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Wed 3 Feb 2010 – Episode # 5003

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” In The Spotlight “

[ Screened in Australia on Wed 3 Feb 2010 – Episode # 5003 ]


A male TV reporter in standing in front of the burnt out remains – intro’ing a story bout recent vents in the bay [ppl smuggling, the race riot]. He wonders how things went so wrong in the idyllic coastal town.

[note – form now until the reporter talk to his producer, the lighting is subdued, so to make we the audience awr5e tat all the comments below are part of the TV report that is being on on the crisis]


Colleen rpsons to the reporter’s question by saying she doesn’t know [how things wet wrong]. She knows this town has seen its share of drama by noting like this. Colleen is very downbeat as she talks.


Marsha vehemently tells the reprter that a certain local counsellor and the local pres are to blame.


When the reportre talk to Miles, the later tell him that Hazam has live in the bay for quite a while, but Miles doubts that Hazam will return to the bay after this.


Colleen tells the reporter how kind & polite Hazam was. She also says how everyone in the bay isn’t like the rednecks who trashed this place. She esp. mentions Alf.


When the reporter cal Alf a hero, Alf comments ta the press use that tem far too often these days. He also say at he did no more that the like of Miles or Geoff. Alf also angrily commit bout the drunken rednecks who did this.


As the reporter approaches Liam, he comments on how this town is a haven for those who are trying t keep out of the spotlihght – like Liam. Liam ins't ken to talk to the reporter.


When the reporter talk to Nicole & Aden, Nicole says she’s been distracted by other events in her recently, whilst Aden respond [amongst other things] by seeing he [Aden] has lost his job.

The reporter speaks breifly to Aden & Nic bout Hugo, before he asks Marsh if she knew what Hugo was up top. She insists that she did not.

That last bit we see on a laptop screen as the rapport & his producer look at tee footage. She [producer] thinks it’s not punchy enough t tee moment. She insist to Alf is the key to Alf this – its like, is he hiding something form the media etc?


Tony, Irene & Leah enter. Tony & Irene talk bout ho9w Hazam is being treated in a hospital in tee city. When they are Leah is she wants anything to eat, all Leah wants to sod is rest.

After she heads for bedroom, Iren & tony talk bout hping tat Rach will be able to convince Leah to talk to someone bouyt what she is felling.

Leah re enterers tee room – she want to see the diner. Iren doesn’t think it’s a good idea – but Leah insists.


As Colleen, Leah &* Irene stand amongst tee burnt out remains, Irene is trying to keep things upbeat, but both colleen & eps. Leah DONLT think that things can be rebuilt here – as this place was destroyed by ppl in their town, not an act of nature.


The reporter tries to talk to Alf, who so doesn’t want to talk to him. Alf thinks that TV ppl are after cheap ratings and dolt rally care bout tee bay.

After Alf bails, the reporter convinces Marsha to talk to Alf bout this.


Nic is concerned ta she missed out on the 1st round of uni offers. When Aden kisses Nic, and miles talks about how kind of noisy they are being, Aden wonders if miles would like a kiss too.

Nic’s attention turns to the TV news that she is watshing. The pie say at Liam has been charged with drug possession etc.


Liam enters and apologises for the comet he made to Marsha when he was “high“. Although Lima is pretty downbeat, Marsha insists ta he should stay positive.

After Lima bails, alf enters. Marsha tries to talk to him, but Alf tells marsha that right now he's had a gutful of this town. Alf bails.


Alf & miles survey the mess [Australian flags & banners strewn bout on the ground]. When miles talks about Hazam in the city, Alf responds by saying that he wouldn’t mind swapping places with Hazam right now.


Marsha is in tears as the reporter talk to her bout recent events. She insists that that she won’t talk about her 'ship with Hugo.

The reporter asks Irene to talk to Alf – his comet at if Alf doesn't talk to the media, all the ppl who watch this will rem is ta riot/all the bad stuff.


Aden approaches Liam and apologises for what’s occureed tween them in the past. He wants to be friends – as that’s what Nic wants still to be with Liam. Aden also comments on how Nic blames herself for Lima “falling of the wagon”


Liam assures Nic ta what happened to him WASNLT her fault.

Also, Iren talks to Alf. She is keen for him to talk to the press, but Alf insist at talking WONLT fix what’s wrong with this town right now.


The reporter is talk to marsh when Alf enters. When reporter speaks to Alf about this town, Alf comet that Alf doesn’t REALLY know the place any more. Reporter tells Alf that he needs to get his opinion across, or all ppl will remember is the bad stuff that’s happened here.


The TV public affairs show etc piece begins with the report speaking to Alf. Alf comet that he’s been many places round the world, but there's no place like the bay. Its things like everyone in town being like part of your family and good spirited community.


As the TV piece continues, Colleen & Irene talk about how the diner wasnlt just a building. It’s a place the represents the heart of this town etc.

Marsha comet tat Alf doesn’t see himself as a hero as that means there was a victory of some kind, but there were NO winners in this mess.


Alf comet that he & the ppl of the bay things for granted [Alf incl], and they won’t do so again. Alf also comets tat he won’t close his eyes to what’s been going on.


With Alf, Miles & Nic wasting the report on TV, the reporter ends the piece by wondering if the ppl of the bay can pick up the pieces after what’s occurred – or has this town’s innocence been lost forever. Te reports end e t epic by saying that SB will NEVER be the same again.



Aden has a romantic surprise for Nicole

Sound like Charlie & Angelo are heading for a long distance ‘ship

Looks like Alf is selling the bait shop

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Nicole: red [with white dots on each shoulder] kinda scoop top/dark knee length skirt


Aden: dark [man playing a guitar against a grey background] t/denim jeans


Liam: green [blue check] button up shirt/denim jeans


Alf: white [light brown check] button up shirt/wide brim hat/bone long pants

Colleen: white [blue & brown floral] top/dark [light pink floral] maxi skirt

Irene: red low cut v neck top/dark long pants

Leah: dark long sleeve top/grey long pants

Marsha: dark thin strap top/dark [white floral] skirt

Miles: olive green button up shirt/white [dark unknown motif] t/dark long pants

Tony: olive green polo/denim jeans

TV Producer: white blouse/green jacket/dark beaded necklace

TV Reporter: dark suit/white button up shirt

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