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Wed 27 Jan 2010 – Episode # 4998

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

” Ellie Linton HATES Them, But I Think I’m REALLY Going To Like THIS Rabbit “

[ Screened in Australia on Wed 28 Jan 2010 – Episode # 4998 ]


Angelo arrives and Gina tells him tat Hugo isn’t here. Angelo tells Gina & Xavier that Hugo has been killed!!


Miles is asleep when a 12-ish yo girl [who we later find out goes by the nickname of RABBIT] find him and wakes him up. Miles wonders to her if this is heaven, but when he also comet he head hurts, she teals him dead ppl don’t get headaches.

.Rabbit also tell Miles tat when her mum said to look of intriguing things washed up on tee beach, Rabbit is sure tat6 this isn’t what she meant. Rabbit skips away from Miles – butty not before fishing out tat he will be OK.

Note – Rabbit reminds me, voice wise, of Annie, and below is a pic of Mitzi Ruhlman who plays her.


As Alf talk to Miles, he wonders if Miles has heard bathe news bout Hugo – Miles hadn’t as yet.


Leah & Colleen talk bout Hugo – bout both his death AND the ppl smuggling he was involved in.


Gina exerts and backs way when Marsha tiers to hug her. Whilst Marsha insists Hugo was trying to get out of all of this [the ppl smuggling], Gina doesn’t want t0o hear it. Gina insist at Angelo tell her everything bout what Hugo did.


Xavier looks deep in thought of a bit -0 beefer he starts crying.


Miles tells Alf tat there was a point last night when he did want to end it all, but he’s feeling mush more alive now.

As Alf bails, Rabbit arrive at tee back door. She’s staying at the van park. Rabbit is warred tat miles REALLY looked/sound happy at he was in heaven this morn. Miles assure Rabbit that he’s feeling mush better now. Rabbit tell Miles tat she’s be hanging around the bay of tee a while at last. Rabbit bails.


With everyone dressed to go to the funeral. Gina puts her foot down, and initis tat Brendan won’t be attuning [she thi8nkis it’s too much]. She also tells Tony, Marsha & Xavier that Gina won't be going.

After Marsha & Xavier bails, Gina insist tat she doesn’t want to9 be a hypocrite at tee funeral – as she didnlt even KNOW her son.


Durimg the funereal we see Marsha with her back to9 the others, and Leah give colleen a comforting hug. Tony, miles, Alf &* xavuer are ether too.

Nearby 2ppl are watching in a car. 1 is Angelo, the other is HUGO!!!!!!!!! When Angelo asks if Hugo has seen enough, Hugo says they can go. Angelo starts up the car and they drive off.


1 week earlier, after Charlie had finished talk to Hugo, she exsits the room as Angelo enter. He tells Hugo that he matched the blood on Lou’s boat to Hugo’s blood [that he got when Angelo punished Hugo at Noah’s], they are a match. Hugo doesn’t want to die or go to prison – and Angelo insists tat there is another way thay can do this.

Soon after, angle &*n Hugo are talking to Alf. Hugo is to go into witness protection. Hugo wanted Alf to know so he can help Marsha get thru this. Hugo also insist sat Alf should know what a kind hearted person marsha is – and that she wouldn’t give up on Hugo is she beleivbes he was alive.

Soon after, Hugo has on a bullet proof vest, whilst the man that “kills” him is a police officer – who begins to remove his police uniform also he can change into the clothes we see him in when Hugo is shot.

We then see the uncover cop “kill” Hugo.


In the back of an ambulance, Angelo tells Hugo the entire details bout his new life has been set up [passport, bank accounts etc]. Hugo insists that a msg gets delivers to Xavier and that he want to see Marsha one last time.


Back to the present days, and Hugo sees marshy & the other at his own funeral, before he tells Angelo tat they can go.


On back patio, Alf & miles chat bout Hugo & the funereal. Alf looks districted etc – as tell miles he has to go to the bait shop.

Moments after Alf bails, Rabbit approaches miles. She has a chess board in hand, and tells Miles she goes by the name Rabbit, but it’s just a nickname. She wondres if he is ken to play chess, as her mum is hopeless. Miles is keen to play – and suggest tat his opponent is “Rabbit Stew”, but she comet at she thinks she can defeat Miles.


Xavier takes a photo of himself & Hugo off the wall. He sees tat there’s now a letter attached to it. we heart Hugo’s voice telling Xavier tat Xavier is WAAAY better a prion that ho9ygo – and that he’s given Xavier a present [in a shoebox] which xavier can hopefully use to right some of the damage Hugo has caused. Xavier open the shoebox, and finds LOTS of money!!!!!!!

Pic of “Rabbit”




Ruby clashes with Trey's dad - after she reads the front page story “Illegals Get Free Ride”

Nicole is confused by the way Aden is behaving round her

Leah chats with Hazam

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Rabbit: off white [dark floral near the bottom] wide strap mid calf dress [white dark t neath]


Leah: dark grey singlet top


Rabbit: red t/white lacy sleeveless cardy/white [dark floral] maxi skirt


Alf: dark suit/white button up shirt/dark [white diag stripes] tie/wide brim hat

Alf: olive green [white check] button up shirt/bone long pants

Angelo: dark button up shirt/dark t

Angelo: dark blue police button up shirt & matching long pants

Charlie: light blue police shirt/dark blue long pants/police cap

Coleen: dark blouse/dark long pants

Colleen: white [olive green floral?] blouse

Gina: dark blouse/dark long pants

Gina: ivory [pink floral] dressing gown/ivory PJs

Gina: white cardy /grey top/dark long pants

Hugo: dark button up shirt

Hugo: dark blue [white check] button up shirt/dark long pants

Indonesian policeman: dark blue police button up shirt & matching long pants

Indonesian policeman who shoots Hugo: olive green button up shirt/dark t/grey long pants

Leah: dark knee length dress

Marsha: dark knee length dress

Marsha: black & red diag stripes halter maxi dress

Miles: dark suit/white button up shirt/dark tie

Miles: white [brown check] button up shirt/white [dark blue unknown motif] t/dark long pants

Priest: white & black vestments

Rabbit: white [pink floral] t

Tony: dark suit/white button up shirt/dark tie

Xavier: dark aqua [white crest] t/denim jeans

Xavier: dark suit/dark button up shirt/dark tie

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