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Mon 8 Feb 2010 – Episode # 5006

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” I’ve Got A BAD Feeling About This “

[ Screened in Australia on Mon 8 Feb 2010 – Episode # 5006 ]

Note – Just letting you all know that I won’t be able to post the ep guides for 5009 & 5010 until Mon 15/02/10 as I am away this weekend


Charlie insists to Angelo tat she isn’t resentful bout what’s happened at work, but it’s clear she is. They head out to celebrate what’s happened.


When Aden mentions Nic will be her soon, Liam wonders if it’s better if he isnlt here. Aden says he doesn’t mind either way.


Charlie & Angelo are chatting when Martha approaches them. She’s REALLY pleased for BOTH of them of their promotions.


Next day, Nic is, well, raving on a bit bout her ‘ship with Aden. She talks mostly to miles bout when she asks Alf is Aden has said anything bout their ‘ship, Alf sarcastically responds that he & Aden have girly chats bout such t8ikngs every day. Alf bails.


Nic chat to and bout their ‘ship, and once more she’s nervous [or bouncing of tee walls] as she talks. Both say it shouldn’t be an issue that Liam is at Adele’s as its not tat are going top be making out all over tee house.


Alf is wasting TV as miles are trying to vacuum. Alf takes offence to miles ebbing kinda annoyed Alf seem to be blocking himself way form tee community. Alf bails – out tee bask patio door, and as he bails, Rabbit enters via same door.


As they walk Miles &^ Rabbit talk bout alf. Rabbit tells Mils tat Alf will in ti8em realise what he has here in the bay is a good ting, and tat miles shouldn’t but in. Miles phones rings – its colleen.


Angelo enters ter office and sees the Charlie is packing up all her tings. She says at this room isn’t big enough for them booth to work in. things gets tense tween them – and its only broken when Watson [1st time we’ve seen her in 2010 I believe] tells that the there’s trouble at the van park.


Aden & Nic are having lunch together and Aden suggest to Liam that he should join them. Nic looks very anxious bout all this – and Liam bails soon after.


Martha speaks to Liam – after seeing his not too brilliant attempts to eat a sandwich [some of the filling fall onto beach].

They start to chat as they walk along the beach.


Charlie & Watson have apprehended a teen male, who was tying t9 etc break into colleen's place. Charlie is rather agressive with him.


Lima ^& Marta talk bout him talking drugs recently is just annoyer wasy of running away. When he comets bout the sitch living at Adelle’s, she suggest he shouldn’t be a martyr doing so.


Charlie & Watson are in the office, with the teen crim in the main area nearby. Watson tries all she can to calm down tat fried up Charlie.


Rabbit is siting next to Alf on the couch – making various comments that he ignores, incl a line about flamin’ kids. When Miles tells Rabbit a bit more bout the way Alf have been lately, Alf loosely responds – wondering what miles said, but miles insists tat it was nothing.


When Alf talks to Marsha, he tells her ppl should be more worried bout Leah or Hazem. When Marsha tries toy put the focus back onto Alf, he doesn’t want to hear it – so he bails.


Aden * Nic enter and they t6alk bout their 'ship. They kiss – but its' interupted by Liam. After eh bails, they star kissing again.


When Angelo enters the office, he sees tat Charlie's things are gone. He finds her in the interview room, where she says she isn’t handling this so well. Charlie adds that its kinda funny Marsha seems happier when Angelo’s promotion that Charlie does.


Lima & Aden talk bout Nic & her ‘ship with Aden. Aden admits it seem like he &* Nic are moving faster [; ship wise] that Liam/Nic did, but that’s because they have history. Liam suggests if you find something good, you’ve got to go for it.


Charlie & Angelo are rushing to get ready for dinner. When they are set to go, Angelo suggests they move in together. They hug – but the look on Charlie’s face suggests that she’s not keen on the idea.


Aden & Nic talk further bout their ‘ship, inc Aden telling Nic he’s been talking to Liam. They kiss, before Nic says “I love you”


After Alf comments that he is surprised he wasn’t mugged when he was out, Miles vehemently tells Alf that if he doesn’t snap out of this bad mood, maybe Alf SHOULD leave the bay.



The various reactions to Nicole’s I love you

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Rabbit: white [blue floral”] knee length dress /denim vest


Nicole: dark low cut v neck [white & salver mosaics? near “collar”] mini dress


Charlie: dark low cut v neck mini dress


Aden: dark [white unknown motif] t/dark long pants

Aden: dark blue singlet/dark long pants

Alf: olive green [red check] button up shirt

Angelo: light blue police shirt/dark blue long pants

Angelo: white long sleeve button up shirt/dark long pants

Angelo: white t/dark blue shirt/dark long pants

Charlie: off white shirtdress

Charlie: light blue police shirt/dark blue long pants/police cap

Liam: 2 tone brown check button up shirt/red t

Liam: bone [occasional red circle etc] button up shirt/denim jeans

Liam: bone [red check] button up shirt/dark long pants

Marsha: white halter maxi dress

Martha: light brown (Noah’s uniform) shirt-dress

Miles: blue [white “sierra Liuminere”] t/olive green long pants/white button up shirt

Teen caught robbing Colleen: dark cap/dark t/dark long pants

Watson: light blue police shirt/dark blue long pants/police cap

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