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Thurs 28 Jan 2010 – Episode # 4999

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” As Feisty AND As GORGEOUS As Ever “

[ Screened in Australia on Thurs 29 Jan 2010 – Episode # 4999 ]


Both Irene & Leah notice tat Aden seem pretty upbeat as he helps that in the kitchen. Indeed, Aden accepts a job her at the diner [his old job in his ways]. When Leah goes into min area, Aden confirms to Irene it has something to do with Belle’s letter.


Nic is playing with her food, and alf fonder if she is off food cos of Liam. She admits that’s kinda true, and its annoying he doesn’t seem to be crying over her.


Trey's dad sees Liam looking at the notice board, and wonders if he’s looking for a real job – and he makes other mocking comments as well.


After they entry, Geoff & Ruby talk bout what’s happened [Hugo etc], before ruby I taken aback when she sees ta font pager news story titled “Illegals get free ride”. There’s a pic of trey's dad on eth font page to =- accompanying the article. Ruby commst there’s no one standing up for these boat ppl [after all that has happened to them].


Nic sees Liam in Noah’s and Alf suggest if Nic wants him kicked out she only has to say the word. Nic bails, and Alf tells Liam that Nic is a much better pron than Liam.


Hazam spoke top Leah. He wonders if she would like to go out with him toght. Leah tells him tat she’s not sure bout the rosters – so she will get bask to him. After Hazam bails, Irene wonders why Leah said a ting like that [rosters]. Leah says she is scared to put herself out theatre – after what happened with Robert Robertson.

Nic enters tat kitchen and ti s t9 talk to Aden. She annoyed tell him he is behaving like noting happened tween them. Aden tells Nic he is jut trying to get on with his life. Nic bails.


Ruby clashes with Trey’s dad bout the article. She insist, given he is the local councillor, he should be setting a better example. She calls him a racist pig, but trey’s dad suggests if ruby supposedly knows so mush bout the law, she should have heard about defamation. Trey’s dad suggests ruby should taken Geoff advice and cool it. After ruby & Geoff bail, the ppl in the scurf club don’t look impressed with trey’s dad.


Leah suggest to Hazam at they should have dinner tonight – and he jokes bout having to9 cheek the roster to see if that’s ok. They then agree to have diner at Leah’s place – but she insists he is gong to help her cook.


Liam & Aden verbally clash – as Aden heads towards the gym.


Leah & Hazam are having lunch when trey’s dad spoke to Hazam bout ho it looks like he’s been overcharged. Alf inset at that 2 men settle this “business discussion” outside. Leah & Hazam bail – and Alf doesn’t look too impressed with Trys’ dad.


Leah & Hazm talk bout how mush of a bully Trail’s dad is – beef totally confirming that they are having diner at Leah’s tonight.

Nearby, Ruby is all steamed up bout what’s happing – but Irene is on Geoff’s side [in that Ruby should maybe try a better/ more intelligent battle plan]/ Ruby tells Irene & Geoff she is going to raise the money for all the boat peoples’ medical treatment – with a fundraiser of some sort. She charges out of the diner.


Looks/sound like Leah & Hazam date went well. Indeed after he give her some flowers and coomsts how great things are, she thinks he is talking bout the flowers, but he is talking bout Leah.


Next day, Ruby & Geoff enter. They see trey’s dad, and whilst Geoff urges ruby not to confront treyl;s dad, she does – telling him that she is here today to raise the money for the med expenses !!!

After ruby & Geoff go into Noah’s, Hazam speak top trey’s dad. He say at the only way to settle thins is to have an independent judge on how mush Hazam should have charged trey’s dad. Te latter agree to Hazam choice of adjudicator.


Nic looks deep in thought.

We see flashbacks – of her & Aden in the lock up. Aden break of their kiss and Nic looks al confused etc.

We also see that walking along the road back to the Bay. Aden tells Nic tat although he doesn’t hate himself for kissing Nic, he doesn’t feel happy either.

Bask to9 the present day, and Nic looks like she is on the verge of tears.



In episode 5000 ….

Ruby suggest to Trey's dad to prove he's not racist – by donating to her fundraiser

Liam cries – after seeing Nic & Aden kiss

A blonde 20-ish yo women talk to Miles bout wanting to find a boy who “looks like me”

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Ruby: blue [white mosaic] strapless maxi dress/brown belt/white headband


Leah: purple thin strap top


Ruby: white [blue floral] thin strap top/dark blue [white & red floral] maxi skirt


Aden: grey singlet/dark long pants

Aden: red [lightning] t/

Aden: white button up shirt/dark jacket/dark long pants

Alf : bone long pants/white [red & blue check] button up shirt

Geoff: get t/denim shorts

Geoff: white [dark numbers] t/denim jeans

Hazam: dark [red logo on chest] button up shirt/bone long pants/brown banded watch

Irene: dark green & with blouse

Leah: white [black & white check straps] thin strap top

Liam: denim jeans/dark button up shirt/maroon t

Liam: grey [jimmy Hendrix?] t/dark long pants

Nicole: dark singlet top/black leather long pants/dark jacket

Nicole: light pink halter neck [purple floral] maxi dress

Trey's dad: brown [grey check] button up shirt

Trey's dad: grey suit

Trey's dad: yellow & red lifeguard polo/dark long pants

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