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Worst Nightmare

Guest Love_peter_Baker

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Episode 11

Peter is looking through all the pictures when he notices that there are no pictures of Jack Holden any where. ‘Macca where’s Claire?’ asked Peter.

Claire walks in his office saying ‘What have you found’. ‘Its more like someone is missing then I have found something’ replied Peter.

‘Look there is no pictures of constables Holden’ said Peter.

‘That can only mean two things he is her next victim or there is another place where she is hiding her photos’ said Claire.

‘Well I think we should get Jack in here straight the way’ said Peter.

Macca exits and rings Jacks mobile but he is not picking up.

‘Ring Jacks dad and ask him and ill go back to the flat to see if he is their or if Martha knows where he is’ said Peter.

Claire stays at the station waiting encase Jack returns.

Peter heads out to his flat but there is no sign of Jack.

Macca goes to Alf’s flat but Jack or Martha is not their.

Macca then thinks that Martha and Jack could be visiting Alf who still is in a coma.

Peter drives to the hospital to find Martha there but no Jack.

Claire rings Peter and says ‘Jack hasn’t turned up here either.

Peter starts to think about Ric said on the way back to the station about the man in the balaclava.

Peter rushes over to Leah place to see Ric.

Ric tells peter that there was another man but he did not talk he stood in the corner like he did not want to be there.

Peter goes back to the station to see if he can find any more links to Jack being the Balaclava man.

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(Sally house)

Ric, Sally and Leah go back to check on Cassie.

‘Owe no…….’ shouted Ric whilst running up the stairs.

Sally and Leah race up stairs after him.

Ric enters Cassie room to find her fast asleep in her bed.

‘I thought she was dead……’ said Ric.

Ric what are you going on about’ said Sally.

‘Before peter found us I seen Eve pointing a gun at Cassie but then the screen cut off I can’t believe I forgot I’m so glad she is ok’ said Ric.

Sally rings Peter to tell him that Eve has been in the house.

Peter says ‘I will be over later’.


Beth rings Sally house phone because she can not get hold of Leah at home.

Beth tells Leah about Hugh and Leah rushes to the hospital.

When Leah arrives Hugh’s heart stops and the doctors try their hardest to revive him but there is no look he is dead. Leah is devastated.

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Claire is still trying to get hold of Jack but there is no sign of him. No one has seen him since this morning.

Peter arrives all frustrated saying ‘Claire she as done it again….’

‘Pete what’s wrong’ said Claire.

‘I just took a phone call from Sally and Leah boyfriend has died from being ran over’ said Peter.

‘How do you know it was Eve?’ asked Claire.

‘Because Matilda seen her walking in to the bushes while he was lying on the ground’ replied Peter.

‘Dan, Kim, Hugh has all died from being part of Eve’s revenge plan’ said Peter.

‘Peter we will catch her’ replied Claire.

‘What am I doing just sitting here I should be with Leah she needs me’ Pete said angrily.

Peter walks out of the station.

‘Pete…..’ said Claire.

Claire ring Peter mobile and say’s

Get everyone who Eve knows round Leah house within the hour I will meet you their soon’ said Claire.

Peter raced to Leah house.

Sally told these people to come to Leah’s:












Everyone was gathered at Leah’s house until Macca, Peter and Claire arrived.

Peter: As you all know Eve is back she did not die

In the explosion last year.

Hugh has sadly lost his life because of her and we need to stop her from taking everyone else life.

Tony: Where is Jack mate?

Claire: We have tried contacting him several times but no luck.

Peter: Martha can you keep trying his mobile.

While Peter is talking in the living room Eve climbs for the bedroom window and puts a tiny little bomb on the bedroom light bulb. When someone switches it on the bedroom will explode.

Eve climbs back out the window and runs from Leah house thinking to her self ‘Let the show begin’.

(Leah’s living room)

Leah goes in to the bedroom to collect the blankets just as she is about to turn the light on V.J starts crying.

Leah exits the bedroom.

Martha starts to get really worried because there is still no sign of Jack.

Claire and Macca go back to the station while Peter stays at Leah house.

Peter goes to his car and gets Eve case file out and then goes to sit in Leah kitchen to try and work out where Eve could be.

Peter starts to wonder why there is no pictures of Jack when Lucas walks in the room.

‘Hey detective you want a drink?’ asked Lucas.

‘Yeah go on then mate 2 sugars please’ said Peter.

‘Do you mind if I sit down Peter’ asked Lucas.

‘Yeah you can help me actually’ said Peter.

‘Put These in age order please’ said Peter.

Lucas glances at the photo’s Peter has of Eve and says

‘I know that women’ said Lucas.

‘What do you mean’ asked Peter

‘Just before we came to the Bay Jack went on a date with her’ said Lucas.

Peter gets his mobile out and rings Claire.

‘Claire it’s Peter Jack was seeing Eve before he came to the Bay, send Macca over to Leah then I will come back to the station’ said Peter.

Lucas is looking all confused and asks Peter what’s going on but Peter doesn’t answer.

Peter asks Leah to talk in the bedroom.

Peter: Right you have got to listen to me.

Jack Holden is involved with Eve, we don’t know how and why just get but he used to date her.

I know this seems so unreal but it’s true.

Leah: So why you telling me not Tony?

Peter: because he will panic. You have got to take Martha’s phone off her so Jack can not get in touch with her and he can’t trace her mobile to your house right?

Leah: ok but be careful I want to see you again tomorrow.

Peter and Leah hug.

Peter walks out of V.J room then he see’s Macca enter.

Peter tells Macca to stay and keep the house guarded at all times. If anyone knocks the door he must ring peter.

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Peter heads back the station whilst looking over his shoulder every minute.

He enters the station to find everywhere trashed.

Peter walks in to the interview room as the door is wide open. As he walks in he sees graffiti on the wall saying ‘We got her Peter’.

Peter runs in his office to find no Claire.

He frantically rings her mobile but it’s off.

Peter rings Macca to let him know about Claire.

Peter finds a note on his car saying ‘Be alone in 20 minutes’.

Peter waits around until 20 minute is over but no one comes so he goes to get in his car but is smacked on the back of the head by the Man in the balaclava.

The man slowly pulls of his balaclava to be seen as JACK HOLDEN.

Jack drags Peter in the back of Peter car and takes Peter keys.

Jack drives towards an empty bunker just outside of the caravan park.

Jack arrives with Peter on his shoulders.

‘Were you want him babe?’ said Jack

‘Over there and handcuff him’ replied Eve

Jack drops Peter on the ground and handcuffs him around a pole.

Jack and Eve exit holding hands.

Peter slowly comes round to wonder where he is.

Peter realises he is in an old style police station because he is in an interview room with the screen that can only be seen from the other side.

Peter looks round the room but its just emptiness.

Jack walks in the room and walks towards Peter, Eve follows Jack.

‘How you like to be lied to aye detective’ said Jack.

‘Aren’t u surprised’ asked Eve.

‘Why would I be surprised I knew you was in it together before you took Claire’ said Peter.

‘Where is Claire?’ Peter demanded to know.

‘She is somewhere safe’ replied Eve.

‘Just let me go’ said Peter.

Eve exits the room and walks out the old Police Station.

Jack locks the door behind Eve and walks up to Peter.

‘Why did you lie to me and hit me over the head’ asked Jack

‘I had to The shed was full of files of Eve if you found out it could of put the case in jeopardy, now look eves got you hooked on ‘making the bay pay’ said Peter.

‘No she has not, this is the plan I’m going to free Claire and I am going to give you the keys for the handcuffs.

Eve has set a bomb in Leah’s bedroom light bulb.

You have to ring Leah and tell her not to put the light on or else the whole house will blow.

After I have got Claire meet me at Noah bar that is where I and Eve are meant to be fleeing the bay said Jack.

Peter does not know weather to believe him but he has to trust Jack.

Peter UN handcuffs himself and Jack goes to get Claire.


Will Peter save Leah and co in time?

Is Jack telling the truth?

Will Claire be found dead or alive?

Will Eve realise what Jack and Peter is up two.

Stay tuned for the season finale Saturday night.

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Peter walks out of the shed to be seen by Eve.

Peter tries to run away but Eve gets to him.

‘You think you can get away that easy’ shouted Eve as she pushes Peter to another room.

‘Eve you have done enough damage’ shouted Peter.


Jack races towards an empty house near Noah’s Bar.

Jack tries to open the door with the keys Eve had given him but Eve must have changed the lock.

Jack frantically tries to get in but he can’t.

He races round the other side of the house to look for a way inn.

Jack finds a window round the side of the house.

He picks up a brick and smashes the window.

Jack climbs in and goes looking for Claire.

(Leah house)

‘Dad can you come here a minute’ asked Lucas.

‘Peter raced out of the house when I told him that Lucy was the one of Jacks girl friends’ said Lucas.

‘Why did you mention Lucy to Peter?’ asked Tony.

‘Peter had photos of her’ replied Lucas.

Lucas walks in the kitchen and gets a photo from Peter files of Eve.

‘There she is’ said Lucas.

Tony looks confused.

Beth notices Tony looking worried so she goes over to him and asks if everything is ok.

As Beth walks over she say’s ‘why have you got a picture of Eve?’.

‘No its Lucy Jack’s ex girlfriend’ replied Tony.

Sally walks out of the kitchen and hears what Tony say’s.

The whole room stop what there doing and say’s its Eve.

Tony is shocked and wonders what the hell his son up to.

Everyone tries to tell Tony that Jack would not do anything to hurt anybody.

Tony still has doubts in his mind.

(Empty house)

‘CLAIRE’ Jack shouted over and over again.

Jack was running round the house but there was no sign of Claire.

As he is about to run out the house to look outside he hears Claire crying in the bathroom.

Jack rushes in and unties Claire.

‘Thank you’ said Claire.

Claire hugs Jack.

‘Claire we have got to go now, Peter is on his way to Leah because Eve has set a bomb in Leah lightbulb in her bedroom.

We have got to meet him at Noah’s so we can catch Eve.

Jack and Claire race towards Noah’s.


Peter is thinking about Leah and what it will be like without her in his life and how he could not live with him self if anything happened to her or any of his friends.

Peter notices Jack’s mobile the floor and he grabs it with one of his hands that has come undone from the rope. Peter text Macca saying

‘Macca its Peter get everyone out of the house now!!!!’

Peter then unties himself and climbs through the air vent that is in the room.

Peter manages to go through the air vent until he gets to another room where he can see a door leading out side.

Peter jumps down from the air vent and walks towards the door but it is locked. He takes his chances and smashes a window.

He climbs out and runs to Leah house.

Claire and Jack are waiting for Peter but there is no sign of him.

Jack breaks down in tears and explains what he did and why.

Claire is amazed at what Jack has just told her.

Peter is running away when he see’s Eve drive off in her car in the direction of Leah house.

Peter decides to cut through the bushes and go the back entrance to Leah house.

Claire and Jack decides to go to Leah to see if Peter got their in time

Peter is running towards Leah house when the house explodes.

Peter looks at the house burning to the ground.

Claire and Jack are driving towards Leah’s when they see the flames!

Are the favourites of summer Bay dead?

Were Peter, Claire, and Jack to late?

Its JUST the beggining!!!

Find out in the next episode of home and away

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Episode 14

Peter goes to run into Leah house thinking he can save them.

Jack runs over and grabs Peter from running ring.

‘Get off me now’ Peter shouted at Jack.

‘It’s too late’ shouted Jack.

Peter turned round and punched Jack in the face and starts lying in to Jack.

‘It’s not too late’ said Leah.

Peter stops punching Jack and turns round to see

Leah standing there looking at him.

He runs over hugging Leah.

As Peter looks over Leah shoulder he sees everyone standing their smiling at him.

Jack gets up and runs over to his dad and brother.

Pete is just holding Leah in his arms and he keeps thinking about how happy he is that he has not lost her.

Claire is standing on her own looking at Peter and Leah hugging.

Jack walks over towards Claire and says ‘Thank you’

Claire hugs Jack.

Everyone goes to Tony and Beth house.

Peter walks in and asks to speak to everyone.

‘What happened in their’ asked Peter.

‘Well Macca got a message of you saying get out so we got everyone out of the house but we thought it was a prank so just as we was all about to go back in the house just went bang’ said Beth.

‘So that means Eve must have been in the house to flick the switch in the bedroom’ said Claire.

Jack walks in the room and Peter walks out the room.

Claire goes to get up but Leah walks out after him.

‘Pete everything is going to be ok’ said Leah.

‘Leah how can this be ok its my fault Dan is dead, I wish I never came to Summer Bay, I wish I was just a builder like mum and dad wanted me to be’ replied Peter.

‘Peter come here’ said Leah.

Leah hugs Pete.

‘I want to see Jack’ asked Peter.

Leah went inside and got Jack.

‘Its ok Leah you can go inside’ said Jack

‘Why, how could you put your family in danger’ asked Pete.

‘It wasn’t meant to be like that I did it so they were safe’ said Jack.

‘So you let her kill my brother and Kim’ shouted Peter.

‘I know I should of saved him but she would of killed me if I didn’t leave him there’ said Jack.

‘What do you mean’ shouted Peter angrily.

Claire, Tony and Leah are watching Jack arguing.

‘I seen him laying on the ground shouting for help but I just left him their.

Peter throws Jack up against the wall and say’s ‘You will pay for this, Even if you did save me, YOU WILL GET WHAT YOU DESERVE!!!’ shouted Peter before walking back in to the house and in to the back garden.

Jack is left outside alone.

‘What would happen if people did not make time bombs aye Jack’ said Eve as she walked up towards Jack.

Peter hears Eve talking and goes out the back gate quietly.

‘You need to pay’ said Eve as she is pointing a gun at Jack.

Peter quietly gets his gun out and looks at Jack whilst Jack is trying to persuade Eve to put the gun down.

‘Eve we can sort this out’ said Jack.

‘How I wanted revenge and you betrayed me’ shouted Eve.

Claire walks out of the house to see Jack talking so she walks up towards him but Eve pulls the trigger.

Peter shoots Eve in the Back.

Jack runs over to Claire who has been shot in her heart

Everyone runs out of the house to see Eve dead and Claire lying on the ground with a bullet in her heart

Tony goes over to try and save Claire but its too late she is dead.

Everyone is in shock from what Eve has done to the town.

As the police arrive and the ambulance take Claire and Eve body away Alf walks up towards the house.

Ric looks at his granddad that has been discharged from hospital.

‘I have been trying to get hold of you lot I’m going to be ok’ said Alf.

Leah comforts Peter and say’s ‘We can get on with our lives, it’s over babe’.

6 months later.

Alf won the lottery and has gone to LA to retire.

Sally finds her self a new man called ‘Steve’ and gets engaged.

Cassie and Ric are over after Cassie tells him about her and Jack.

Amanda tells Pete that Ryan is his son.

Tests prove that she is telling the truth.

Peter resigns from his job realising Leah is worth more then his job. He then reopens Noah’s Bar after Alf leaves the Bar to him.

Tony and Beth have got married.

Jack left town to start a fresh 1 day after the Eve incident.

Macca made detective in his job.

Belle is expecting Ric’s Child.

Lucas and Matilda are still together.

Rachael is still single but is getting on with her life after the death of Kim.

Martha now owns the gym.

Hope you liked my Fic.


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