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Codex Alimentarius

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Ok so lately I've been reading up on a new food code that is apparently going to become global on the 31st December called codex alimentarius, if this happens the code will be removing all nutrients (vitamins and Minerals) from our foods and will be named poison/toxins therefore will be illigal to have and all our food will be irradiated by codex to remove nutrients, apparently the government think this will help us be healthier but after reading the work of Dr. Rima laibow who is completely agianst this she found out this is a plan to kill 3 billion of the worlds population! I am completely shocked if this is true as why this hasn't been on the news but Dr. Laibow has stated that the news will not say anything as they are owned by codex!

I am trying to get the word out there if this is true so please do a bit of research on google if you think I made this up, just type codex alimentarius on google or YouTube to find out more!

I'd like to hear what you guys think about this!

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I am just after doing some reading about it and i cant believe this either. I found this on http://www.natural-health-information-cent...imentarius.html i have just copied some of the article and believe it is ridiculus after reading it all. It does honestly sound like they are trying to kill of the world. But why? could it be part of some conspiricy?

Codex Alimentarius - The Sinister Truth Behind Operation Cure-All

(From an original article by Ruth James)

What's really behind Operation Cure-All? Is it just the FDA and FTC taking their power too far? Or is there a deeper, more sinister purpose to this campaign? Who are Codex Alimentarius?

How could a country that prides itself in its freedom of speech, freedom of choice, and freedom of information be facing such severe restrictions in health freedom and dietary supplements? Haven't the people made their will known? Didn't our government pass the Dietary Supplement Health & Education Act of 1994 to insure our right to health supplements?

Indeed, our government did. But the FDA and FTC have found ways to get around that. The laws put in place to protect us are being ignored. And what's worse is that those laws are about to be superseded, if the powers that be have their way.


You see, Operation Cure-All is just a tactic, a vehicle, in a much bigger overall plan. It is a result of "Codex Alimentarius" (meaning food code) -- a set of regulations that aim to outlaw any health information in connection with vitamins and limit free access to natural therapies on a worldwide scale.


Behind the Codex Alimentarius Commission is the United Nations and the World Health Organization working in conjunction with the multinational pharmaceutical cartel and international banks. Its initial efforts in the US with the FDA were defeated, so it found another ally in the FTC. Now Codex, with the FTC and the pharmaceutical cartel behind it, it threatens to become a trade issue, using the campaign of Operation Cure-All to advance its goals.

Codex began simply enough when the U.N. authorized the World Health Organization and the Food and Agriculture Organization to develop a universal food code. Their purpose was to 'harmonize' regulations for dietary supplements worldwide and set international safety standards for the purposes of increased trade. Pharmaceutical interests stepped in and began exerting their influence. Instead of focusing on food safety, Codex is using its power to promote worldwide restrictions on vitamins and food supplements, severely limiting their availability and dosages.

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