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Fri 29 Jan 2010 – Episode # 5000

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” FIVE THOUSAND !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!“

[ Screened in Australia on Fri 29 Jan 2010 – Episode # 5000 ]


Xavier shows Romeo not only tee shoebox with the $5000 in it that we saw days ago, but also tell/ shows him tat there is $100,000 in shoeboxes under xavier's bed. Xavier thinks tat its all too much responsibility of him [all that money].

Gina knocks on Xavier’s bedroom door, and after they’ve hid tee money, Gina enters. She tells them that she is going to Brendan’s house – to being him her to tell him bout Hugo. Romeo puts $5000 of the money in and envelope – ton teak with them today [in case something catse their yet to do with the money]

[Note – i love how they’ve kinda subtly referenced that this is e5000 of H&A]


Geoff is hellion Ruby with her fundraising when Hazam suggest a she should go down to tee beach as there are lots of ppl there atm. After rubes & Geoff bails, Hazam suggest Leah tat they have coffee together. She thinks a picnic lunch would be betr. He jokes bout having to check him schedule – beferoe agreeing to a picnic lunch moment later.


Ruby & Geoff are soing tee fundraising thing when they encounter Trey’s dad. He comets bout how the boat ppl are illegals in tis country – and he doesn’t like it when ruby calls him racist.

After john walks away, Romeo & Xavier hear ruby talking ppl bout her undraping, they thkj it’s the perfect plan for the $5000.


Aden tells Irene tat he kissed Nic bout didn’t feel anything for her when he did. Leah genets ter kitchen and is in a REALTY god mod bout her & Hazam,and talking bout how fate is a weir tings etc.

When Leah goes back into tee main dare, Aden looks like he’s had a change of heart – and he bail to talk to Nic.

As Roe talk to Leah, xaver tries to put the money envelope in tee fundraiser box, but the opening is pretty small. In tee end, the envelope falls into Leah’s picnic basket – which she bails with momets later.


Leah & Hazam enter Noh’s and Romeo & Xavier are following her. Ruby is there – fundraising, and she wonders if trey's dad will prove tatr he’s not racist buy donating, he doesn’t appreciate being called a racist.

Leah & Hazam bail dam Romeo & Xavir follow them


Hazam talks bout how his family/culture are pretty set in their wasy67, but Leah response buy telling him Greek fams can sooooo be/are that way too. After they walks down on the beach, Romeo & Xavier approach tee picnic basket – but Avery see the. When he wonders what they are up to - and Xavier sheepishly says at that are hungry.


Gina tells Brendan tat Hg is dead – but he clearly doesn’t understsnd/doesn;t want to understand.


Nic tells Miles that Aden feel nothing for her – but after they chat, Nic decided to go and see Aden or Lima to see what is going on.

Romeo & Xavier are pleaesed when Leah arrives – with THAT picnic basket.


Liam see Aden and wants Aden to speak to Nic foe him – as Nic is the only thing is his life atm – as he has no job, and he can’t se his son as Liam’s ex has taken him O/S with her etc. Aden tells Liam he’s not keen on doing that.


Miles and Leah talk bout her ‘ship with Hazama, before they talk bout Mile. He assures Leah tat he is feeling a lot better tat he did when he “lost it” a few days ago. When Leah see tee chess board, Miles tells her that Rabbit has been kicking his butt as she is a GREAT chess player [so no “rabbit stew” for Miles].

Leah bails and they realise that she hasn’t taken her basket, Xavier & Romeo offer to – but Alf say he is going to bait shop and can take it.


Romeo hides amongst tee boasts whilst Xavier gets in the back of alfs Ute to get the basket. Alf sees someone rummaging abound in there and hit them with an oar. He’s surprised tat its xaver –and when Romeo runs away FOM ther, he realise tat Romeo is in ion it too.


Xavier is beginning to think this money is cursed, but Romeo rnmds him that Hugo chose Xavier [out of lost of ppl he could have] to do sometinhng with the money, they head of to diner.


As colleen counts the fundraising money, Romeo looks as tough he in pain with a problem with his eye. Whilst colleen helps him with that, incl Romeo deliberately falling over, Romeo pus ten $5000 donation on tee donation box.

After xaver & Romeo have walked way, colleen is amazed/surprised by the latest donation she's just found in tee box.


Nic & Aden catch up with each other. Both admit they REALLY have feeling for the other [esp. Aden]. They kiss, which Liam sees.


Ruby collects in the fundrasier money, but as she bails, the $5000 envelope falls into Gina’s bag!!!


Liam rifles through the bin – looking for pills. Looks like he finds some.


Gina enters and after asking Xaver to put way the things in her bag, she heads bask out. Romeo & xaver can't believe tat THAT envelope is in Gina’s bag. Both agree to try and find a new way to use that money to help ppl.


Liam cries and then trier to vomit up the pills he took. When he can’t he phones for an ambulance – telling that theat he's taken drugs.


Romeo tale miles this has been the longest day ever. After Romeo heads upsatirs, Mink [a 20 yo-ish blonde] arrive at back door. She tells Miles tat she is looking for a boy who looks her. When Romeo re enters the room, he is a tad shocked, but please to see his big sister!!!!! They hug, whilst miles looks bemused at all this, esp. when Mink [non incestuously I’ll add] comment to Romeo about giving his big sister as kiss.

[Note – see below for pics of Mink in 2 of her previous roles. In the kids series Saddle Club and the not so kids series Underbelly!!!! Actually, I could be said that H&*A is a nice middle ground tween those 2 shows]


Gina tells Xaver that Brendan didn’t understand that Hugo is dead, but as xaver tells Gina is doesn’t matter what else Hugo was, he was still her son. Brendan enters room and comets Hugo won’t be having ice cream any more – and Xavier hugs Brendan.

[Note – Xavier can be sooooo annoying sometimes, but he’s ACE when he’s with Brendan]


Pics of Matylda Buczko, aka Mink [from Saddle Club and Underbelly]




Mink punches Trey’s dad

An unknown male calls Hazam a terrorist

The diner is set alight when some “rednecks” go on a race riot!!!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Mink: dark kini top/wide brim hat/dark shorts/dark thongs


Ruby: blue [white mosaic] strapless maxi dress/brown belt/white headband


Miles: purple button up shirt/white [white "republic" logo & spark plug motif on circular red. blue & yellow background] t/dark long pants


Aden: dark singlet/dark long pants

Alf: white [park check] shirt/bovine long pants/wide brim hat

Avery: light blue police shirt/dark blue long pants/dark blue police cap

Brendan: white [green horiz stripes] t

Colleen: dark [various colour floral] blouse/light blue [red *& green tropic motif] apron

Geoff: white [dark numbers] t/denim jeans

Gina: dark [white floral] v neck long sleeve top/dark long pants

Hazam: dark [red logo on chest] button up shirt/bone long pants/brown banded watch

Irene: white ruffled trim top

Leah: white [black & white check straps] thin strap top

Liam: denim jeans/dark button up shirt/maroon t

Nicole: dark halter neck [silver “collar”] mid thigh dress

Romeo: dark [dark dots] singlet/dark long pants

Trey's dad: brown [grey check] button up shirt

Xavier: dark blue [blue surfing motif] t/denim jeans

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