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‘Troy Cassar-Daly and the Skat Kats’

Guest telisha

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Rebecca has joined a band named ‘Troy Cassar-Daly and the Skat Kats’ to raise money for kids with brain tumors. In a newspaper acrtical it was abit about Rebecca being chosen for the part.

The project has unearthed another unknown talent, with Home And Away’s Rebecca Breeds contributing vocals after being outed as a closet singer by a Seven wardrobe staffer.

"I got a call out of the blue and I had no idea how they even knew if I could sing or not,” Breeds said.

“I would go into the green room where there’s a beat-up guitar and play and sing by myself and it’s right next to wardrobe department and they dobbed me in.”

Here are some photos.





+ more here!

Source And thanks to Mel for letting me know!

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