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Fri 05 Feb 2010 – Episode # 5005

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” Memories Of Maddie “

[ Screened in Australia on Fri 05 Feb 2010 – Episode # 5005 ]


After Avery and the others congratulate Angelo & Charlie on their promotions, Charlie suggest to Angelo they should REALLY celebrate his promotion tonight – but he insists it should be joint celebration.


Marsh talks to Gena. She comet on how stressed Alf is – not just bout the riot, but how everything to do with Hugo as well.

Xavier enters the room, and he is pleased when they confirm his thought that Charlie has retuned to tee bay after her break.


As Alf drives along, he & Geoff talk bout how Aden is going up the bait shop, i.e. quite well apparently. When Alf tells Geoff he wishes Geoff could also work there, Geoff suggest at he doesn’t think the bait shop would be big enough for he & Aden.

After Geoff gets a text msg from ruby – asking bout his shoulder etc, Geoff tells Alf that ppl like ruby should be more worried bout the like of Hazam who were really injured during the riot. Geoff is concerned when Alf rather vehemently comet tat he’s like to bang the heads together of the ppl who were involved in the riot.

Note – its ironic [in light of ruby’s diabetes] that the shoe is on other foot now, with Ruby being worried bout Geoff’s burns, and him not watching her to make a fuss bout it


Charlie & Angelo have a kinda uneasy chat [no doubt because of the promotions] before Alf & Geoff arrives.

When they go into the interview room, the police show alf & Geoff a series of identikit sketches of ppl possibly involve in the riot. Whilst Alf can point a few faces out, he’s not sure what those partic ppl did. Geoff rather bluntly says he doesn’t recognise anyone amongst the pics.


Alf comet to Geoff he seem like an angry young man at the police station, but Geoff tells him he juts doesn’t want to be reminded of what occurred.

Xavier approaches Geoff – and asks bout his shoulder. Geoff angrily tells Xavier at it REALLY hurts, beefer Geoff bails.


Xavier goes after him, and apologises for all of this – as none of this would have happened without what Hugo did.

Geoff tells Xavier tat the pain of the burns is like getting constantly stabbed with 1000 knifes. Xavier tries to uplift the mood – by swig that girls LOVE guys who scars like that. Xavier also comments on how his family are slowly picking up the pieces after what Hugo did.


Marsha is worried bout Alf – and how he is pulling basks from the community. Alf tells marsh that they’ll all have to get by without him.


Gina is about to bail when Marsha arrives. She is pleased that Geoff is here. After Gina does bail, Marsha goes inside and she & Xavier talk bout Hugo & Alf. They are all worried bout Alf – whilst, in regards to Hugo, they comment tat they’ve got to get rid of their hatred towards Hugo or they won't be able to movie on.


Angelo tells Alf tat he just knows what happened today has affected Charlie – as she is very competitive.

Angelo is REALLY worried when alf say the he is LEAVING town, maybe forver.


Angelo talks to Charlie about what’s been happening at the station. She insists that whilst she was “thrown” by it at 1st, it’s not a problem now – the way she is talking though suggest otherwise [the tone etc in her voice]


Geoff talks to Marsha bout what happened during the riot. He tells Marsha he is REALLY SCARED at the monet – as regular ppl, from their town did this.


After Angelo enters, h talks to Alf bout what Alf said before bout perhaps bailing. Angelo tells Alf that this place is special – as, apart from everything else, it eventually gave Angelo a 2nd chance.


Xavier apologise to Charlie from EVERYTING that Hugo did. Charlie insists that nothing the Hugo did was Xavier’s fault. Xavier wonders if Charlie needs some money from any reason. She tells him that is generous, but she’s not taking money form a teen etc.

Xavier tells charley that what Hugo did etc make him re-evaluate ting. The only that that mater is that we love & care for the ppl close to us – family & fiends etc.

Note – I thought tat Xavier might have told Charlie bout all that money in this scene, but he didn’t.

Later, Charlie is talking to Anglo as she ADMITS tat she feel pretty ripped off bout the fact he’s now in charge of the YC station now.


Geoff & Marsha talk further bout what’s occurred. When Geoff says he is dealing with his pian, Marsha tells him she means his EMOTONAL pin, not the physical pain of his scars. She tells him that you can’t outrun that emotional pain, you’ve GOT to face it – like she eventually did with what happened to jack etc.

She suggests [either figuratively or otherwise] letting salt water into his wounds, and just be thankful tat he’s still alive.


After Geoff gets close to the water edge, he takes of his shirt AND the bandages etc covering his burns. He runs into the water and dives in. when he comes back to the surface, there’s a sense of aliveness AND pain on his face.

Note – the burns look GREAT [form a make up etc point of view] and naturally, everyone with burns/scars like this is gouging to remind me of the AWESOME Matilda Harriet Jane Hunter got burnt in an explosion at the reception of JnM’s 1st wedding !!!!



Rachel comments to Leah “you’ve not left this place [your house] for a week”

Miles angrily suggest to alf at if he can't see the good things in tee bay, then maybe alf SHOULD leave

Mink tells Xavier she killed her mum’s abusive husband!!!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Marsha: blue & white thin strap maxi dress


Charlie: dark mini dress


Geoff: white [dark crest] t/denim shorts


Alf: wide brim hat/bone long pants/olive green [yellow check] button up shirt

Angelo: light blue police shirt/dark blue long pants

Angelo: white t/dark blue shirt/dark long pants

Avery: light blue police shirt/dark blue long pants

Charlie: light blue police shirt/dark blue long pants

Gina: white [pink floral] blouse/dark long pants

Xavier: blue [white “stoux Indian motor oil”] t/dark long pants

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