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Wed 25 Nov 09 – Episode # 4993

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” Kissing In Strange Places “

[ Screened in Australia on Wed 25 Nov 09 – Episode # 4993 ]


Its tee day after the events of 4992, and Aden comment to Nic that its totally great that he founds such a cool place to park the car afro them to sleep the night next to. And is keen of a swim, but Nic sys she didn’t bring a swimsuit. Aden teaks his shirt & pants off and head for the water in his underwear, Nic does likewise.


Leah enters and speaks to an old friend of hers called Hazam. Who she ask, he tell her at his business has done it pretty tough over the last few months. Its clear Leah is pleas to see him again though.

Leah sits with Iren, Colleen & Alf and comment on how Hazam and his company [who are doing tee refit of tee gym] did tee refit of tee diner in the past. Irene is keen to talk about tee Xmas party – but looks like colleen is already playing matshmaker, telling Leah Hasam isn’t currently in a relationship.


Liam turns on tee tap at tee sink of kitchen – and is about to get rid of tee pills Poppy gave him, when there is knocking at door, he puts tee pills in the cupboard.

Marsha & Bambang arrive – for a music lesson. Marsha says she will come beck later if Liam isn’t ready, but he say they agreed to the lesion at the time so they will have the lesson.


Leah thanks Miles of so helping her out with VJ. They then talk bout how Liam & Nic have broken up – after Miles tell Leah tat Nic phoned and said she is going way of a few days.

After miles bails, Leah almost can’t believe in when Colleen tell her tat she has to go – theres’ been a cancelation of the hair salon and she’s talking it. Leah, who wants help with the Xmas party prep, is frustrated.


As Lima teaches Bambang to play guitar, marsh goes into the kitchen – and finds those pills. Liam insists he can explain, but Marsha & Bambang bail VERY quickly.


Nic is soooooooooooo not happy when Aden tells her that he “borrowed” Poppy’s car …. To get some revenge for what Liam & Poppy did. Nic tells Aden that she think he is stupid. Things get worse when a policeman arrive – asking for Aden’s licence.


AS the cop puts And & Nic in a cell, Nic tries to tell him that it was just a revenge prank. When the cop has walked way, Aden & Nic snips at each other about what’s happened.


Iren talks to Marsha – who is intrigued when Irene tells her tat Liam & Nic have broken up.


Marsha arrives – and tell Lima at he REALLY knows how he feels, as Hugo brook up with her recently. Marsha suggests Liam should come with her to the farm today – as its very relaxing etc there.


Nic & Aden constantly snipe at each other. Nic esp. wonders why Aden has been so up & down with her lately. Aden hands her Belle’s letter – and “suggest” she read it.


Leah is putting up some decorations – but she not really tall enough, so when Hazam enters the room, he helps her.


Aden tells Nic the letter has set him free to be with the one he loves. He can’t believe it when Nic is clueless enough not top realise that it’s her he is talking about.

The cop tells them the magistrate has been delayed.


After they finish decorate the place with Xmas decoaryions, Leah invites Hazam to the paryyu. He say at he won’t known anyone – but Leah say tat he knows her and she'll he there. He agrees to go.


Marsh tells Bambang & Lima that she has finished making some food. Marsh compliment Liam on his great music lesion – beaked Bambang is captivated in the lesson whereas he usually charges her when he hears there’s food.

Liam talks to marasha bout Nic ,…. and how he doesn’t get what’s going on.


Leah & Miles are in kitchen and Leah talk to him about how she’s realised today how much she likes someone she knows – and how it seem like she’s reached a new place in her life. Miles takes that the wrong way – and kisses Leah. He realizes when she pulls way tat he’s taken thing the worn way, miles quickly bails.


The cop tells Nic & Aden that the magistarte has been delayed further.

When he has walked away, Nic & Aden hug …… then kiss !!!!!!!



Looks like a cop [Angelo’s marine officer partner?] lets Derek escape

Will Hugo & Marsha get bask togther?

Xavier tells Ruby that he’s remembered more she when he lost his memory

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Leah: white [red floral] top/denim jeans


Colleen: light value [green leafy] blouse/plum top/white [red floral] skirt


Bambang: red t/brown & yellow maze like pattern shirt


Aden: white button up shirt/dark jacket/dark long pants

Alf: light blue p [dark check] shirt/

Beachy cop: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt/ dark blue long pants/police cap

Hazam: dark [red logo on chest] shirt/dark long pants

Irene: white [blue floral] top

Liam: white [brown check] shirt/grey t/dark long pants

Marsha: dark low cut v neck knee dress

Miles: purple shirt/green [dark unknown motif] t/brown long pants

Nicole: dark singlet top/black leather long pants/dark jacket

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