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Stalker 06: The Second Story

Guest Stuart2006

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Episode 1

It was a lovely day when martha woke up. She yawned and then woke up sally,Ric,cassie,Tracey,Amanda,Eve,Scott(Marthas Boyfriends brother) and Adam (Her Boyfriend). They all got dressed and eve went down to the cellar for juice and Tracey followed her. Eve turned the lights off and they started Kissing. Josh seen them and turned the lights on. Tracey then went back to see ric. Josh walked in and said kiss kiss and she said you tell anyone you'll get bang bang. Josh walked to the tanoy and turnt it on. Eve pushed him back and he hit his head on the wall. He had been knocked out or maybe even dead. Eve thought back to when she murdered Marc Edwards. She planted him in a factory and then she torched it. The police seen her but eve shot him and run. Somehow josh escaped. He still blackmailed eve so one night she decided to kill him. Amanda wanted to help and so did Martha. The went into his office when he was sleeping. Martha got his packet of ciggarettes and Eve got poison and poisoned them. He would choke. Amanda got the nice job of making him smoke them. The next day Amanda went to his office and offered him one. He accepted and smoked it and choked. Martha,Eve and Amanda felt proud. The stalker went into his office and put a ticking bomb down.

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The bomb ticked and their was a party at sallys house for his death. The stalker sneakly moved the bomb to her house. The bomb then exploded and then the house fell to the ground. But who was the stalker?

1 Day later it was sarah but she was now dead with the blast. ALL OF THE MEMBERS IN THE BAY DIED EXEPT SALLY,MARTHA AND EVE. Did they have anything to do with it?


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