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Slake (by Solarbaby) - comments


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*Purr* :wub:

I was going to start picking out individual sentences from all of that, but... they were all so pretty :wub:

Kim would catch himself watching his friend as if he was a predator watching his prey.

I did love that line though. Kim is such a predator... and the biting... mmm... it was just as sexy as I hoped it would be :wub:

I love Kim. Vampirism suits him so well :wub: And Robbie... Robbie's just Robbie :wub:

As you can see, I have a lot of "wub" for this fic.

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Aw, hugs. And bedtime shenanigans :wub:

I feel like I'm being very superficial about this fic. But... it's just so pretty!

If I could offer some criticism, I think this chapter needs some editing. Just a few wrong words here and there. And I would like these updates to last longer, but that's just because I can't get enough of Robbie and Kim :D

The new banner is cool too ^_^

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Robbie arched up, trying to gain some much needed friction. Kim was driving him crazy. The same hand that sliding up his chest was also stopping him from pressing up. Kim’s free hand started pulling at his shirt buttons.

Then suddenly the lights flickered and they were pitched into darkness.

Oh, crap.

“Prefect.” Kim’s voice purred.

My, my... Delicious. I could picture that... perfectly.

I wonder if Robbie might be in a bit of trouble here. Kimberly seems to be getting very close with those teeth... Not that I think Robbie would mind. Mmm...

Loved Kim being scared of the thunder and Robbie laughing at him - that was so cute :D Robbie rolling his eyes at Kim trying to scare him, hehehe. Robbie is so trusting...


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