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Tues 26 Jan 2010 – Episode # 4997

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” Charlie And Angel“

[ Screened in Australia on Tues 27 Jan 2010 – Episode # 4997 ]


Hugo urges Charlie for them to work together – or they won’t defeat the fast approaching [she’s in a speed boat] Suzy. Charlie isn’t so sure.


Marsha is pleased when Angelo wakes up. He has a head wound but he insists tat it’s just from when he hit his head when he fell [i.e. not form when he took a bullet for him. Note – angelo, why DID you let Marsha not die????]

Marsha is keen for Angelo to go to hosp but he insists on tracking down Derek 1st.


Suzy’s boat is now alongside Hugo’s and she wonders where Charlie is. Suzy doesnklt like it when Hugo appear to just wombat to chit chat with her for a bit – but it’s for a good reason. Charlie garbs Suzy from behind. A struggle ensues and Suzy ends up unconscious like in tee water. Charlie dives in after her – and keeps suzy afloat. Charlie is keen for Hugo to help her = but he is keen to teak off. Charlie insists tat she won’t stop until he is bought to justice. Hugo says that is why he needs a head start, so Hugo drives off in his boat.

Note – when Charlie saves Suzy's life like this, it soooooooo reminded me of wen, in mid 90s, Angel saved tee life of the drowning [and WAAAAAY anorexic at that point] Shannon, despite tee fact at Shannon had recently tried to steal Shane [angel’s hubby] off her.


Angelo enters an undercover car park. He is on tee hunt for Derek. He sees Derek – a game of cat & mouse ensues, and it looks like Derek has got tee better of Angelo. Angelo runs toward the entrance, where he finds tat Marsha had hit Derek with a fire extinguisher!!!!


Wayan [aka Clint eastwood[] wakes and Rach tell him tat his appendix had to been removed. When Rach asks Wayan who did this to him – she is shocked when he says tat HUGO did this.


Hugo furiously packs his bags.


Mat & Angle arrives. Angelo insists the head wound is “just a graze”. Tony start to rung Hugo – telling him what’s procured, but Rachel garbs tee phone mid call and turns of the call.


Hugo listen to Tony’s message – that Martha is at the hospital and that Angelo’s been shot – twice. Hugo then hurls the answering machine across the room. It ends up in the kitchen sink. He then garbs his bag and bails.


Martha thanks Angelo for what did t9oday – saving her life by taking that bullet for her. Angelo insist at he was just doing his job. Marsha tells Angelo tat she thought she would hate him forever for what he did to jack. Angelo tells Marsha he wishes he could take back all that happened that night. Marsha tells Angelo tat she FORGIVES him.

Soon after, Hugo speaks to Marsha. He is glad tat she is Ok, but she is horrified tat he has been making money out of other ppl’s misery [boat ppl]. Hugo says he never lied to Marsha when he said that he loves her – but Marsha doesn’t want to rally know him. As Hugo is about to exit the room, Angelo is witting there for hum – Hugo is under arrest.


Charlie & Hugo are in the interview room. There’s disgust in her voice as she talk of all the Hugo has done – showing no remorse and treeing the boat ppl just like [inanimate] cargo. Hugo smugly responds that it’s a good story – too bad she can't prove any of it in court.

Angelo enters the room, and charley bails. Angelo tells Hugo that they need to talk.


Alf and Bambang arrive and Bambang ran to the tearful Martha. When Bambang ask, Marsha tells him that she’s had some bad news. Bambang hugs Marsha.

Soon after, Bambang is joyously reunited with his father Wayan!!!!!


Next day, Marsha is in the main area when Hugo is lead out of the building. She initially doesn’t want to talk to hi/see him, but then she does go outside. As Angelo & Charlie take Hugo tow5r4ds a waiting police car, an Asaina man quickly approaches and SHOOTS Hugo!!!!!!! The man drops the gun and runs to a waiting car – which speeds off. Martha is distraught tat Hugo’s been shot!!!



A girl similar to Annie [but not actually Annie or Charlotte Best even] tells Miles “dead ppl don’t get headaches”

Angelo tells Gina that Hugo is dead

We see Hugo’s funeral

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Rachel: medical blue shirt [white collar] and matching long pants


Marsha: black & red diag stripes halter maxi dress/dark jacket


Charlie: dark jacket/grey singlet top/dark long pants


Alf: white [dark blue check] button up shirt/bone long pants

Angelo: light blue long sleeve shirt/dark long pants

Angelo: dark blue police button up shirt & matching long pants

Bambang: white [red circles] button up shirt/dark shorts

Charlie: light blue police shirt/dark blue long pants/police cap

Derek Gould: dark blue button up shirt/dark long pants

Hugo: dark blue [white check] button up shirt/dark long pants

Indonesian who shoots Hugo: olive green button up shirt/dark t/grey long pants

Suzy: dark knee length dress

Tony: dark t

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