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All The Best Girls Have Daddy Issues

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Title - All The Best Girls Have Daddy Issues

Genre - Drama

Type Of Story - Long Fic

Starring - Belle, Amanda, Aden, Tyler

BTTB Rating: All fictions need a rating. Please check here for Ratings Guide.

Spoilers - No

Warning - Sexual References

Story - In this fic Belle isn't dead and wants to find her dad. But Amanda has been doing her best to stop her so she turns to her grand mother to get infomation.

Librarian Note: Please check your Inbox, thanks.

Chapter 1

Why do you want to know?" Kitty asked

"Because i was just thinking if i ever get pregnant i want him to be a part of my life" Belle told her

"Why didn't you ask Amanda?" Kitty asked

"I did, she told me she tried to track him down but couldn't. I don't believe her" Belle replied.

"Wait here" Kitty said and dissapeard for a bit, then came back with a year book.

She started to open it and stopped a page full of photos and pointed to a kid named Tyler Harrinton. He was a good looking guy with with Light brown hair whic had patches of Blonde which obviously he had done himself or a friend, blue eyes, belle chin and a cheecky yet sexy grin.

"Amanda and Tyler were good friend since they were about seven years old. I always knew he was bad news. But when Amanda's dad left she started hanging around him alot more. I begged her to stop seeing him but that just fell on deaf ears. Iwalked in on then having sex once. But before i could throw him out Amanda was in my face roaring at me for not knocking before i walked in. Even that didn't stop her from seeing him. I knew he crawled through her window and his mother told me Amanda was always in his room too. Even they did things in public that would embaress me, so tell me now.Do you want him in your childrens life

Belle looked down at the photo. Then looked around to find Amanda's photo. Amanda looked like a princess, her and Tyler did not look like they would have passed a couple.

Belle pretended she was upset by her parents behaviour.

"You're right, he does sound like a good guy. I think i'll give finding him a miss" Belle lied.

Chapter 2 will be up soon

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Belle sat in her car 3 houses down from Tylers house. She saw a woman with blonde curly hair holding a baby in her right arm and a young boy about 6 years old with dark hair standing at the letter box of a house that was probably a two bedroom house and small front yard and no drive way sitting on the side of the road was an old yellow commadore station wagon.

Belle got out of her car and walked toward Tylers house

"Excuse me" Belle said

The woman looked at her and they boy stood behind his mother

"Can i use your phone, my car broke down down the road. I tried other houses but no one answered their door

"No one will in this neighbourhood if they see a girl your age" The woman said

"But yes you can use my phone" she said

"Thaks, i'm Belle" Belle said

"Christine" the woman replied

"Your kids are adorable" Belle


The boy stood at the door holding a football

Belle saw a family photo. It had Tyler in it but he looked way more mature. as she picked p the phone

"Would you like a coffee while you wait?" Christine asked

"Sure" Belle replied

"He wont move until his dad gets home. usually he'd wait on the trampoline but it and the swing set was stolen from out front yard about a week ago" she told Belle

"Tyler doesn't like him being in the front yard alone now" Christine said"

"Daddies home" The boy called out

"Tristan's a daddies boy" Chritine said

Belle hard faint voices

Can we play footie dad?" she heard Tristan

"Sure" Tyler replied

"Wait at the door" Tyler called

"He's the best dad a child could ask for" Christine said"

"I bet" Belle replied softly

"I didn't know you were having friends over" Tyler said

"Oh her car broke down she waiting for RACV" Christine said

"I thought i told you not play with your toys in the kitchen didn't i tell you that" Tyler said looking at a few toka trucks on the kitchen floor

"Can we play footie now?" Tristan asked

"Ok ok, let me get a beer first" Tyler said

"Did you want a cold drink or coffee while you wait?" Tyler asked Belle

"Your wife bet you to to it" Belle replied

"I better keep this kid happy" he said

"Mum, wanna play?" Tristan asked

"I'm talkink to Belle sweety" Christine replied

"Please" Tristan asked

"I can watch the baby while you play" Belle said


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