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  1. im really liking the scenes between them these days!!
  2. theres trouble ahead for ruby with her mum!
  3. i just read the spoilers for the 9th of august! i cant wait for the ruby and charlie storyline! Charlie might be actually there for Ruby? hopefully it turns out good.
  4. yay!!! we have a charlie and ruby scene in a week or two!!! I cant wait!! its been so long!! hopefully its not centered around angelo!
  5. we havent had a scene in ages!!!!
  6. i really hope we get a charlie and ruby scene next week.
  7. did ruby call charlie mum in epsiode 5035??
  8. I wouldn't bring Joey in, i think there's way too many fan ficitions about Joey and Charlie. Maybe you could let Charlie and ruby go on a holiday, or maybe ruby might get a love interest?
  9. Story Title: All I need is you. Type of story: Short/medium fic. Main Characters: Charlie, Ruby. Minor Characters/Character Mentions: Doctors, Xavier, Angelo, Nicole, Annie. BTTB rating: G Genre: Family, Hurt/comfort. Spoilers: No. Is this story being proof read: No. Warnings: No. Summary: When Ruby is diagnosed with cancer, Charlie must finally be a mother.
  10. awh i love the chats between ruby and charlie! love this story!!
  11. Hi read ur fic on fanfiction.net its really gud! just wondering if u are goin to finish it???

  12. Last chapter guys!! Im personally not happy with it but i aint got the time to finish it the way i want it so enjoy!!! Thanks for the comments!!
  13. im so annoyed that we still havent had any scene with charlie and ruby!!!
  14. great update! hope charlie and angelo are ok! update soon please!!
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