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Mon 1 Feb 2010 – Episode # 5001

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” Killer, Rednecks …. And A Concerned Look “

[ Screened in Australia on Mon 1 Feb 2010 – Episode # 5001 ]


Romeo tells Miles tat Mink is a surfing champ, and Mink is kinda surprised when Miles calls Romeo by his 2nd [Romeo] name. Mink however doesn’t want to die – so she doesn’t tell Miles Romeo’s 1st name.


Rachel speaks to Liam. She’s DEF of the opinion tat he is seeking public disproval by ringing an ambulance and coming t the hospital – as she clearly think Liam could he handled this on his own at home.


When Romeo comet to Mink he was teaching ppl to surf here in tee bay, Mink pities his students. It’s also clear from their chat tat Mink and their mum DONLT get on real well.


Rach tell Liam that she has called the police bout what he did – and then comments that Liam seem to fallen of tee Wagin in a big way.


Irene & Geoff are trying their best to keep Ruby form blowing a gasket over tee sitch with tee refugees. She feels like she should be doing sooo much more of them that she has. Ruby LOVES Irene’s idea to gather together some care packages [food, toiletries etc] of tee refugees.


Mink & Romeo talk bout his love life – i.e. how tings dint go so well with Annie. He also tells her bout how his job here with tee surf club “went youth” after difference of opinion with trey’s dad. Not long after, Romeo points out Trey’s dad to Mink, she death stress him as she & Romeo bail.


Befoer they head for a surf, Romeo notices tat Mink has a new tattoo [on her bask near her right shoulder]. It says “killer”. Mink isn’t that keen to talk bout it – she wants to surf, so they head for tee beach.


Ruby & Geoff enter tee ICU where several of tee refuges [all asleep etc] are. They put t little care packages on each of tee bedside table. As they leave tee ICU, Geoff has a VERY concerned look on his face … like this REALLY has affected him deeply.


Romeo & mink enter house via back patio and as they talk to Miles & Rabbit, Mink sees THAT font page storey [illegal get free ride]. She now thinks even LESS of trey’s dad .. if that’s possible.


A now mushly affected by tee drugs Liam [he’s totally “high”] tells Rachel then Ken harper, then Martha how beautiful; they are. Rach “suggest” to Ken Harper he’s not going to get anything logical out of Liam for a while. Before he bails, Ken tells Rach he is to be notified immedaitely when Liam is moire coherent.


In tee kitchen, Ruby decides she still hasn't done enough to spt tee boat ppl. She decides to have a rally in spt of them – and against the racist behaviours of the likes of Trey’s dad. All the while, although they spt her, Irene & Geoff are keen for Rubes to calm down a bit.


Moments after Mink comet to Romeo how boring SB is, 2 rednecks [who’ve been drinking] call Hazam a terrorist. Although Trey's dad appears to be trying to get the redneck to get out of there, both Ruby & Mink take it tat trey's dad is on the side of the racists. Indeed, Mink punches Trey’s dad in the face – and says she won't hesitate in doing so again. Aromatically or otherwise, it’s Geoff *& Romeo who are the calm ones [urging Rubes & Mink to “cool it”]

Son after, Mink is indeed ready for a 2nd round with Trey’s dad – but Romeo garbs her by the arm and “suggests” they bail. He also condescendingly comments that Mink hasn’t changed a bit since he last saw her, they bail.


Rach seem to REALLY get thought to Lima when she kinda bluntly tells him that only HE can turn his life around.


Whilst its clear Leah isn’t 100% sure bout Ruby’s idea, she agree to let Ruby hold her rally [in font of the refugees] outside the diner.


Liam talk to9 Marsha. He wasn’t to speak to Gina but she isn’t home. He comments it was only the drugs talking earlier when she visited him in hosp.


Miles hears bout Mink’s eventful 1st day Bayside, before agreeing that she can stay here [as she's Romeo’s sis].


Leah & Hazam are walking along and when Hazam talks bout the racist attitude of some ppl, Leah comets bout some ppl still have a lot to learn

Outside the diner, Alf can se tet things are getting out of hand with some drunk rednecks. He suggest Trey’s dad to speak to the rednecks, but then as Leah & Hazam approach diner, , several rednecks attack Hazam.

He is beaten & bloody when Leah & others finally are able to get him into the diner. The drunken rednecks throw firebombs into the diner which sets it ablaze - with the likes of Ruby, Geoff, Leah, Hazam, colleen, Irene & Alf inside!!!



The diner is ablaze – and looks like Geoff is hit by a falling beam

Rabbit collapse as she talks to Miles – sounds like she’s an empath [who can feel the pain etc of ppl at the diner]

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Ruby: dark blue dress/dark jacket


Mink: zebra pattern halter bikini top/dark boardies


Leah: silver singlet top/grey cardy/dark long pants


Alf: orange [green check] button up shirt/bone long pants

Colleen: red top/cream [pink floral] blouse

Geoff: grey hoddie/light blue [dark “7”] t/dark long pants

Geoff: white [dark numbers] t/denim jeans

Hazam: dark [red logo on chest] button up shirt/bone long pants/brown banded watch

Irene: red blouse

Irene: white ruffled trim [dark trim round v neck] top

Ken Harper: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt/dark blue long pants

Liam: denim jeans/dark button up shirt/maroon t

Marsha: white knitted top

Miles: grey button up shirt/white [photo of a man] t

Miles: purple button up shirt/white [white "republic" logo & spark plug motif on circular red. blue & yellow background] t/dark long pants

Mink: dark kini top/dark top/denim shorts/dark thongs

Mink: green camo like singlet top/denim shorts

Rabbit: green long sleeve top

Rachel: dark top

Redneck 1 : dark [green kinda leafy] cap

Redneck 2: 2 Tone blue check button up shirt/Australain flag shorts

Romeo: dark [blue trim] wetsuit

Romeo: yellow [dark unknown motif[ t/dark sleeveless jacket/dark long pants

Ruby: blue [white mosaic] strapless maxi dress/brown belt/white headband

Trey's dad : dark button up shirt/denim jeans

Trey's dad: yellow & red lifeguard polo

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