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Charlie and Ruby

Guest brady!

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Story Title: Charlie and Ruby

Type of story: Short/Medium fic.

Main Characters: Ruby, Charlie, Ross, Morag, a new character named Jake and other minor characters.

BTTB Rating: general audience

Genre: Drama.

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: Somebody trying to kill someone. (V)

Summary: Ruby finds another secret from Charlies past. Will she believe it? Will her relationship with Charlie be over for good?

Hey guys this is my first story, so dont expect something great.

Chapter 1

Ruby stared at the stranger she just opened the door to, and asked "what did you say?"

"Your my sister, and charlie buckton is my mother." replied the young teenager.

Beep beep, Charlies phone rang and vibrated around the table. Just when it was about to fall off the table, Charlie caught it and answered with a tired voice. "Hello, senior const..... Wait wait slow down Geoff."

Geoff quickly spoke to Charlie. After she hung up, she raced around the house looking for her car keys.

"Hi Rach, what happened?" gasped Charlie once she got to the emergency room.

"Geoff came in with Ruby in the ambulance and explained to us that she fainted and went pale all over. He said she had a

nasty shock before she fainted. We think when she fainted, it brought on a diabetic attack." exclaimed Rachel.

"Am ok, can I see her please?" asked Charlie

"Right this way" replied Rachel while guiding Charlie down a corridor to a room.

"Ruby sweetie, it's me Char.. Your mother" said Charlie in a soothing voice. It was hard for her to say mother instead of Charlie, but it had been months since the secret had been revealed and it was time for Charlie to start being the mother she never was.Ruby opened her eyelids and stared at her mother for a few seconds, finally she opened her mouth and whispered "I have to ask you something Charlie" Ruby still called Charlie Charlie, even though she knew the truth now about her real mother. "And please answer me truthfully."

Chapter 2

Charlie nodded not knowing what to expect.

"Tonight while me and Geoff were watching a film, someone knocked at the door. I opened the door to find a stranger, he told me something Charlie" said Ruby. She took a deep breath and looked up at Charlie. "He said he's your son Charlie.

Charlie kept staring at Ruby with a shell shocked expression on her face, after a long silence Charlie looked down and replied

with a weak "Yes.... but Ruby".

Ruby cut in before Charlie could finish her sentence, "What Charlie! You said yes!! You promised we were finished with all the lies! Get out Charlie!! I never want to see you again!

"But Ruby you've got to let me explain" said Charlie while tears swelled up in her eyes.

"Get out!" Ruby shouted back. A nurse burst in the door when Ruby was shouting, she saw how distressed Ruby was, so she asked Charlie to leave.

Charlie returned home to find Angelo waiting for her, when he saw the state she was in he didn't ask what was wrong, he just held her. After an hour she finally told Angelo what was wrong.

"Angelo, you know what i told you a few months ago about when Ruby was born." said Charlie in a feeble voice.

"Ya i can remember, why did Ruby find out?" asked Angelo.

"Yes she..." Charlie sobbed while trying to get the words out "did but she doesnt know the full story".

In the diner a young teenager was ordering a coffee off Colleen. She was asking what he was doing in summer bay....

Chapter 3

"Hi can I order a coffee please?" asked a boy around the age of 16.

"I haven't seen you around Summerbay before. Are you moving here?" asked Colleen the local gossip 'queen'.

"Am, I'm not sure if I'm moving here, I'm just here to sort out something. I'll be over by the computers when your ready with my coffee." replied the boy quickly, making sure he would dodge another one of her questions. Colleen wandered to the kitchen to get his coffee and to tell Leah. When she brought his coffee over, he asked her a question while paying her.

"Could you tell me where Charlie Buckton lives please?"

"I can bring you there if you want?" asked Colleen, she was nearly begging him to accept her proposition. She couldn't bear not to know what he wanted Charlie for.

"Am no thank you, just the address please." he replied with a small smile which showed off his shiny White teeth.

After Colleen wrote down the address and handed it to him she had one more thing to ask him.

"I never got your name?"

"It's Jake, Jake Bledcoe" he replied with a little smirk running across his face.

"Hi Geoff I'm glad you came" sobbed Ruby reaching out of her bed for her boyfriend.

"It's ok Ruby. What happened? What's made you so upset?" asked Geoff with a worried expression on his face.

"I asked Charlie about what the boy told me. She didn't deny it, she lied to me Geoff!" explained Ruby in an angry voice.

"Oh Ruby I'm so sorry for you, don't worry I'll look after you" replied Geoff as he hugged her.

"I thought I could trust her again Geoff, I thought we were past all the lies." said Ruby as she lay her head on Geoffs shoulder.

Chapter 4

It had been two days since ruby was admitted to hospital and today was the day she was getting out. When Geoff collected

her and brought her back to Irenes she decided to ring Charlie. She really wanted to find out more about her past. Charlie

picked up straight away once she saw Rubys name on the caller ID.

"Ruby is everything ok?" asked Charlie worried for her daughter. She always felt the maternal feelings tug away at her.

"Am we need to talk" said Ruby advoiding Charlies question.

"Ya sure I would really like that. Will I go over to Irenes or do you want to come over here?" asked Charlie eagerly.

"Ill meet you at Leahs in an hour" replied Ruby sternly.

"Ya ok see you then" said Charlie but Ruby had already hung up on her.

"Hi how are you?" asked Charlie when Ruby arrived in Leahs sitting room.

"Am I suppose I'm ok, I'm used to it by now" replied Ruby as she moved over to the opposite sofa and sat down.

Charlie started to speak so she could tell Ruby everything before an argument broke out. "When I was pregnant the doctor told me I was expecting twins." said Charlie as she stared at the ground. "When I gave birth the doctor told me that my son didn't make it, he said he died.." Charlie looked at Ruby waiting for a big outburst but Ruby just sat there frozen. A lot of people wouldn't believe what Charlie just said but Ruby believed her mother. She could sense if Charlie was lying and knew Charlie wasn't lying now. After a few minutes of silence Ruby finally spoke. "I believe you Charlie but... He said he's your son."

"I know but my son died. I haven't got a son." replied Charlie. She said the last five words in a whisper.

Ruby moved over to where Charlie was sitting and took her hands and told her "You have a daughter."

Charlie broke down when she heard those words. She put her hand on Rubys face and said to her "Ruby you have no idea how much that means to me. I love you so much. I never meant to hurt you."

Ruby hugged Charlie and rested her head on Charlies shoulder and said "I love you too."

The next day Morag got a phone call from Charlie looking for Ross.

"Ross darling Charlies on the phone." shouted Morag up the stairs to Ross. Ross quickly came down and took the phone from Morag. "Hello Charlie, is everything ok? Is Ruby ok?" Ross asked with a bewildered expression on his face.

Charlie replied "Ruby is perfect but everyting isn't ok. A boy went to Rubys house last week and said he is my son."

"That must have been a shock dear. You haven't seen him since he was put up for adoption at a day old" said Ross in a calm voice.

"What? You told me my son died! You said he was too weak and that he died straight away when he was born! You said he died!" Charlie screamed in the phone before hanging up. Ross stood there frozen, realising the secret he kept his whole life was released in a matter of seconds.

"I'll take it!" said Jake as he smoothly touched the gun in his hand.

"Pleasure doing business with you." smiled the dealer as he counted the money in his hands.

"Am one more thing. I need some sedatives to knock someone out for a few hours at least." asked Jake with a serious expression on his long face.

The dealer foraged in his pockets, then he took out a small plastic bag with pills inside and said "This should do the job."

"Perfect!" smiled Jake.

"Oh one more thing. Don't tell anyone about this little deal." said the dealer while he stared Jake straight in the eyes.

"Don't worry, no one will get a chance to." laughed Jake as he turned around and started walking away.

Chapter 5

"Ross darling, are you ok?" asked Morag. Ross didn't move, didn't speak, didn't blink an eyelid, he just stood like a ghost remembering his past, remembering what he had and what he did. After what felt like a century of silence for Morag, Ross pulled out a chair and gestured Morag to sit down. "I have something to tell you." said Ross with no emotion on his face. "When Charlie revealed she was pregnant, I was in shock but when the doctor told us she was expecting twins, I can't even describe how I felt. I had to do something to help Charlie. My wife and I sat down and we decided to put one up for adoption and tell Charlie it died."

Morag didn't say anything to Ross, she just stared at him and thought if she really knew her husband.

"When Ruby and Charlies son were born, I gave away her son."

Morag interrupted Ross and asked "Why her son?"

Ross looked up at Morag and answered in a cold voice "He looked like his father." Ross waited for Morag to reply but she didn't so he continued on. "I was a major authority figure where we lived, I had a lot of power. The staff in the hospital respected my wishes of giving away Charlies son. Charlies life was hard but it was a hell of a lot easier without two Children to worry about. I don't regret my choices but I do regret lying. I was doing what was best for my daughter."

"Why are you telling me now Ross?" asked Morag.

"Last week a boy came looking for Charlie, he said he's her son. Charlie rang and just told me. I wasn't thinking and I let slip about the adoption." replied Ross.

"Am I'm going to ring your carer to come over. I need to go see Charlie." said Morag as she started dialing in the phone.

Ross didn't bother to fight, he was too tired.

Once Charlie hung on Ross she thought about ringing Angelo but she knew there was one person who needed to know the truth first. Charlie dialed the number quickly and waited for an answer.

"Hi Charles." said Ruby in a cheery voice.

"I have to tell you something, is it ok if you come over?" asked Charlie, trying to hide her sobs.

"Ya sure is everything alright?" asked Ruby, the pitch in her voice getting higher.

"I'll tell you when you come over. Bye." said Charlie quickly and hanging up before she would break down.

Ruby arrived at Leah's quicker than she ever did before. She burst through he door and saw Charlie sitting on the couch waiting for her.

"Charlie, what's happened? Is everything ok?" asked Ruby as she made over to Charlie and sat down.

Charlie told Ruby what happened with Ross.

"Ruby, can you tell me whats going through your head?" asked Charlie.

"Don't worry about me Charles. How are you?" said Ruby watching Charlie carefully for any sign of a breakdown.

"I don't know Rubes. I don't no what to think. I don't know what to do."

"You know what, how about me and you go to the diner and just talk, talk about me and Geoff, talk about you and Angelo. Lets just go talk about stuff!" said Ruby as she caught Charlies hand and pulled her off the couch.


"No ams Charlie, you need a distraction to be able to think. And i am that distraction. C'mon!" said Ruby pulling Charlie out the door.

Ruby and Charlie left the house through the front door while some one entered the house quietly through the back door.

Chapter 6

Charlie and Ruby went to the diner for a coffee and a chat.

“Now what can I get you ladies?” asked Colleen.

“A couple of cappuccinos please.” answered Ruby politely.

“Rightio.” said Colleen as she waddled away.

“So how are things with Angelo?” asked Ruby trying to distract Charlie from her thoughts.

Charlie laughed and said “I was wondering when you would start.”

“All I'm starting is a chat Charles. Well are you going to answer my question?”said Ruby grinning.

“Ok ok. Everything is good with Angelo, he's busy lately with a case he's working on, so I haven't seen a lot of him lately.”

“Aw. Anyways are you going to ask me about Geoff?” asked Ruby excitedly.

“How are things with you and Geoff?” laughed Charlie.

“They're brilliant Charlie. He's so sweet and considerate. And you'll never guess what?”

“What?” smiled Charlie not even remotely interested.

“He told me he wanted to be with me forever and he loves me.” Ruby waited for Charlie to reply but she didn't. “I'm sorry Charlie, I think this was a bad idea. Do you want to go for a walk on the beach and talk about it?” asked Ruby as she put her hand on Charlies.

“Thanks Rubes but I think I will go home and read a nice book. You don't need to worry.” said Charlie getting up.

“Ok so, but please ring me if you need someone to talk to.” said Ruby while hugging Charlie.

Charlie returned home and didn't notice anything out of place. She sat down on the sofa and just opened the first page of her book when she was pulled up off the chair from behind. She struggled and yelled “Help!” but no one was at home. The person who was holding her took one hand away and searched in there pockets for a minute, then the person took out some tiny pills and stuffed them in Charlies mouth. Just before Charlie collapsed she heard a voice snigger “Don't worry darling mum, everything is going to be perfect...perfect.”

“Hi Geoff!” smiled Ruby when she saw her boyfriend walk into the diner.

“Hey babe.” replied Geoff before he kissed Ruby.

“What have you been up to all morning?” asked Geoff.

“I was with Charlie. She told me that” Ruby stopped what she was saying after realizing she left her phone at Charlies. “Sorry Geoff I left my phone at Charlies, I'll tell you later what happened but I have to go now and get my phone.”

“I can come if you like?” asked Geoff eagerly.

“I would say yes but I'm hoping me and Charlie can talk about something. Sorry.” replied Ruby before giving Geoff a quick kiss and leaving the diner.

When Ruby arrived at Leah's she called out for Charlie but couldn't find her. Just before she was about to leave she saw Charlies phone lying on the ground. Charlie had typed in the words 'HELP' on the screen. Ruby was just about to ring Angelo but someone walked in the door to Ruby's surprise.

Chapter 7

“Hello Ruby.” said Morag as she walked into the sitting room.

“Oh hi Morag.” replied Ruby looking a bit flustered.

“Is everything ok? You look pale Ruby.” asked Morag.

“Am .... I don't know.” said Ruby. Just then Ruby saw a letter on the coffee table. Inside someone wrote If you want to see your mother again, go to the shack where Charlie kidnapped Grant. No police.

“What is it?” asked Morag, walking over to Ruby and touching her arm.

“I found Charlies phone and it had the word help on the screen and this letter.....” Ruby started to cry and she couldn't finish. Morag took the letter and read it.

“Oh my, we should ring Angelo.” said Morag as she made her way over to the phone.

“No. We can't, he might hurt Charlie! No I'm going to the shack.” shouted Ruby.

“But Ruby.” interrupted Morag.

“No buts Morag I can't risk Charlies life.”

“Lets go.” said Morag as she made her way towards the door.

“Lets go where?” asked Ruby looking confused.

“To the shack.” replied Morag.

On their way there Ruby asked Morag something which she couldn't figure out.so

“Morag, Why did you come Leahs today?”

“Ross told me about Charlies son, so I decided to come and check how she was.”

“Wheres Ross now?” asked Ruby.

“With the carer.” replied Morag concentrating on the road.

A silence set on them but after a while Ruby broke it when she whispered “I can't lose her.”

“Don't worry everything is going to be ok Ruby.” said Morag as she touched Rubys hand.

Morag and Ruby arrived at the shack where they saw a van parked outside. They both got out of the car and made there way through the door. Someone was waiting.

Meanwhile at Leahs house someone was reading the letter.

Chapter 8

“Charlie!” Ruby screamed. When she saw Charlie laying on the floor with her hands and feet tied.

“Morag, Ruby get out of here before he comes back!” shouted Charlie.

“Before who comes back? Me. Why would she have to get out of here?” smiled Jake walking into the room and moving over to Ruby.

“What do you think you are doing?” asked Morag looking fiercely at Jake.

“Now that is a really good question.” laughed Jake. Jake smiled at Morag Charlie and Ruby before he started to talk. “You see ladies, a few months ago I was Jake Harrison, I thought I knew who my parents were, but I was wrong. My real father Grant Bledcoe came looking for me, he told me the truth.”

Ruby interrupted him before he could continue “But how did he know that he had a son?”

“Hmm... can you think of someone who has Alzheimer's?” replied Jake smirking at Ruby.

Charlie, Ruby and Morag all gasped at the same time.

“Yes ladies, Ross. Poor old Ross.” laughed Jake. “Getting back to my story, Grant told me what you did to him, that you kidnapped him. Then a few weeks later I found out from the newspaper that he was dead.”

“He deserved to die, he raped so many people in his life. Our father was a rapist!” screamed Ruby

“He told me ye would say that.” said Jake. He straightened up and pulled out a gun and said “Time to get down to business.” Jake tied up Ruby and Morag and put them beside Charlie.

“Hmm time to make my decision.” Jake exclaimed. He pointed the gun at Morag and said “Should I kill you? You are Ross's wife. He killed my father. The only person who ever told me the truth. No I shouldn't kill you. You wont cause enough pain for Ross.” Next he pointed the gun at Charlie and said “What about you .. Mum. Did you ever think of finding me since you found out?” Jake waited for an answer but Charlie didn't reply. He continued on and said “No I won't kill you either, you worthless enough as it is.” Jake turned to Ruby and he tightened his grip on his gun. “Ruby Ruby Ruby. You and me both know that you were a mistake and I think I should get rid of the mistake.”

Ruby replied in a calm voice and said “If I'm a mistake what are you?

“A murderer...” replied Jake. At that very moment a bullet went off. The sound filled the air like a thunder storm.

Chapter 9

Jake dropped to the floor grabbing his chest, trying to stop the bleeding.

“Ross!” Ruby screamed.

“Dad?” said Charlie.

Ross began to explain even though nobody asked. “I went to Leah's to see if you were ok Charlie. I found the letter and I knew you were in danger so I brought a gun. I'm sorry Charlie for everything.”

Charlie hesitated to speak but finally said “I don't want to speak to you. Can you please untie us so we can go home?” Ross untied Ruby. He made his way over to Morag and knelt down in front of her and started to untie her ropes. While untying them he began to speak to Morag while Ruby began to speak to Charlie.

“I'm sorry for lying to you Morag. I thought I was doing what was best.” pleaded Ross.

Ruby hugged Charlie and asked “Are you ok Charlie?”

“I don't want to talk about it now Ross. Let's just leave it until we get home.” replied Morag not looking at Ross.

“You shouldn't have come here Ruby. What if something happened to you? I would have never forgiven myself.” replied Charlie.

“Your not going to forgive me are you Morag?” said Ross.

“Well I would have never forgiven myself if something happened to you Charles.” said Ruby as she took Charlies free hands.

Morag stared at Ross, Charlie stared at Ruby, but nobody stared at Jake. With one hand clutching his chest he took the gun in his free hand and shot twice before dropping to the ground.

“Ruby!” screamed Charlie.

“Ross!” screamed Morag.

Both Ross and Ruby lay there looking up at the ones they loved.

Ross took Morags hand and whispered “I'm sorry for the lies Morag. I love you.”

Ruby took Charlies hand and murmured “I'm sorry for the way I acted over the past few months. I love you Mum.”

Chapter 10

“Ruby Buckton, 16, gun wound to the back, bullet has hit the septum.” said the paramedic from the ambulance as he informed the doctor.

“Ross Buckton, 59, gun wound to back, bullet has gone through spine and punctured lung.” said another ambulance paramedic.

Charlie and Morag waited impatiently outside both operation rooms.

“I …. I should have been the one shot.” cried Charlie.

“I should have forgiven him.” cried Morag.

Charlie stood up and ran over to Angelo when she saw him come through the doors.

“Angelo I can't lose her!” sobbed Charlie falling into Angelo's arms.

“Don't worry she's going to be ok.” replied Angelo.

“She called me mum...” cried Charlie against Angelo's chest.

“And she'll call you mum again when she wakes up.” murmured Angelo into Charlies ear.

“But what if she doesn't wake up.” cried Charlie.

“She will, I know she will. She's not going to leave her mother.” replied Angelo in a soothing voice.

“I think I should talk to Morag.” said Charlie getting up after a few minutes of crying against Angelo's chest.

“It's going to be ok Morag.” said Charlie sitting beside Morag and taking her hand.

“I should have forgiven him.” said Morag trying to fight back the tears.

“I know how you feel.” whispered Charlie.

“I'm his wife, I should have forgiven him. What if he doesn't live?”

“It's going to be ok Morag, we can both tell him we forgive him when he wakes up.”

After a few minutes Morag spoke again “Is there any news on Ruby?”

“She's in surgery. The doctors say she's critical. I can't lose her Morag.” replied Charlie crying again.

“It's going to be fine, in a few weeks Ruby will be back living with you.” said Morag.

In one of the operating rooms a doctor said “Time of death 9:45”.

Chapter 11

“I'm sorry Mrs Buckton, there was nothing we could do, his lung collapsed during surgery.” said a doctor informing Morag.

Charlie sat beside Ruby's bed. The doctors said her surgery went well but the next 24 hours would be critical.

“Ruby, please wake up.” pleaded Charlie. “I need you so much. I know our relationship over the past few months has been unstable but I want to change that. Please wake up.”

Charlie held Ruby's hand and just stared at her without talking. After a while Charlie began talking again to Ruby. “I remember when you were born, you were so small, you looked like an angel but the doctors told me that you were too small and that you mightn't live. But you did Rubes and that's what you need to do now Ruby. I need to be a mother to you. You need to be my daughter. Please Ruby ….. I can't lose you. I love you.”

“Mum.” murmured Ruby as she feebly twitched her eyelids.

“Oh my god Ruby, come on open your eyes.” said Charlie rubbing Ruby's arm.

“What happened? I remember being shot, then I remember you were holding me. I can't remember after that.” said Ruby rubbing her eyes.

“You nearly died.” said Charlie as she started to cry.

“What are you crying for? I'm alive.” replied Ruby as she took Charlies hand.

“I could have lost you Rubes. I should have been shot not you. I'm supposed to protect you.” cried Charlie.

“But don't you see, you have always protected me. I thought you ruined my life by hiding the truth but I was wrong. You were protecting me. If you didn't lie I might have never grown up as happy and safe as I did. I grew up with the best sister I could ever ask for and you always kept me safe.” replied Ruby.

“I love you Ruby.” said Charlie giving her daughter a hug.

“I love you too mum.” smiled Ruby.

Morag came into the room and said “I have to tell you something Charlie.”

Before Charlie could reply Ruby said “What is it Morag? If it's about Ross I want to know too.”

Morag took a deep breath and said “Ross didn't make it through surgery. He's dead.”

Chapter 12

“May Ross Buckton rest in peace amen.” said the priest as Ross's coffin was lowered into the grave.

Alf stood beside Morag, while Ruby stood beside Charlie hand in hand.

After the funeral Morag Charlie and Ruby went back to Leah's.

“So what happens now? Are you going to stay here or go back to the city?” Ruby asked Morag.

“Am I have actually decided to travel. I'm leaving tonight actually.” replied Morag.

“What! You don't have to leave straight away?”

“Yes I do. It's what I need right now.” Ruby thought for a while and decided not to fight.

“Ok.” smiled Ruby.

Later that night Charlie and Ruby brought Morag to the airport and said goodbye for a few months.

When they got home Ruby and Charlie sat down on the sofa and watched a movie.

“This is nice.” whispered Charlie into Ruby's ear, as Ruby lay her head on Charlies shoulder.

“I've missed this.” murmured Ruby.

“I've missed you Ruby.”

“What do you mean?”

“I miss kissing you goodnight, I've miss us watching movies together, I miss seeing you in the morning....”

Ruby interrupted Charlie and asked “Can I move home?

Charlie sprang off the seat and embraced her daughter and said “You don't even need to ask! Of course you can move home!”

Charlie and Ruby snuggled beside each other on the sofa for the rest of the night. Ruby lay in Charlies arms and whispered “I love you mum.”

“I love you too Rubes. I always have, and I always will. Forever.”



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