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Fri 27 Nov 09 – Episode # 4995 [2009 Finale]

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” Officer All But Unconscious “

[ Screened in Australia on Fri 27 Nov 09 – Episode # 4995, 2009 Finale ]

Note – folliowng this ep guide, I will have the ceremony for the 2009 EMILYs [iADL Awards]


Hugo & Suzy clash over what’s going on. Suzy insist tat Hugo will be on a plane with her morrow or else!!! Indeed, Suzy make it VERY clears tat Marsha will be the latest causality of Hugo’s pathetic life.


Alf call out to Mile without luck. He sees footsteps, and some emply beer bottles.


Marsha is MAJORLY is flashback mode …. recalling briefing many of the BIG moment of her ‘ship with Hugo. Incl meting at Jack’s funeral and Hugo telling Marsha, in tee rain, that he has feeling for her.

As Marsha is about to bail, her phone rings …. Its Hugo, she does not answer.


Charlie & Avery talk bout what's happened. Charlie thinks it’s too much of a coincidence that Derek escapes. They get word tat someone of Derek’s descriptions has stolen a car. Charlie tells Avery she is about to speak to Angelo as tell him what’s happened.


Derek is driving along, with Angelo keeping a safe distance behind him in another car. Angelo’s mobile rings – he talk to Bryan [marine officer] bout how he is tracking Derek. Bryant tells Angelo tat Derek wasn’t too sceptical of being allowed to escape. Angelo tells Bryant tat he hopes this plan lead them somewhere.


Alf talk to Romeo – tell him at although he didn't find miles, he think tat miles is probably just lying low somowhere because of tonight.

Nearby, whilst Gina is annoyed that she hasn’t got her one big happy family any more, Xavier assures her at he isn’t going anywhere. Xavier has a flashback to the clash tween Derek & Hugo weeks ago.


Gina’s phone rings – its Hugo, looking of Marsha. Gina not knows where she is. When she wonders why, Hugo sees he does not have Tim to explain. He ends the call.


Hugo opens a cupboard – locking like he is either search of something or shovelling things into a bag,


Marsha looks very apprehensions in the darkened house. Things get worse when Suzy arrives.


As Angelo continue to follow Derek, he was a flashback to a chat tween Martha & Hugo – where Marsha commented that she can see why Hugo LOVED working on the water.


Charlie gets word tat it looks like Derek is heading for Port Heron. She then gets info [via phone] bout a shipping container there - #GN17. Before she bails, Avery assures her he can hold the fort here.


Derek is talking to someone on a public phone. They arrange time & place to meet. Angelo is watching FOM nearby. Angelo also recalls a chat tween himself an Bill Stevens [in which Bill commented on how Angelo does not seem to be solving this case fast enough].


Hugo enters and their’s no sign of Marsha. Hugo talks to Suzy on the phone – he tries to make a deal withy her bout Marsha – but she isn’t ken on his terms. Hugo frustrtately hangs up.


A drunken colleen tells Gina bout how, a few yrs ago, Alf played the grumpiest Santa ever. Gina agrees to take colleen home – whilst xaver has another flashback …. More detail of the clash tween Derek & Hugo.


Charlie is amongst the large shipping containers. She begins the search for GN17.


Xavier tells Romeo & Alf tat he remembers that Derek has a gun and that aver is now VERY worried bout Hugo. When Xavier wonders, Alf tell him the nearest shipping containers will be at Port Herron. When Alf sluggers tat it’s a bit late to go there now, Xavier insist he will go on his own if he has to. Alf agree to take him there.


Whilst Charlie continues that search for that container, Anglo is spying on Suzy who is talking to Derek. Whilst he does that, he has a flashback to a chat he had with Charlie bout why he is in bay – the ppl smuggling ring.

Amongst the containers, charley finds GN17 and then phone Avery – he asks him to get soineone to decipher a coded number she has found. Moments after call ends, she tears a large sticker of the container. The stiker etc below that says Best Fruit Imports. Charlie also remember a comet from trey’s dad form eelier in the year – wonderieng how well they all REALY know Hugo.

Meanwhile, as Angelo spies on Derek & Suzy, she is worried that this all seems like a set up – like the police let Dreke escape.

Amonghst the containers, Charlie is concerned when she can hear a car has arrived nebbie.


Charlie attempt to bust open tie container – after getting a text mag with the deciphered code, whilst Angelo can hear something in the bot of a nearby car. He opens it – Marsha is inside. he insist at she is quiet – so derek etc does not know what’s going on. Angelo overheard Suzy telling Derek to take her car.

Charlie is finally able to get open the container. She sees a number of Asian men & woman – all don’t look that healthy – having been locked in that steel container.

HUGO comes up behind Charlie …. He has a gun on her.

She complies with he tell her to put her gun on the ground. Hugo hits charley on the back of the head. She is knocked all but unconscious to the ground. We see things through Charlie’s blurry vision – Hugo has his gun pointed at her!!!!!!



When the show returns in 2010 …..

Looks like it will be the “Bay of Love”

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Charlie: dark jacket/grey singlet top/dark long pants


Gina: red [gold swirls near collar] top/aqua beaded necklace/white long pants


Colleen: red top/purple scarf/gold full length skirt


Alf: white [blue check] button up shirt/bone long pants

Angelo: dark shirt/dark long pants

Avery: grey shirt

Derek Gould: blue button up shirt/dark long pants

Hugo: white [dark check] button up shirt/dark long pants

Marine Officer Bryant: dark jacket/grey t

Marsha: black & red diag stripes halter maxi dress/dark jacket

Romeo: green & white & grey check button up shirt

Suzy: dark knee length dress

Xavier: dark button up shirt/dark [grey circular logo] t/denim jeans


Welcome to the 2009 It’s A Designer Label Awards Ceremony, otherwise known as the EMILYs

Before getting to the announcements of the awards, some formalities to take care of.

These awards are split into 2 sections – Best Dressed & Most Consistently Well Dressed, and, just for the past 2 years, there are 11 awards on offer.

Best Dressed followed the principals of the Olympic Games, with the most GOLD medal victories determining the ultimate winner.

For the Most Consistently Well Dressed awards, the winner is the person with the most points, on the basis that each Gold medal is worth 7 points, each Silver is worth 5, with each Bronze scoring 3 points and each Honorable Mention worth 1 point. These Honorable Mentions have no bearing on the Best Dressed awards.

Every single H&A ep of the 2009 season, 225 episodes in total – from the series return on January 19 to the finale last night [Nov 27] - has contributed to these results.

Throughout the 2009 season, there has been 63 people [42 females, 21 males,41 guests and 34 newbies] scored at least one medal (and are eligible for Best Dressed), whilst 213 people [87 females, 126 males, 189 guests and 162 newbies] scored an medal or a honorable mention and are in the running for Most Consistently Well Dressed.

Now that most of the formalities/explanations are done, onto the announcing of the awards themselves, starting with the award for Most Honorable Mentions

With this award, and the accolades for Most Silver and Most Bonze Medals, we will just announce the winner.

The 1st EMILY of the night [with 238 HMs] goes to ….


This is the 2nd time that Alf has won this award, having 1st done so in 2007

The next 2 awards to be announced are the New Talent accolades.

These awards are for those people who’ve not had an end of year ranking before the one that they attained this year. Because the EMILY awards only commenced in 2006, it means that the likes of Shelley Sutherland are eligible for the new talent awards – as they’ve not been in the Bay, apart form this year, since these awards commenced.

The 1st of the New Talent accolades to be awarded is for Most Consistently Well Dressed New Talent.

The final 5 nominees are ….. Claudia Hammond, Gina Austin, Hugo Austin, Joey Collins and Trey Palmer

and the winner (with 186 points, 93 more than the 2nd placed person) of the 2009 EMILY for Most Consistently Well Dressed New Talent is …


Now, to the Best Dressed New Talent EMILY.

The final 5 nominees are …… Freya Duric, Gina Austin, Indigo Walker, Joey Collins and May Stone

and the winner (with 3 GOLD medals, just 3 SILVER medals more than the 2nd placed person) of the 2009 award for Best Dressed New Talent is …


The next award is the EMILY for Most Bronze Medals,

and the award [with 23 Bronze medals] is


Now, to the accolade for Most Consistently Well Dressed Guest.

The final 5 nominees are ….. Claudia Hammond, Joey Collins, John Palmer, Kirsty Phillips and Trey Palmer

and the winner (with 166 points, 73 more than the 2nd placed person) of the 2009 EMILY for Most Consistently Well Dressed Guest is …


This is the 2nd year straight that Kirsty has won this title

The next award is Most Consistently Well Dressed Male.

The final 5 nominees are ….. Aden Jefferies, Alf Stewart, Geoff Campbell, Miles Copeland and Xavier Austin

and the winner (with 238 points TIED !!!! on points with the 2nd placed person ..but a count back shows the winner to have more GOLD medals) of the 2009 award for Most Consistently Well Dressed Male is …


And now to the most prestigious of the four Most Consistently Well Dressed EMILY Awards – the one for Females.

The final 5 nominees are ……. Leah Patterson-Baker, Martha MacKenzie, Nicole Franklin, Rachel Armstrong and Ruby Buckton

and the winner (with a MASSIVE 543 points, just FOUR points more than the 2nd placed person) of the in 2009 EMILY award for Most Consistently Well Dressed Female is …


The next EMILY is that for Most Silver Medals in 2009,

and the award [with 37 medals of this color] is


Time to get REALLY serious with the GOLD medal, winner-takes-all, Best Dressed awards, starting of with, once more, the honor for the Guest/Recurring characters.

The final 5 nominees are ….. Freya Duric, Indigo Walker, Joey Collins, Kirsty Phillips and May Stone

and the winner (with 3 GOLD medals, just 3 silver medals clear of the 2nd placed person) of the 2009 award for Best Dressed Guest is …


Now, to the boys – with the EMILY for Best Dressed Male.

The final 5 nominees are ….. Aden Jefferies, Liam Murphy, Miles Copeland, Robert Robertson and Trey Palmer

and the winner (with 1 GOLD medal, just 3 SILVER medals more than the 2nd placed person) of the award for Best Dressed Male is …


It’s been a great year, fashion wise for the Baysiders, esp. for those who feature in the final accolade of this ceremony, the EMILY for BEST DRESSED FEMALE.

The final 5, extremely fashionable (of course) nominees are ……

Annie Campbell, Leah Patterson-Baker, Nicole Franklin, Rachel Armstrong and Ruby Buckton

and the winner (with a 35 GOLD medals, which is JUST 1 GOLD medals more than the 2nd placed person in the category) of the 2009 EMILY award for Best Dressed Female is …….

Drum roll please ……..…..


Congratulations to all the 2009 winners, and we all look fwd to 2010 and lots of deliciously awesome outfits.


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