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Christmas Bay

Guest tessalove

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Story title: Christmas bay

Type of story: One-shot

Main characters: Basically all the teens

BTTB rating: G

Genre: Happy, Friendship

Spoilers: Nope

Warnings: Nope.

Summary: It's Christmas in Summerbay, all the teens decide to spend it together.

I'm really sorry how bad this is, I wrote a different one, which was longer and probably a lot better, but I accidently replaced somehow with this one! :S

I only wrote this to compare both idea's, the other one was so much better lol.

Anyway, this is for MissOlivia22, Merry Christmas!!

It was Christmas Eve in SummerBay, All the Christmas lights were on and the place was very festive.

There was party in the Surf Club and everyone was there dancing away, It was getting late and everyone was getting tired.

The teens of the bay were all staying in Irene’s house, Most of them lived there and they wanted everyone to wake up on Christmas morning together, It was going to be a bit of a tight squeeze, but they assured Irene they would be fine.

They all made there way back for the Surf club, Aden went home to check everything was off and locked up, Nicole, Jai and Romeo went home to say goodnight and Merry Christmas to Miles and Kirsty and little Ollie.

And all the residents of the beach house went on home.

Belle entered the house and began to prepare for the res of them, Aden would spend the night in her room obviously and Nicole would be with Geoff, Ruby and Annie were in there room and the rest of them would sleep on the sofa and the unlucky ones would sleep on the floor.

Everyone arrived about half an hour later, they sat in the living area watching a movie on the TV, the house was packed, Aden, Belle, Nicole, Geoff, Romeo, Annie, Ruby, Xavier, Jai, Indigo and Dexter all occupied a place in the living area.

After the movie was over everyone turned into bed.

“Night” A chorus of voices was heard from all over the place, Door’s were shut and the crowd of teens settled down for Christmas morning, it would be weird in the morning not waking up to their families, but it was something new the thought they would try.

Everyone was fast asleep and some of them snoring.

Aden and Belle were fast asleep, Aden had his arms wrapped tightly around his girlfriend, she was holding onto his arms, something she always did. They had been sleeping for a while when a loud bang came from the window awaking them, Aden stood up and opened the window, A small blonde girl climbed through.

“Mattie?” Belle gasped “Your, Pregnant”

“I know, I need a place to crash” The girl said crying “Can I stay here?”

“Of course, What’s wrong? Are you ok?”

“I’m ok, I just can’t go back there”

“Back where?”

“Back to Ric!”

“Mattie, Why what did he do?”

“He didn’t do anything, Well not physically, He’s blaming me for getting pregnant, for ruining our lives! And he’s angry because I wouldn’t get an abortion, but I couldn’t do that Belle, not to a child!” she sobbed.

“Of course not, Well why don’t you sleep in with me, I’m sure Aden wouldn’t mind sleeping on the floor” Belle smile and looked at Aden, He smiled and pulled some blankets from the cupboard and made a bed on the floor

“No, It’s fine I can sleep on the sofa” Mattie said “I wouldn’t want to kick Aden out”

“Well we actually have everyone staying, the sofa is pretty occupied at the minute, and we definitely won’t be having you on the floor”

“Thank you so much for this!”

“How did you get here anyway?”

“I got a cab” She sighed

“All the way from the city?”

She nodded “I had to get out of there, I couldn’t do it anymore! If Ric calls please don’t tell him I’m here, not yet at least”

“Ok, No come on, Get into to bed you look exhausted!”

“Night” She sighed, she lay down not even undressing, She was quickly asleep, Belle placed her arms around her and gave her a comforting hug.

The next morning, Christmas day everyone awoke, Everyone was happy and cheerful, All the presents were given out and being frantically opened, there was wrapping paper all over the place.

Everyone was smiling and giggly.

Belle and Aden emerged from there room followed by a heavily pregnant Mattie, looking a little shy.

“Mattie?” Annie asked confused “You weren’t here last night were you?”

She shook her head “I came pretty late last night”

“Oh, I’m glad! I’d hate to think I missed you” Annie laughed “What are you doing back here?”

“I just had a bit of trouble with Ric” she sighed

“Oh, well come join us!” Annie smiled and Mattie obliged going and sitting beside her, Annie placed her hand on her large tummy as she sat down

“How many weeks are you?”

“27, almost ready to pop!” Mattie laughed

“Do you know the sex?”

“Yep, it’s a little girl” she smiled placing her own hand on her belly “I’m going to call her Fiona”

“That’s nice” Annie Smiled “I like Fiona!”

Everyone continued opening presents and messing about with the wrapping paper before the all got dressed in the new Christmas clothes and made their way home to their families.

Mattie stayed with Belle and Irene happily agreed to having her.

“I feel really bad for just turning up like this” Mattie said “I should have called or something, I mean it’s Christmas”

“Darl don’t you worry! You can stay here as long as you want! Have you been to see Tony yet?”

“Thanks Irene, No not just yet. I don’t know what to say to him, I might call round now”

“Ok darl, Dinner’s at 3”

“Ok thanks, And Merry Christmas” She smiled as she left the house and made for her sort of Father’s house.


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