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Tues 2 Feb 2010 – Episode # 5002

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” The Spock To Her Jaina Solo “

[ Screened in Australia on Tues 2 Feb 2010 – Episode # 5002 ]


With the fire raging around them, Alf & Geoff do all the can to put it out – with a fire extinguisher & towels etc. Ruby phone the emergency services whilst all [esp. Leah] seem to vibe VERY stress at what’s going on.


The drunken rednecks continue to hurl things at the diner – inbcl more firebombs. When trey’s dad tried to stop them, he gets a bit of a wake up call – when the lead redneck comet that it looks like Trey’s dad is on the other side [supporting ppl like the refuges and Hazam] now.


Miles talk to Mink & Romeo bout how she is a surf champ who is on a bit of a break tweeny comps at ytthe momnet. When she suggest tat if Miles wants to watch her surf, he’ll have to pay – but he snuggery tat she won’t she living her rant free if that’s the case.

After Mink & Romeo bail – to go to Xavier’s, Rabbit arrives [back [patio door]. She suggest tat they play poker this time – and Miles is sure he can best her.


Tony ^ Rachel; comet on how its intriguing tat harry doesn’t usually make a sound/isn’t stressed etc at all when he’s being carried in the front pouch thingy that Tony has him in now. They wish tat that Harry was like this when in his cot and other place.

After Tony [with Harry] bails, Nurse Gloria tells Rach is a big accident at Reefton lakes – there’s at latest 10 casualties etc. she also comets that there’s been ppl hurt at the diner as well. Rach looks VERY concerned.


With the rednecks attacks not stopping anyt9ine soon, Geoff & Alf try al that can to put out the fires. It doesn’t help when Ruby tell that all that they won’t be getting any outside help for a while before of the Reefton lakes emergency.


Mink & Romeo arrives and they have a rather intriguing chat with Gina [whilst Xavier is in the shower]. Mink reveals tat that IS her real name and amongst other things. She is quite condescending towards Gina - i.e. when Gina comments she surfs, Mink remarks thins are different now that in the “Gidget” era.] Mink also reveal tat their [her & Romeo’s] dad died and their mum left them.

After Xavier gets out of the shower, he is keen to change 1st before mink goes into his room, but she insist there's nothing he has that she hasn't seen. As those 2 & Romeo head for Xavier’s room, Gina looks worried.


After Rabbit wins ANOTHER game of poker, she comets that she just knows what will happen. To make her point, she EASILY can tell what the 5 or so random cards that miles pulls out of pack are [naturally, the king, queen etc bit of the cards are facing away for Rabbit as she does this]. Rabbit tell miles she’s been able to do this kind things for ages – and she has seen other things to in her time, before they happen. Miles is worried when Rabbit FAINTS!!!!


Xavier doesn’t like tat Romeo told mink bout the money, whilst she insist that he’s got to hide in where huis mum can't find it. Mink then puts some of the money down Xavier’s pants. Gina enters with some snacks - which mink appreciates – whilst vaxier closes t bedroom door seconds later.


After RABBIT comes to, she tells Miles tat she could see ppl in danger and fire and ppl hiding under tables. She seems a bit annoyed tat he isn’t keeping up with what she is saying. Miles suggest they should head for the diner – there a re lots of tables there.

Notes –

1. I ADORE that Rabbit’s got “Jedi” like abilities. I sooooooooooooooooo want her to be a mainie !!!!!!

2. it was GRTEAT how Miles was all logical, like Spock form Star Trek, to help Rabbbit makes sense of her vision

3. Jaina Solo is the Force strong daughter of Han & Leia from the Star Wars movies.


With the mob still outside, Alf & others are keen to get Hazama out of here [to med care], but there’s no way they can go outdioe without getting attacked further. With the fire still raging, Geoff saves Ruby for being hit by a falling beam – Geoff himself gets hit by the beam. All the while, Leah seems esp. affected by all the is happening.


Rabbit * Miles are chatting when they see the rednecks outside the diner. An ambulance has arrived – and one drunk looser gets on top of it, whilst the rest block the vehicle’s path.

Rabbit can't handle this – she runs bask in the direction they came [back toward the VPH].

Alf &* trey’s dad convent the morons who are tryingt9o stop the ambulance officers from treating the ppl. Alf seems esp., disgusted that the leader of this pack is wearing an Oz flag as a cape. When Alf wonders where these ppl’s Aussie spirit is, the leader comets that it’s been killed by illegal &* terrorists. Alf stares down the lead redneck, and the drunken moron & his mates back way.

As the ambulance officers go inside to treat, Alf hopes that miles being here means the police are too, but miles comets that he got a tip off bout this.

Inside the diner, the ambo’s treat the likes of goeff & hazam, whilst Leah looks a complete wreck.


Mink is not impressed that Xavier seems to be pining over ruby. She suggest they should spend some of al the money – and what better cause than using it to celebrate on the eve of Australia Day.

As Mink & Romeo bails, Gina isn’t impressed that Xavier is heading out with the likes of Mink, but Xavier insist tat he can handle things. Xavier bails.


In the corridor, Ruby tell Irene the this is all her [ruby’s] fault – but Irene tries top assure her that its not.

Nurse Gloria tells them they can go in and see Geoff. When they do, they see he’s got burns to his right shoulder. Geoff opens his eyes when ruby touches his face.

Meanwhile, Rachel tire to tell the shell shocked Leah the they are about to perform emergency brain surgery on Hazam. Although Rach is sure Leah hasn’t really understood that, she tells Leah that Rach has to go and scrub up for theatre.

Soon after, Irene is siting with Leah, who wonders why something BAD always happen to the men she goes out with …. She talks bout Vinnie, Dan, Roman and now Hazam. Irene tri her best to assure Leah things will be ok.


Miles arrives home, and Rabbit is crying. She tells him that she doesn't want to see tings like this [premonitions etc] any more. Miles however tell Rabbit that it’s GREAT she did - as she helped a lot of ppl tonight. He doesn’t understand how etc she doe what she doe, but assured Rabbit that it’s a GOOD thing. Rabbit stops crying - indeed, there's now a UBER cute happy smile on her face.


With the police now is attendance, Romeo, Mink & Xavier arrive. Minsk comets that she was wrong – the bay isn't boring after all.

Nearby a disallusiooned looking Alf looks around him. He looks heartbroken as he picks up an Australian flag of the ground.



Leah looks even more devastated when she sees burnt out remains of the diner

Alf STERNLY says “talk won’t fix the problems of this town”

Men in business suits are chasing Liam

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Rabbit: green [red animal? motifs] long sleeve top/purple top/white & mostly red 3/4 skirt


Rachel: dark scoop top


Ruby: purple [blue floral on sleeve] long sleeve dress/wide tan belt


Alf: orange [green check] button up shirt/bone long pants

Colleen: red top/cream [pink floral] blouse

Geoff: grey hoddie/light blue [dark “7”] t/dark long pants

Gina: blue [white floral] top/white cardy/dark long pants

Harry: white beanie

Hazam: dark [red logo on chest] button up shirt/bone long pants

Irene: red blouse

Leah: silver singlet top/grey cardy/dark long pants

Miles: grey button up shirt/white [photo of a man] t/denims

Mink: grey [seaside like motif] thin strap top/denim short skirt

Nurse Gloria: mauve [work] blouse

Rachel: medical blue shirt [white collar] and matching long pants

Redneck 1: Australian flag [as a cape]

Romeo: yellow [a child’s face] t/dark sleeveless jacket/dark long pants

Tony: grey long sleeve top

Trey's dad : dark button up shirt/denim jeans

Xavier: black & grey horiz striped v neck t

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