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Worst Nightmare

Guest Love_peter_Baker

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Episode 1: Happy………


Leah and Sally are walking on the Beach when Leah spots Dan surfing.

‘Why don’t you go over and talk to Dan’ said Sally. ‘Yeah why not’ replied Leah.

Just as Leah walks towards Dan she thinks about her and Peter’s kiss a couple of months ago.

Leah walks fast past Dan thinking about how she wants to keep away from Dan.

Dan spots Leah and shouts ‘Hey’ but Leah ignores him and walks faster to work.

Macca is walking in to the gym when he spots Martha walking towards him.

‘Hey sis’ said Macca.

Martha hugs Macca and says ‘When did you get back from the police training course’ asked Martha.

Macca says ‘About an hour ago I’m starting work tomorrow at Summer Bay station with Jack’.

Martha says ‘Ok’

‘are you not pleased for me sis’? asked Macca.

Martha replies by saying ‘Yeah I am its just that me and Jack are having a bit of trouble at the minute’.

‘what kind of trouble’ asked Macca.

‘well Jacks just really distant at the minute and really weird’.

‘Don’t worry about it, he probably just having a hard time at work said Macca.

Macca walks in to the gym to lift some waits while Martha gets a drink.


Jack is driving down the coast road when he gets a text message saying ‘Can we talk I am missing you’. Jack turns round the car and heads towards Stewarts point.

Jack arrives to find Cassie sitting on the bench upset.

‘Babe what’s wrong’ said Jack.

Cassie replied saying ‘I am lying to everyone about us and all I want to do is be with you not Ric’.

‘I know I am lying to Martha and you’re the one I want to be with’ said Jack.

Jack kisses Cassie not knowing that Dan is standing behind them.

Dan Walks off and gets in his car.

Jack says ‘Babe I have got to go home dad is having a party in Noah’s later so I have got to get ready’.

Cassie says ‘I love you’

‘Love you to said Jack.

Jack is driving back home when he gets a text message saying ‘You cheating on Martha is not right especially with a girl who is 6 years younger’ The text message is from Dan.

Jack starts to get worried and drives to Dan house but no one is in so he tries to forget about it and goes home to get ready.

(Noah’s Bar)

Ric and Cassie walk in with Sally and Dan.

Dan is talking to Cassie when he wispers in her ear ‘Jack holden aye!’

Cassie stares at Dan and rushes towards the loo.

Cassie texts Jack saying ‘ Dan Baker knows what we going to do’ but Cassie gets no reply so she goes to the bar to talk to Sally.

Alf starts the party by getting everyone to go quiet just before Beth and Tony walk in.

Jack follows in behind ad spots Cassie and winks at her.

2 hours in to the Party Kim and Rachael walk in Noah’s and asks everyone to be quiet. Once everyone is quiet Colleen shouts ‘Well hurry up I want another drink’

Everyone laughs.

Jack says ‘we know how special it is to become the big 39 dad’. ‘we have booked you and Beth a 2 plain tickets to go to L.A for 2 weeks and you fly out in 4 hours.

Beth replies by saying ‘ ow my god thank you’ Tony goes and hugs Jack and says thank you to everyone but one more thing before we go! ’.

Tont gets down on one knee infront of Beth and says ‘Beth hunter will you make me the happiest man alive and become my wife?

Beth gets tears in her eyes and says ‘Of course I will yes…. Yesssss

Beth and tony kiss but not before being congtratulated by everyone.

Beth and Tony say their thank you’s and go and Pack for their trip.

Lucas goes with Tony to give his dad his present which is at home.

1 hour later.

Martha is dancing with her brother and everyone is having a good time.


Alf gets up to dance with colleen and looks round to see that it has been the best time he has had since before prison.

All of a sudden 3 explosion noises are heard.

All in Noah’s bar is flames everywhere.


Who will survive?

Was the fire set alight on purpose?

Summer Bay is in shock.

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Episode 2

(Out side Noah’s)

Ric pushes the fire exit door and it fly’s open with colleen Alf and Leah running out towards the beach.

As Alf is running he drops to the ground.

Leah runs over trying to resituate Alf.

Colleen rings the Ambulance crew.

(Inside Noah’)

Cassie is just waking up to see flames

Everywhere she rushes out of the fire exit door.

Jack slowly gets up off the floor to see Dan lying on the ground under a chair.

Ric realises that Martha is not out yet so he rushes towards Noah’s bar and everyone is shouting ‘NO RIC’ but he does not listen.

Dan is shouting ‘HELP’ but Jack looks at him and rushes towards the exit.

Barry walks out carrying Irene.

Rachael runs over towards Kim and drags him towards the fire exit.

Barry helps Rachael drag Kim towards the others.

Jack runs towards the fire exit shouting ‘Rachael move away it’s going to explode’.

Colleen is helping Alf when she hears noises from the window….. Its Sally shouting ‘HELP’

Ric rushes over towards Sally and grabs her out of the window just in time.

The building explodes.

Ric and Martha are no where to be seen.

Leah breaks down in tears saying ‘Where Dan’

Everyone just goes quiet.

Ric and Martha walk from behind Noah’s then fall to the ground. Everyone rushes over to them

Jack has a snide grin on his face whilst staring at the flames.

The fire crew arrive and take Alf, Kim, Martha and Ric to the hospital.

Who will make it through?

Why dint Jack save Dan?

An old favourite returns

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Episode 3


Tony ad Beth rush to the hospital after hearing about the explosion.

Amanda rushes through the doors towards Leah shouting ‘Where’s Dan’

Tony stands up saying ‘I’m sorry mate no one could see him and they all had to get out before it blew up.

Amanda starts to cry and saying ‘Why Dan I love him’

Leah looks up and say’s ‘I loved him too’

Amanda shouts back saying ‘Yeah you must have really loved him to kiss his brother’ Everyone is shocked!

Leah goes to smack Amanda but Irene jumps in front and shouts ‘How can you do this we have just lost a good friend and you are fighting’

Amanda walks out of the hospital to go and see Dan’s body (well what’s left of it)

Ric walks in to Alf’s room and looks at all the tubes he is hooked up to.

Sally enters the room and walks over to Ric saying ‘Everything will be ok’

‘But mum I can’t lose my granddad’

When Alf was walking past one of the shelves in Noah’s to try and escape and shelf knocked him on his head and he dropped to the ground out side.

He then went in to a coma when he arrived at the hospital.

Ric and Sally hug before Cassie enters the room.

Ric goes to hug Cassie but she is acting strange.

Barry walks out of Kim’s room crying.

Irene walks down to Tony and Beth and say’s ‘He’s gone’

Barry is in a state of shock and walks out of the hospital.

Martha has been told by doctors that she is going to be ok she just has smoke inhalation but she keeps looking around for Jack who is no where to be seen.

Leah ‘What am I going to do, shall I call Dan’s mum or what?’

Beth say’s ‘I think you should go and ring his mum’

Leah leaves the hospital to go and tell Dan’s parents. As Leah is driving home she feels that she has to go and see what the bar is like.

As Leah pulls in to the car park she gets out and bursts in to tears.

She drops to the ground and hears a familiar voice saying ‘Leah is that you?’

Leah turns round to see Peter Baker standing there.

Leah says ‘Ow Peter…..’

What’s going on Peter thinks to himself.

Leah says ‘It’s Dan’

‘What’s wrong with Dan Leah?’ said Peter.

‘He’s gone’ replied Leah

‘Gone where’ asked peter.

‘I’m sorry peter but he died in the fire at Noah’s’

Peter looks at Leah and can’t belive what he has been told.

‘NO’ shouted Peter whilst punching his car.

‘I’m so sorry’

Peter runs over towards Ken Harper who has been put in charge of the case.

‘WAS IT AN ACCIDENT?’ Peter shouted at Ken Harper.

‘We don’t know yet detective’ said Ken not realising Dan had died in the fire.

Leah runs over to Pete and holds him in her arms whilst he has tears running down his face.


Jack is walking in some bushes when he reads a text of Cassie saying ‘I am missing you, you’re the one I want’

Jack stares at the text message while putting bomb components in an underground hole in the bushes.

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Episode 4

(Beach house- Tony and Beth’s)

Tony is cooking breakfast when someone knocks on the door.

Beth walks out of her room to answer the door.

As she walks towards the door she see’s Jack.

‘He should just walk in this is like his second home’ said Beth.

Beth let Jack in.

‘Hiya Beth is dad in, I guess he is I can smell his breakfast’ said Jack.

Beth Laughed and said ‘I’m off to put the washing out’.

‘Dad can I ask you something’ asked Jack.

‘Yeah sure’ replied Tony.

‘Erm well I kind of get bored I the house all alone’ said Jack.

‘So what you are saying is can Martha move inn?’ said Tony.

‘Well no I was thinking of making it’s a boy’s house by asking detective Baker to move in as he is saying in a motel?’

Tony agrees and Jack exits to find detective Baker.

Jack drives to Leah’s house.

Jack knocks on the door and Rachael opens it.

‘Hi is Peter in’ asked Jack.

‘I’m sorry he went to the gym’ replied Rachael.

‘Its ok I will go and find him’ said Jack.

Jack drove to the gym.

Jack was walking to the gym when he seen Peter coming out.

‘Peter’ Jack shouted.

Peter headed over to talk to Jack.

‘Hey you’re the constable at the station aren’t ya’ asked peter

‘Yeah that’s me’ said Jack.

‘I was wondering if you had any where to stay while you are in the bay.’

‘Well I don’t know what I’m doing yet why have you got somewhere I can stay?’ said peter.

‘Yeah my place’ said Jack.

‘That would be great but only if you don’t mind’ said peter.

‘No its fine, come round later and bring your stuff. About 4 o’clock’ said jack.

‘Yeah ok see you then’ said peter.

Jack walks off and gets in to his car and rings someone on his phone.

Jack says ‘Its done he is moving in later, he will be so wrapped up with his brothers dead he will not notice a thing’.

Jack puts down the phone.

(Next day)

Ric is walking to the hospital with Sally to see his granddad before they go to Dan’s funeral.


Leah is getting ready to go to Dan’s funeral when Dan’s mum and dad arrive.

Nolleen runs towards Leah and hugs her. But Kevin just walks in and sits down.

Peter enters with Amanda and Ryan.

Kevin looks a bit mad to see his only son arrive with the person he hates because she nearly ruined Dan.

Everyone exits Leah’s to go to the funeral.

Everyone is silent as Dan’s remains are carried in a coffin inside the church.

Peter is sitting in the church before everyone arrives.

Sally arrives with Ric.

Peter gets up and says a few words about his brother.

We had our lost moments in our friendship.

But we will always was there for each what ever happened.

I brought him to summer bay because of me in a coma.

If I could turn back time I would of not even become a police officer if it means Dan would be here with us now, Im sorry…..

I love you bro.

Peter steps down from the stand and walks out of the church.

Leah goes out side to see Peter.

‘I’m so sorry’ said Peter

‘Its not your fault the fire was an accident’ replied Leah.

‘It was not an accident someone set 2 bombs in the basement of Noah’s bar’ said Peter.

‘That can’t be right’ said Leah. ‘Well it is Ken Harper rang me today’ said Peter.

Leah breaks down in tears and Peter holds her in his arms whilst he tries to hold back the tears.

Everyone gathers outside to say goodbye to Dan before they head back to Leah’s for the wake party. Rachael arrives and pays her condolences to everyone and informs them that Kim’s funeral will be in two days time.

2 hours later.

Ric is walking home alone from visiting Alf when a car pulls up besides him.

The driver jumps out of his seat and shouts ‘DROP TO THE GROUND NOW!!!’

Ric looks confused and drops to the ground.

The driver points a gun in to Ric’s back and say’s ‘get in the car you are needed to save this town’


Ric has to make some life saving decisions as the Town lives are in his hands.

Will Alf be saved in time?

Another resident life will be on the line.

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Episode 5

(Sally house)

‘Cassie have you seen Ric’ asked Sally.

‘I have not seen his since we was at the funeral’ replied Cassie.

‘I will try his mobile’ said sally.

Sally rings his mobile but it goes to answer phone.

‘Ric ring me when you get this message I want to talk to you’ Sally left the message on the answer phone.

Its 9:00pm and Sally goes to bed because she is really tired and thinks Ric will be home soon.

Next morning.

Jack wakes up by the noise of his phone message tone.

Jack reads his message which say’s ‘The next stage is complete now its up to him who he choices to live and die, The plan will begin when I give your new house mate the first clue’.

Jack deletes the message and grins.

Jack walks out of his bedroom to get a shower.

Peter walks through the front door from his morning surf.

‘Hey was it good out there?’ asked Jack.

‘Yeah it’s the best in the morning’ replied Peter.

‘I will have to come out with you one morning’ said Jack.

‘Yeah that would be good’ replied Peter.

(Sally house)

Cassie wakes up and goes to knock on Ric’s bedroom to wake him up.

Cassie walks in because she can not hear Ric.

When Cassie walks in the room she see’s no Ric.

‘Sally Ric’s not home and it looks like his bed has not been slept inn’ said Cassie.

‘Maybe he has stayed at the hospital’ said Sally.

I will ring the hospital and you ring Matilda and Lucas’. Replied Sally.

Sally rings the hospital but he is not there.

Lucas and Matilda have not seen him either.

Sally starts to get worried.


Peter gets a text message from Leah saying ‘Hey are you ok do you want to come over for a drink later?’

Peter replies by saying ‘Yeah ok I will pop round later x x’

‘Is it ok if I just check my e-mails on your laptop Jack’ asked Peter .

‘Yeah go for it’ replied Jack.

As Peter is about to open his hotmail there is a knock on the door.

Peter leaves the laptop open and opens the door.

‘Peter is jack in?’ asked sally.

‘Yeah I’m here’ said Jack walking out of the bathroom.

‘Its Ric he has not been home since yesterday and no one has seen him since Dan’s funeral’ said Sally.

‘Lets split up and look around for him’ replied Jack

Peter e-mail bleeps and he goes over to read the e-mail.

As Peter opens up the e-mail the subject says ‘–Ric’

Peter opens up the attachment with Sally and Jack watching over his shoulder.

The attachment is a video called ‘Ric’s payback.

Sally looks shocked.

Peter looks at Sally and Jack then press Play.

In the video its shows:

Ric handcuffed to a pole with computer screens all round him.

Peter zooms in on the video to see on the screens there is the Beach and everyone’s front door in Summer bay.

Even Jacks front door.

At the end of the video you see Ric waking up and turning round saying ‘Help’.

Sally starts to cry and Jack hugs her.

Peter saves the video to disc and runs out of the door.

Jack stays with Sally and takes her to Leah’s.

Jack explains to Leah what is going on and heads out of the door.

Jack gets his phone out and sends a text message saying ‘Very clever, Baker is on the case.’

Jack heads to the station.

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Episode 6

Peter runs in to the station.

‘Laura the stalker’s back’. Said peter running in to a empty room.

‘Peter that can’t be right and why are you back’ replied Laura.

‘LOOK that does not matter all what matters it’s getting Ric back’ said Peter.

‘Well well he is back after all this time’ said a mystery voice behind Peter and Laura.

Peter turned round to see Claire standing at the door.

‘Claire look not now’ shouted Peter.

Claire walked over and watched the video with Peter and Laura.

‘Look Pete you are not even posted at this station’ said Laura.

‘And what’s to say it’s the Stalker she is dead!’ said Claire.

‘NO she is not it was not her body that was found on the day of the explosion’ said Peter.

Claire and Laura look shocked.

Peter says ‘I’m not going anywhere until we catch Eve and save Ric’.

Claire agrees to help and Laura helps as well.

Peter starts by looking at the video to see if he can get any clues of where Ric might be kept.


A person in black clothes and with a balaclava walks in towards Ric and gives him a letter and leaves it in front of him.

The note says:

1- The person that you see on screen two

2- I decide….

3- 1 person you see on the beach!

4- In the house that is shown on screen 4.

5- The latest person that has returned to the bay.

6- Your girlfriend.


Ric stares at the paper but its to late the ‘Stalker’ presses number 1. As Ric goes to turn round to look at screen one its goes blank.


Sally is pacing up and down going out of her head with worry.

Peter and Claire enter.

‘What’s going on Pete’ says Leah.

‘We think….’ Claire interrupted saying

‘Everything is under control we will get Ric back’

‘Look Claire these are my close friends they deserve to know the truth’ peter said angrily at Claire.

‘We think Eve is still alive and it’s a possibility she might be holding Ric hostage’ said Peter.

‘Please get him back Peter’ said Sally.

Peter leaves with Claire and heads back to the station to wait for more e-mails.

(Ware house)

Ric is watching Peter and Claire while they are trying to figure out where he is.

Ric can also see Sally and Cassie upset at Leah’s.

Eve Leaves the warehouse and heads over to a summer Bay residents house.

Eve enters the resident bedroom and……………..

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Episode 7

(The police station)

Peter receives another e-mail with a video attachment showing a picture of Irene front door.

Peter runs out of the station and over to Irene house.

Peter gets in his car and goes full speed to Irene’s house and Claire follows behind.

Claire rings for an ambulance so they will arrive the same time as she does if they are needed.

Peter runs to Irene front door and finds Irene unconscious.

Peter tries to revive her several times but he is unsuccessful.

He tries again and Irene coughs.

Claire is walking round looking for Clues but the only thing she finds is a note saying ‘Was you lucky or not senior detective broody’

Claire passes the note to a angry Peter.

Peter looks at the note and rings Tasha mobile to let her know about Irene.

Peter walks back to the station to clear his head.

Peter bumps in to Amanda on his way back to the station.

‘Hey detectives how are things’ asked Amanda.

‘Not now Amanda’ replied Peter.

Amanda looked confused but still followed Peter.

‘Just talk to me please what’s wrong’ asked Amanda.

‘I have just lost my brother now the town lives are at risk also Ric dalby is missing’ shouted Peter.

Peter walked faster away.

Amanda grabs Peter arm and makes him look at her.

‘Look in LA you was different always made me laugh what happened to the Peter in LA’ asked Amanda.

‘That was different’ said Peter.

‘Let’s go for a drink looks like you need one’ said Amanda.

Jack is in the bushes watching Peter and Amanda every move.

Peter and Amanda went back to Amanda Flat.

Peter: I should really get back to work.

Amanda: just drink this.

Peter: Why you want to talk to me any way?

Amanda: your brother has just died I wanted to see how you was?

Peter: im fine thanks for asking!

Amanda sits next to Peter.

Amanda: You know that police officers should not lie.

Peter looks up at Amanda.

Peter: you know me too well.

Amanda: well you were a good charmer in LA.

Peter: look Amanda I got to go.

Amanda: Its always work with you these days.

Peter: that’s all I gotta live for.

Amanda: you have got Ryan.

Peter: yeah but He is my nephew not my son.

Peter gets up and heads to wards the door.

Peter: see you later.

Amanda walks up to kiss Peter on the cheek but their lips meet instead.

Peter mobile phone rings but Pete turns it off.

Amanda and Peter head for the bedroom

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Episode 8

(Amanda flat)

Peter wakes up and looks at Amanda who is a sleep.

Peter thinks what a mistake he has made and runs out of the bedroom.

Peter runs to the station and see’s Claire waiting for him.

‘Not now Claire’ said Peter as he walked in to his office.

‘Look Peter I am on the case now and I’m staying, No matter what happened between us 6 months ago we have to put it behind us’ said Claire.

‘You think I can just forget what you did this quick?’

Replied Peter.

‘Of course not Pete, but what I did was wrong I no how much you wanted me to go ahead with it’ said Claire.

‘Let me guess your job comes first aye?’ shouted Peter.

‘Look Peter if you’re not fit to work on the case leave now’ replied Claire.

‘now this is sounding VERY FAMILIAR Claire broody!!!!’ shouted Peter.

‘Look the main thing is’ Peter e-mail bleeped.

Peter ran over to his laptop.

There is another attachment from Eve.


4 screens saying


Police man brother.

Birthday cake


Then a sentence comes along the bottom saying

You work it out detective.

Peter looks at Claire and starts trashing his office throwing everything everywhere.

Claire tries to carm him down but peter will not stop trashing his office.

Jack rushes in and grabs Peter and pulls him outside.

Claire has tears in her eyes because she still cares for Peter and can see what effect Eve is having on him.

Peter drops to the ground crying and Jack looks at him with a grin on his face.

‘I’m so sorry Pete’ said Claire whilst trying to comfort Peter.

‘Look Claire we have got to find Ric, get more officers from Mangrove River ASAP’ said Peter.

Peter goes back in his office to wait for for e-mails.

(Martha house)

Macca enters with Hugh.

‘Martha you in?’ said Macca.

‘Obviously not Hugh you want a beer’ said Macca.

‘Sure why not’ replied Hugh.

Macca gets Hugh a beer.

(Ware house)

Eve and a man in a balaclava walk up towards Ric.

The man in the balaclava leaves a note with Ric.

Ric reads the letter and it says

‘She was lucky this time but do you know where one of your family members is right now……

Guess not because its there last minutes alive.

Ric tries to get out of the rope which his hands are tide in but there is no luck because the man walks up behind him and handcuffs him.

Eve Leaves with the man and heads out to……..

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Episode 9

Amanda enters the police station.

Peter walks out of the office and see’s Amanda.

‘Amanda what are you doing here’ said peter

‘Well that’s nice to greet me Peter’ replied Amanda.

Peter walks in to his office and Amanda follows.

Peter locks the door behind him.

‘Why did you run out like that’ asked Amanda.

‘It should not have happened I wasn’t thinking straight’

Replied Peter.

‘Yeah maybe you wasn’t but I have missed you’ said Amanda.

‘Look I will come round later and we will talk’ said Peter.

Amanda and Peter kiss.

Claire walks in to the station as Amanda leaves Peter office.

Claire walks in and asks who the woman was leaving his office.

‘That was Amanda Vale’ said peter.

‘Dan’s ex wife the one who you slept with?’ said Claire.

‘Yeah’ said Peter.

Laura Fitzgerald walks in peter office and gives him a letter what was found out side.

Peter opens the letter.

The letter says

‘We thought we would drop this off on the way to our next job’

Peter and Claire rush out of the office with 7 constables to watch all of the summer bay residents.

Eve is walking up to an empty house near the bay to find Belle asleep on the floor.

The man in the balaclava picks her up and takes her to where Ric is being hidden.


Peter and Claire are going to the diner when he realises Leah is at home with Sally.

‘I’m going to watch Leah house’ said Peter

‘No they will be fine’ shouted Claire.

Peter ignores Claire and rushes to Leah house.

Peter arrives at Leah house.

‘Pete what are you doing here’ asked Leah

‘Have you found Ric’ asked Sally

‘No not yet but everyone’s life is in danger we know Ric is alive but we had another letter saying another resident life is at risk so until she is found I’m staying here to protect you’ said Peter.

(Ware house)

Belle is being tied up next to Ric by the man in the balaclava.

Ric is shouting just ‘let her go Zoë’.

Belle starts to wake up from her hit on her head.

‘Ric are you ok’ said Belle.

‘Yeah I am ok’ replied Ric.


(Leah’s house)

Peter is trying to get hold of Claire but she is not picking up.

Sally goes in to Leah room for a sleep.

‘Peter there is something your not telling me’ asked Leah.

‘I have told you everything’ said Peter

‘I thought you loved me peter’ asked Leah.

‘You know how I feel about you but you have moved on with Hugh’ said peter.

Leah goes silent and sits down next to Peter.

Peter looks at Leah and says

‘I can’t do this any more everytime I look at you there is something inside me that just makes me feel that you’re the for me but it can’t happen’ said Peter.

Peter walks in to the kitchen.

(Jacks house)

Hugh is still at Jacks with Martha and Macca.

‘I think I better go’ said Hugh.

Hugh leaves and heads home to the caravan park.

When Hugh is walking home he steps out on to the road and is knocked down by truck left for dead.

(Leah house)

Peter is standing in the kitchen drinking water.

Peter receives a text from Leah in the other room saying ‘I’m sorry’.

Then Peter receives another message from a payphone saying ‘car and body what do you think’.

Peter leaves Claire a message on her phone telling her what the text message had said and told her he is not leaving Leah until Eve has been caught.

Peter sits back on the sofa watching TV but all he can think of is Ric in the ware house and all the clues.

‘Leah I’m sorry I have got to go and find Eve she can’t get away with killing my brother’ said Peter

Peter rushes out of Leah house

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Belle and Ric are talking about how to get out.

Ric looks up and the screen and can see Eve and the man pointing a gun at Cassie who is asleep.

Ric screams NOOOOOOOOO.

The screen cuts off.

Belle remembers that she had nicked a mobile phone out of Detective Baker Car when it was parked out side Leah’s earlier.

But she can’t get it as it’s in her back pocket.

Ric and Belle manage to put there chairs back to back and Ric tries to get in her pocket.

‘But how we going to ring detective Baker if he has not got his phone’ asked Ric.

‘Just get the phone and we will think of something’ replied Belle.

Ric managed to get the phone and finds a blade in belle pocket as well.

Ric cuts the rope and gets free.

Ric unties belle and starts to try and open the door in the room but it will not budge.

Ric looks through the phone book and see’s these names:



My mobile 2

So Ric rings my mobile 2.

‘Who is this?’ asked Peter.

‘Look its Ric Dalby I’m I a warehouse near summer bay please help eve and the man will be back soon im with Belle as well quick’ said Ric.

‘Ric you need to tell me much as you can about where you are’ said Peter.

Well all I no is that we are in some kind of basement thing and there is a window right up at the top of the wall’ said Ric.

‘Ric listen to me I will find out BUT put the phone on silent’ said Peter.

Ric and Belle try and think of away to help peter get them out.


Matilda and Lucas are walking down the road to see Hugh lying in the middle of the road with blood everywhere.

Lucas runs back his house to get Beth while Matilda stays with Hugh.

Matilda checks Hugh plus but its weak.

Matilda can hear someone behind her and as she turns around she see’s Eve walking up towards her.

Matilda runs up towards her house.

Tony and Beth see Matilda running up towards them and Matilda shouts ‘Its Eve….’ Tony looks confused as he doesn’t know Eve.

Beth looks around but they must have scared Eve off when they were walking towards Hugh.

Matilda, Tony, Beth and Lucas stay with Hugh until the ambulance arrives.

Hugh is taken to hospital in a very serious condition.


Peter is at the station looking for basements that are being rented out near summer bay.

Claire enters with Macca.

‘Peter this probation officer Macca McKenzie’ said Claire.

‘Right pair him up with Holden’ replied Peter.

‘I would if I could find him no one have seen him today’ said Claire.

‘LOOK just get him out looking with Laura and come in my office ASAP’ shouted Peter.

Peter walked in his office waiting for Claire to enter.

‘I’m sorry he is stressed out at the minute once this is over he will be ok’ Claire said to Macca.

‘Claire’ shouted Peter.

‘Look are you fit to work on the case?’ asked Claire.

‘Will you listen to me, Ric has spoke to me!!’ said Peter.

‘How’ asked Claire.

‘I don’t know but all I know is he got hold of one of my mobiles but he is ok and he is with Belle’ said Peter.

‘I think I know where he is so we better get down their now’ said Peter.

‘Bring that new office with you in your car and I will take Laura and you can follow us in your car’ said Peter.

Peter, Laura, Claire and Macca leave the station.

Peter drives near Some where houses when he see’s a sign saying

Basement storage warehouse LEFT.

Peter turns left and drives towards the storage warehouse.

They arrive and Peter gets out.

He tries to open the door but no look so Macca gets the clippers to smash the lock open while peter goes round to have a look.

Ric hears Peter talking so he starts to shout ‘Peter in here’.

Peter hears Ric and shouts ‘were coming ’

Ric and Belle hug in joy that they are going to get out.

Macca opens the door and Peter and Claire rush in while Laura stays and watches the door entrance in case Eve returns.

Macca crushes the other lock that leads to the room where Ric and Belle are.

Peter runs in and looks around the room while Macca escorts Belle and Ric to the car.

Claire walks back in the room and looks at Peter who is looking at photos of himself kissing Amanda and yesterday and him kissing Leah last year also Claire and Pete holding hands.

There are photos of everyone in they bay.

Peter and Claire take everything back to the station

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