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Mon 25 Jan 2010 – Episode # 4996 [2010 Return]

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” And The Oscar Goes To …… “

[ Screened in Australia on Mon 25 Jan 2010 – Episode # 4996, 2010 Return]


Derek approaches the car. He opens the boot – and sees tat masrha is indeed still tied up in there. He then gets in the car and drives off – unaware that Angelo is now hiding in the back seat.


Hugo is driving his boat – with Charlie tied up and unconscious near the rear of the vessel.


Alf, Romeo & Xavier arrive. Romeo & Alf are sceptical bout whey they are here – but they hear a loud noise, and the trio of SBers come across a man who is staggering about. Xavier finds the container full of boat ppl [where Hugo had a gun on Charlie in the 09 finale].


Charlie wakes and all but instantly tries to reason with Hugo, but Hugo say tat he’s in too deep for that.

We then see a series of flashbacks .…

Hugo speaking VERY fluently in a foreign language to “Clint east wood at the hospital. Hugo urges him to get out of the hospital – or the whole operation could be over. When Clint say at he needs some money now for food etc for his son, Hugo gives him some.

Cut to the near the wharf where Clint is talikng to Hugo [annoyed tat his wife & daughter haven't arrived yet] where they have to make a run for it – that the night the Robert, Charlie & Angelo where on a stak out.

Going further back, we see how Lou died. In the middle of the night [with Irene sleeping] Lou sees another boat, and Derek shoots Lou [as he might be able to ID their vessel]. When Hugo is aboard Lou’s boat, Lou attacks him – Lou is thrown overboard in the scuffle with Hugo, but Hugo has THAT gaping wound on his stomach.

The next meaning we sees him staggering off his bait at the wharf, before see him at home. It looks like his finds [amongst his various odd and ends] a shark’s tooth. We then see him collapse at the hospital.

Back to the present day, and Charlie tries in vain to make Hugo see reason.


Before I get to the actin, I LOVE the way that they show us we were about to see a scene at the hospital. We saw a sweeping view of the ocean before the camera went up over a cliff - revealing the hospital buildings .,… LOVED that scene setter.

The ambulance officers arrive with many of the boat ppl tat were in the shipping container. As Rachel starts to treat them, Romeo, Alf & Xavier talk bout what’s occurred.


Derek pulls up his car in an alley way and phones Hugo – insisting that Marsha will die if Hugo doesn’t bring the money that Hugo owes Suzy.

We then go back to flashbask-ville …. Seeing Derek telling Nic & Geoff on the island tat he's killed many ppl. We then see Derek talking to Hugo – telling Hugo that all of the “cargo” was lost [i.e. the 12 boat the police found on the sunken boat last year].

We then see Hugo &* Derek talking at night near the wharf. Hugo insist tat he wants out – because of Marsha, but Derek insists it rally isn't tat simple.

Cut back to the present day and darek gets out of the car and opens the boot to check on Marsha. Angelo then jumps Derek – knocking him out. Angelo then removes the gag from Marsha’s mouth …. Although, given how annoying Marsha’s voice is, I don’t rally think that was wise!!!


Hugo was a gun pointed on Charlie. He insist at she will jump into the water and swim to the nearby island – as he ISNLT going to prion.

Flashback to his clash with Derek that ended in Xavier being knocked unconscious.

Back to the present day, and Charlie slips as she goes to jump off the boat. Hugo thinks Charlie is “playing dead” but then when she doesn’t respond he gets worried. Charlie grabs Hugo’s gun [from his waist]. He then insist at he will take the boat back to shore where he will be arrested etc. Hugo wonders if Charlie has a plan B …. As Suzy approaches them in another boat!!!!


Marsha [as she talks to Angelo] is waaaaaaaaaaaay worried bout Hugo but moments later, they have bigger issues. Derek attacks Angelo. A fist fights ensues - and a shot is fired. Angelo is bleeding form a head wound – whilst Derek runs away from the scene.



With Charlie & suzy in tee water [and Hugo on the boat] Charlie insists to Hugo that if he leaves them here now, she’ll never stop trying to bring him to justice!!!

Derek Gould, with gun in hand, is in an undercover car park

Rachel tries to talk to “Clint east wood” at the hospital

t's A Designer Label (IADL)


Marsha: black & red diag stripes halter maxi dress/dark jacket


Rachel: dark wide strap top


Charlie: dark jacket/grey singlet top/dark long pants


Alf: white [blue check] button up shirt/bone long pants

Ambulance Officer [dark haired female]: dark blue [with ambulance symbol etc lapels] overalls

Angelo: light blue l/s shirt/dark sleeveless jumper

Angelo: dark blue police button up shirt & matching long pants

Angelo: powder blue shirt/dark t/dark long pants

Bambang: dark l/s top

Charlie: dark jacket

Clint Eastwood: dark hoddie

Derek Gould: dark l/s shirt/ dark long pants

Derek Gould: red [white crest on shoulder] t

Derek Gould: dark blue button up shirt/dark long pants

Derek Gould: dark shirt

Hugo: dark [brown leaf] t/dark long pants

Hugo: dark shirt

Hugo: olive green [white crest] t/denim jeans

Hugo: white [dark check]/ dark t/denim jeans

Hugo: white singlet/olive green long pants

Hugo: 2 tone brown [white check] button up shirt/brown long pants

Hugo: white [dark check] button up shirt/dark long pants

Hugo: yellow [disco ball like motif] t

Irene: green leafy blouse

Lou: light blue polo/grey long pants

Romeo: green & white & grey check button up shirt

Suzy: dark knee length dress

Xavier: dark button up shirt/dark [grey circular logo] t/denim jeans

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