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Nicole's Wish

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Story Title: Nicole's Wish

Type of story: One-shot

Main Characters: Nicole, Geoff, Ruby, Belle/Aden, others

BTTB rating: G

Genre: Romance

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: none

Summary: The year is New Year's Eve in 2009 and Nicole makes a wish. Will it come true before the next New Year's Eve?


Nicole's Wish

New Year's Eve, 2009

Nicole Franklin was on the beach with her friends. She stood on the edge of the ocean, looking over the ocean. A breeze blew on her cheek and she looked up to see a shooting star fly across the starred sky.

Nicole crossed her fingers and looked at the shooting star and made her wish. Her heart tightened and her breathing was low as she made it. She hoped that by the next New Year's Eve that she would.....

Just then Aden and Belle came up to her and laughing hard.

"What are you doing there all on your own?" Aden asked. "Come on, join us, Princess."

Nicole pouted at Aden, "Don't call me Princess!"

Aden chuckled as he flung an arm around Nicole's neck and pulled her closer. He planted a kiss on Nicole's forehead. "Cheer up, it's New Year!"

Nicole struggled to get out of Aden's arm and stared at Aden. "Whatever."

Nicole walked off, obviously upset.

Aden stared after Nicole. "Man, what's up with her?"

Belle shook her head. "She took it hard when Geoff hooked up with Ruby."

Aden gave a heavy sigh. He leaned in to Belle and rested his head on her shoulder. "I'm lucky to have you, Belle."

Belle smiled. "Yeah, so you should be!" Aden laughed and looked up at Belle, who leaned in and they kissed.

Meanwhile, Nicole sat on one of the logs at the camp fire. She looked around and found couples everywhere.

Roman with Charlie, Leah with Miles, Annie with Jai.

She sighed as Nicole saw Ruby coming up to her, all excited.

"Hi, Nic!" Ruby said. "Geoff and Alf are setting the fireworks up for when the clock strikes midnight!"

Nicole can only nod sadly.

Ruby noticed the sad look and sat down next to Nicole.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing." Nicole tried to smile. She was jealous of Ruby. Nicole could hate Ruby because she was with Geoff now. But Nicole couldn't find it in herself to hate Ruby. Often, she tried to avoid her and Geoff, and declined offers to go out with them and Aden and Belle. She couldn't handle watching Ruby and Geoff laughing and kissing. It should have been HER and Geoff, not Ruby and Geoff.

Just then Geoff came up and Ruby got up quickly and flung her arms around Geoff's neck. She kissed Geoff and whispered in his ear. Geoff frowned and looked down at Nicole.

"You okay?"

Nicole shrugged. "I suppose so."

Geoff let go of Ruby, and asked her to go and get him a drink. Ruby ran off, singing happily.

Geoff sat in Ruby's place next to Nicole.

"Sorry about Ruby..." Geoff gestured in Ruby's direction. "She's just happy that everything is going well for once."

"Yeah. I'm happy for her..." Nicole said, "...and for you too. You deserve to be happy, too."

Geoff looked at Nicole and made a small smile. "Yeah...I suppose so."

They held the gaze for a few moments, before Geoff broke it off.

"Anyway, I'm sure you will find someone who will make you happy in 2010."

Nicole thought back to her wish earlier and nodded. "I hope so, too."


New Year's Eve, 2010

Geoff Campbell stood at the altar, nervously. He was wearing a dark blue suit with a cream tie. His best man, Aden was wearing almost the same and stood next to him. He squeezed Geoff's shoulder.

"You'll be alright, Bible Boy."

Geoff rolled his eyes. "Don't call me that! Not now."

Aden laughed.

Just then, the piano played and the tune of "Wedding March" echoed around the church.

Aden gulped as he watched his wife, Belle walking down the asile, wearing a light pink strapless dress. Behind her was Annie wearing the same. They walked down the aisle.

The bride stood at the top of aisle, and looked at Geoff, her beloved. Her heart beat so fast that everyone could hear the beating sounds.

Everyone stood up and the bride came down the aisle. She was wearing the most beautiful dress. A ivory cream dress, with a veil and a small crown on her head. It matched her and she looked like a princess.

Geoff stared at his bride, ignoring everyone else. She looked so beautiful.

As the bride arrived at the altar, Geoff took her hands and lifted the veil over her head.

"You look beautiful, Nicole."

Nicole blushed. "You look handsome, too."

She thought back to the year before to that New Year's Eve and smiled.

Nicole's wish came true.


The End.

Happy New Year, everyone!

((comments are loved!))


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