s offer of going FISHING together.


With Rach once more PUSHING Harry who is in the pram, Tony tells rach & Marsha that he had no luck with Alf.


Aden talks to Liam bout what Nic said. It doesn’t help when Liam tell Aden tat the last time Liam said the L word to someone, it didn't go well.


Marsha isn't too pleased when Colleen is rather condescending when she talk bout the nearby Liam.

After Colleen bails, Marsha head off on a break [she's working at Noah’s] 0 so she can talk to Liam.


Irene talk to Alf – and seem to REALLY get through to him when she say he shouldn’t judge the bay by the idiots who trashed the diner, but by the ppl who keep on fighting, and keep their spirits up, despite all their trouble – like Aden & Marsha.


Marsha agrees that it’s ironic that Aden went to Liam for ‘ship advice bout Nic. Liam tells Marsha bout he things could have been so different tweeny he ^& Nic, given the right circumstances.


Aden talks to Tony bout Nic’s declaration of love. Tony tell Aden that Tony’s 1st wife [Lucas & Jack’s mum] said I love you to Tony ages before he was ready to say it to her.


Marsha is intrigued when Lima tells her tat he has a plan – but doesn’t quite know how to execute it, Marsha is clearly ponderous after Liam bails.


Nic tells Aden tat he shouldn’t worry bout what she said last night – as it’s just a phrase and ppl use it all the time for lots of reasons. After Aden nods in response, Nic bails.

Alf speaks to Aden bout things. Aden admits tat he’s doing it a bit tough – since its now 6 months since belle died. He also tells Alf though that he likes having Nic in his life.


When Alf talk to Nic, she tells him she’s been so kinda silly lately – and maybe she’s been hoping too much that things will turn around. She’s not downbeat when she say that though, and Alf tells her tat it’s a VERY good thing tat there are ppl full of hope in the world like Nic.


Marsha & Tony are playing one of the video games when Alf wonders if Tony is still keen to go fishing. Tony waaaay is – so they agree to go fishing tomorrow. When Alf bails, tony & Marsha go back to their rather furious paced looking vid game.


Far Nic arrives, Aden tell her that her was a little taken aback by what she said, as the last person to see “I love you” was Belle on et day she died. Aden tells Nic he can't say tat L word to her yet, but he knows he will in time.

They kiss – but are interupted by Liam, who tell them he is moving out!!!


Next day at dawn, Tony & Alf are fishing. They aren’t having much luck catching fish, but alfs em to have DEF turned a corner [i.e. he seems hopeful again.]



Leah tells Charlie she likes the idea of having 2 cops living at her house BUT

Charlie tells Angelo that Leah has issues with the same thing

Mink tells Gina that Gina doesn’t like Mink as Mink reminds Gina of the bad girl she used to be

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Nicole: white [jungle like print] strapless mini dress


Marsha: blue [pink floral] low cut v neck dress


Rachel: white cardy/black & white horiz striped top/denim jeans


Aden: dark [white kinda alien like motif] t/dark long pants

Aden: dark blue singlet/dark long pants

Alf: “SBH tartan” button up shirt/bone long pants/wide brim hat

Colleen: olive green leafy dress

Irene: grey [dark floral] top/dark long pants

Liam: white [blue check] button up shirt/dark long pants

Marsha: white [black butterfly] knee length dress - with black top beneath

Martha: light brown (Noah’s uniform) shirt-dress

Nicole: dark low cut v neck [white & salver mosaics? near “collar”] mini dress

Tony: white button up shirt/denim jeans

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